Free eBook: "Raised? Doubting the Resurrection," by Dodson & Watson

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"Whether you are a skeptic, a believer, or somewhere in between, this book will help you question and appreciate the resurrection."

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Download this free eBook from Exponential, Raised? Doubting the Resurrection by Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson.

From Exponential, “To the modern mind, the idea of someone being raised from the dead is utterly implausible. People don’t beat death, especially after being in the grave three days. Yet, this claim is at the heart of the Christian faith–the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

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  • Anon

    I wish ChurchLeaders would avoid promoting materials from this source as “free.” If you have to do three things to get something, it’s not “free.” Labeling it as such seems a bit deceptive, and inappropriate for this site.

    • David Moerbe

      When I don’t have to pay for something that’s FREE in my book.