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Leonce Crump

Leonce Crump

Leonce Crump II is the lead planter and pastor of Renovation Church. In 2006 he felt called to plant a church and through prayerful seeking of direction settled on the under-served area of downtown Atlanta. In early 2008 he and his wife moved to Atlanta from Tennessee to begin the process of planting Renovation Church. Leonce regularly speaks and preaches across the country at conferences and churches of all denominations.
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Leonce Crump's Articles:

  • The Mission: Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

    I wanted to say something new. I wanted to say something innovative, paradigm shifting, and life-altering. In the midst of imagining what that would be, a thought captured me—held me captive really—if we’ve failed to do what we were first called to do, then something new is futile, not functional; it’s negligent, not useful; it’s […]

  • Gospel_presentation_tool_551997960.jpg

    The Mission Is …

    "Jesus is central to the mission of God, therefore people meeting Jesus is the mission."

  • article_images/12_6_OR_Where_Gentrification_Meets___Hood__271070131.jpg

    Where Gentrification Meets 'Hood

    "The dividing lines between rich and poor, safe and dangerous, ‘hood and hip, are no longer so clear.

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