Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens serves as executive pastor of Granger Community Church in Granger, IN. Tim has a passion for the local church and equipping leaders with practical advice and tools to add value to them. He has co-authored three books with Tony Morgan, including Simply Strategic Stuff, Simply Strategic Volunteers, and Simply Strategic Growth, and most recently published his own book, Pop Goes the Church: Should the Church Engage Pop Culture?.
Visit Tim Stevens at www.leadingsmart.com/
  • 7.3.CC.LeadWithIntegrity

    Lead With Integrity to Forge a Legacy Worth Following

    “Our entire culture is shaped to love a redemption story. The best movies are about people who went all the way to the bottom and then were rescued and ended up becoming heroes.”

  • 1.29.CC.CalendarControl

    6 Ways to Control Your Calendar So It Doesn’t Control You

    Every leader should learn to use their calendar to make sure priorities consistently get done.

  • article_images/8.5.GoodEnoughLead_523544648.jpg

    How Good Is “Good Enough” to Lead?

    Consider Jesus' own example when you think someone isn't ready to help others.

  • The Fox News Channel Wasn't Good for My Soul

    On November 7, 2012, I stopped watching the Fox News Channel (FNC). That might not seem like a big deal if you didn’t know that I probably averaged 7-10 hours a week for years. I was a news junkie. I LOVED watching the news, hearing different angles on the news, and listening to incredibly smart commentators share […]

  • The Passenger in Row 20

    My return flight from Nashville last week was already running about an hour late, and everyone surrounding me at the gate was anxious to get on the flight and get home. It was a packed flight, so when the last person got on the plane and there were no remaining seats–the flight attendants were confused. […]

  • How Good Is "Good Enough" to Lead in a Church

    How often do you hear… “She can’t lead a small group–she hasn’t been through the Membership Classes yet.” “He isn’t qualified to lead the greeter team.” “How is it possible she can lead anything at this church yet? She just met Jesus last week and doesn’t even know the basics of the faith.” The question […]

  • God Isn't Your Vending Machine

    How many times have you read something like this on Facebook… “I went to the doctor today and my cancer test came back clean. God is so good.” “I wasn’t supposed to get a promotion for another six months, but my boss walked in today and surprised me. God is good.” “There were 150 people who applied […]

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