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Free eBook: "Enough Already," by Emily Lawyer


"Every church planter should consider this small group / discipleship process."

Free eBook

Download this free eBook from Exponential, Enough Already: How Simply Using Silence and a God-Centered Approach to Scripture Fosters Discipleship by Emily Lawyer.

From Exponential, “Every church planter should consider this small group / discipleship process. Simple, scalable, repeatable… and laser focused on engaging scripture in a way that encourages a deepening relationship with God.”

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Download Instructions: Follow the directions posted on the Exponential site to download this free resource.

Daniel So

Daniel So

Daniel is the General Editor of and Resource Editor of Daniel and his wife, along with an incredible team, helped plant Anchor City Church in San Diego—a third culture, multi-generational church who seeks to join the redemptive mission of God for our city and for the world. Daniel also serves on the advisory board of Justice Ventures International, a non-profit organization working to fight human trafficking and modern-day slavery around the world.

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