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Nick Diliberto

Nick Diliberto

Over twelve years ago Nick Diliberto lauched a preteen ministry with a handful of volunteers and about 25 kids. Over the years it grew to over 100 kids and has impacted hundreds of young people's lives. Nick is the driving force behind, Children's Director at La Jolla Presbyterian Church, workshop speaker and author of an ongoing preteen column in Children's Ministry Magazine.
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Nick Diliberto's Articles:

  • 2.5 preteen

    Preteen Ministry Game on Discipleship

    “It’s important for the preteens in our ministries to ‘train’ themselves to be like Jesus.”

  • 10.23 TEMPTATION

    Youth Group Lesson on Temptation

    A five-minute video that unpacks all you need to know to teach your preteens on temptation.

  • article_images/christmas_teen2_598840479.jpg

    Making the Christmas Message Stick for Pre-Teens

    If the story of Christmas is familiar to your pre-teen students, try these ideas to help the message sink in deeper.

  • The Superhero Within

    Last week, I saw the movie The Amazing Spiderman with my two boys. Wow, what a good movie! I have to admit that my expectations were not very high. However, I left the movie theatre more than entertained. I was inspired and moved by the story! I think it was because I was speaking at […]

  • Summer: Relationship-Driven vs Event-Driven

    Summer is upon us. Yesterday was Memorial Day, which is sort of the official summer kick-off. Are you ready? Most leaders lean towards being event-driven or relationally-driven during the summer months. Event driven ministries have big  events that draw a crowd. Leaders focus most of their time and energy on coordinating the events, rather than fostering […]

  • Being Culturally Relevant to Preteens

    Note: I dedicate this post to Mike Branton, who was absolutely floored at my current lack of knowledge of preteen culture. Thank you Mike for inspiring me to launch something new! Last month I hung out with some fellow preteen leaders, both at the preteen leaders’ conference and the FourFiveSix retreat. One of the things […]

  • Family Night Idea for Your Church: “Family Connect”

    Guest Post by Jesse Joiner On a Sunday morning when I was the Children’s Pastor at our church, two dads of kids in our children’s ministry bumped into each other in the foyer.  Now, before I go on, let me say that at the time we were a medium sized church (about 450 people), so […]

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