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  • You are You Because of Others

    by Nikki Myers A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to hear Archbishop Desmond Tutu speak about leadership. Each sentence was a sound bite of humility, leadership, love and challenge. Beyond being an absolute inspiration and so full of wisdom, he has the sweetest, most contagious laugh you can imagine (no really, look it […]

  • Sporadic Summer Attendance

    Summertime usually equals sporadic attendance in the student ministry world. You’ve probably witnessed this firsthand if you’re a small group leader. Sometimes only one student may show up for small group—and it may not be the same student from week to week! How can you make sure your students don’t fall away during summer? One […]

  • Evaluating Yourself As a Leader

    All children’s pastors want their ministries to grow, and I believe God wants them to grow as well. For this to happen, we must be willing to grow in our leadership abilities. Individual growth always comes before corporate growth. The key to growth as a leader is evaluation. Change will never take place without constant evaluation. Let’s […]

  • The Cure for Jealousy

    I’m sure you’ve never been jealous of someone, or of someone’s ministry or speaking ability, but I sure have. Working in ministry, it’s easy to be surrounded by people who can do what you do ten times better. And it’s even easier to secretly wish that person would fail. Jealousy says, “I like what you’ve […]

  • Don’t Forget the Parents

    Connecting with students is hard work. Ask any seasoned volunteer, ministry staff, or parent. But when it comes to relationships with teenagers, parents may need encouragement more than anyone else. When all they get at home is an attitude, they can often wonder if anything positive is happening internally. As a volunteer and leader, you get […]

  • kids-vbs

    Top 10 Things You Need to Recover From VBS This Summer

    You might want to bookmark this article to come back to during the post-VBS haze.

  • Your Kid Needs Counseling

    Seriously, your kids need counseling and this isn’t meant as an insult to you as their parent.Yesterday I wrote about how failure as a parent is inevitable. Parents can’t be awesome all the time. Even the best parents miss the mark and cause damage that lasts. Recently my wife and I have come into contact […]

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