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David Wakerley

David Wakerley

David Wakerley is a respected children’s ministry thought-leader and frequent conference speaker on the topic. David and his wife Beci serve as children’s pastors in Sydney, Australia and founded the popular KidInspiration blog. Both of them have a passion to see children’s ministries around the world flourish and thrive.
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David Wakerley's Articles:

  • 5.13 digtialworld

    Missionary Into the Digital World

    “The most popular destination for children online is YouTube.”

  • article_images/violent_bible_stories_293237510.jpg

    Teaching Violent Bible Stories

    Should we teach kids the ultra-violent stories of the Bible? David Wakerley gives his opinion.

  • This is What the Tee Shirt Means

    So a little while ago I thought it would be great to create a video to inspire our Hillsong Kids Volunteer team. As I was trying to write down in a poetic manner befitting a short inspirational piece to help our own team, I remembered something that Roger Fields had written named “The Calling.” So I totally […]

  • Written by a Kid–Creative Video Series

    You should be watching this creative video YouTube series right now. And you should also be watching the metamorphosis that YouTube is taking. There are individuals in every corner of the video sharing monolith making their full time incomes from making short creative videos online . . . what would have taken a production crew and a massive budget, […]

  • You Stopped Ministry?

    In my last post I ranted about being innovative at a very basic level… your language and terminology and there are much bigger fish to fry in the long run. But it started out as a commentary on a strange practice in a number of Churches I observe. The idea that we ‘close down’ our […]

  • N&B – Nursery

    This is one post in a series called Nuts and Bolts, single concise thoughts on some of the topics that make up life ministering to children in a local Church. Nuts & Bolts – NURSERY I am using nursery to refer to a program for babies under one in Church services? (sound right?) As with […]

  • Greener Grass

    Occasionally I’ll read about the life of another person or at least the aspect they are sharing in the interview or book and think “Man, I wish I had that life”. Usually the story will involve a private jet, holiday resort or some seemingly unattainable icon of insane wealth, which may have something to do […]

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