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Free Minibook Printable 

From Christian Preschool Printables, “This is an adorable Pumpkin Prayer minibook that takes children through the carving of a pumpkin with special qualities to remember and thank God for.”

You can use this on the Sunday before Halloween, or as a special craft during your church’s Halloween-alternative outreach event.  

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Resource provided by Christian Preschool Printables 

Download Instructions: To download this resource, right-click on the links that say “COLOR” or “B&W” and choose “Save As.” 

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  • Dr. Derek Blake

    Why give children the lovely instructions on the making of a
    ‘Jack-o-lantern’ when this lantern is just a part of the occult
    practice of Halloween. I realise that there is a conversion factor
    involved, but my view is that this booklet (mini book) actually
    encourages children to take part in a heathen, occultic practice.
    Do you even know the origins of Halloween?

    • Jenny

      Oh geez. You can absolutely dress up as a fun character, gather candy, enjoy yourself AND not worship satan. I love my Lord and Savior. And, I’m excited about Halloween! I’m also sorry you are such a held-back fundamentalist. Too, bad.

      Jenny Kier
      Director of Ministries
      Columbia United Methodist Church

      • Dia

        Love your comment!

        • Dr_Derekblake

          Would you take part in a black mass just for the fun of it and think you are not taking part in something evil?

    • Grateful Believer

      I do believe we can be a part of what others mean for evil and turn it to good. God gave me creativity. I loved dressing up for years before I gave my life to the Lord. No evil intent even back then, just pure JOY of dressing up in character, and having fun with my friends. When I said YES to Jesus, I went very legalistic, and fear Hallo.. Prayed my heart out, I felt God showing me the fear based in that was NOT of Him. That reaction was giving it more to the enemy as Christ is already the winner of this battle here on earth. For me, I felt God grace in that He revealed to me, that what is from heart, is pure, and brings the Glory to Him… So I felt free to be a part of Harvest events, dress up and enjoy from my heart, not fear of eveil that is already overcome, as Christ is bigger. My God is super BIG…. All people have feedom of will, choice to love or hate, and to do evil that day or other days. Atour church we provide a place for families to come and have safe fun, while giving NO attendtion to satan, but rahter the Love of Jesus…. Oh, yes I do know the PAST origins, but today I put my hope in God.