"Leading thinkers and practitioners answer 7 of the most frequently asked questions about missional communities."

Free Missional Training Resources

Use this series from Verge Network, 7 Questions about Missional Communities, to train missional leaders in your church community. 

This series includes:

  • What is a missional community?
  • How is missional community different from Bible study?
  • How do you transition your church to be more missional?
  • How do you transition your small group to missional community?
  • How do you train missional community leaders?
  • What do missional communities do?
  • Which churches are doing this? What are some of the succeses? Struggles? 

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Resource provided by Verge Network 

Download Instructions: To download these resources, choose the appropriate “Question” link, click on an author’s name, then right-click on the link that says, “PDF” and choose “Save As.” 

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