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Neely McQueen

Neely McQueen

Neely McQueen has been working with teen girls for over 15 years. She works at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, WA. She is also married to a pastor and the mom of 3 cute kids.
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Neely McQueen's Articles:

  • article_images/1.17.EliminateAbuse_221342726.jpg

    What We SHOULD Be Saying About Sexual Abuse

    It is time for the church to be talking about it and for us to be the safest place for victims to come and receive care.

  • Notice Me!

    Students just want to be noticed. To feel seen and heard by those around them. Here’s a few ways to notice students: 1. Start with the basics! Remember their name. Sounds so simple and basic but probably one of the most powerful things we can do each week! 2. Celebrate them. We just had our […]

  • Is it Anger or Depression?

    Read an interesting article today about the rise in depression among teen age girls. The author was asking is it possible that depression is actually anger that manifests itself in similar fashion as depression: Being a girl under constant pressure can lead to anger, and, according to Carol Tavris, Ph.D., author ofAnger: The Misunderstood Emotion, […]

  • The Kindness Challenge

    Last Sunday I proposed to our students a kindness challenge for 30 days. Kindness sounds like a weak word in our world today. When you look at scripture and the life of Jesus…you see that kindness is not weak. Kindness is not nice or polite. It’s revolutionary. It speaks and acts in a way that […]

  • article_images/stagnant_827362492.jpg

    9 Questions to Help You Lead with Passion

    Are you feeling stagnant? Take time to think through the following questions.

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