• 8.5.CC.ExplosiveGrowth
    5 Dangers of Explosive Growth and What to Do About It

    “When current systems do not support the rate of growth, you often spend too much time playing catch-up to implement adequate systems.”

  • 8.5.CC.DeathDontWasteIt
    Don’t Waste Death

    “My cousin’s death reminded me of a hard truth: Death shouldn’t be wasted.”

  • 8.4 why
    Why Join a Church

    “The New Testament assumes some form of committed, accountable belonging as a reality for every true follower of Jesus.”

  • 8.4.CC.ReadingAndHealth
    How Reading Can Transform Your Health

    “As weird as it sounds, reading “War and Peace” put me back in control of my life—and that’s why it’s my favorite book.”

  • 8.4.CC.GuardingPurity
    Guarding Sexual Purity

    “With the utmost sense of graciousness, love and integrity, both husband and wife should have a selfless concern for the welfare of the other.”

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August is Prayer Month

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