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Scripture memorization is a vital part of a student's spiritual growth. Sam Luce gives some great tips on helping them remember verses.

There are a variety of ways to commit texts to memory and some techniques suit certain learning styles better than others.

  • Read the text out loud, and repeat, repeat, repeat.
  • Read the text out loud, then try to repeat them without looking. Repeat.
  • Read aloud through the text while moving about. The combination of movement and speech strengthens a person’s ability to recall text.
  • Record yourself saying the text and listen to it during everyday activities e.g. doing homework, chores, etc.
  • Write the text on a card and tape it in a conspicuous area. Read it aloud every time you see it.
  • Make flashcards with part of the text on one side and the rest on the other, and test yourself. Children can color these in and draw pictures on them.
  • Review the text at night and in the morning.
  • Write out the text. Repeat. The process of writing also helps a person’s ability to recall text.
  • Drill the text with another person as often as possible.  
Sam Luce Sam Luce has been the children's pastor at Redeemer Church for over 13 years. A prolific blogger and popular children's conference speaker, Sam has worked in children's ministry for over 23 years and is also a contributing editor to K! magazine.

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