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Here’s a practical list for inviting people to experience your church.

One of the primary reasons every church exists is to share and live the Gospel and invite people to join His kingdom. Since the church is the display of God’s glory on earth, and since Jesus said HE would build His church–the church should be central to our lives and faith. So inviting people to your church should be a part of your core mission.

Here are forty great ways you can invite people to our church. You don’t need to organize it … you and your small group, class or friends can just do it.

1. Grill out for the employees of a company or business.

2. Set up our party trailer, which comes with a grill, moonwalk, helium tank and balloons, video games, chairs, etc. at any community events.

3. Dress up like a Star Wars character wherever there are people and take pictures with kids and families.  Give them a special invite card with the location they can download the picture.  You will have a blast and invite a bunch of people to church.

4. Tailgate at high school football games.  Give away hot dogs and invite people.

5. Set up a moonwalk at a local park while events are happening.

6. Volunteer at community runs and bike races.

7. Hand out coffee or hot chocolate at the First Friday events in downtown Cartersville.

8. Give out hand warmers with the church logo at winter events like the Christmas parade.

9. Do a free oil change or car inspection in the House of Rock parking lot.

10. Show UFC fights on Saturday night and provide food for men to hang out.

Michael Lukaszewski After two decades as a student pastor, church planter, senior pastor and leadership consultant, Michael Lukaszewski now leads the team at Church Fuel, an organization dedicated to providing insanely practical resources to pastors. He and his wife have three children and live in the Atlanta area. Learn more at

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  • Jose T. Guerra

    Michael, may I have permission to reprint your article in my church's website? Our website is: Thank you.


  • des

    It is eye openning and leaver a lot of questions

  • A Christian

    I’m sorry, but I can’t see the apostle Paul dressing up like Sergius Galactus, the super-gladiator, as a way to invite people to his church (#3). Nor do I see Titus setting up a party trailer (#2). Many of these methods (though not all) seem to be very flesh-oriented ways to find men. Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy said that they set up the church in Thessalonica, “Not as pleasing men, but God, who tests our hearts” (1 Thessalonians 2:4). These methods seem to be very man-pleasing.

    • really?

      He also didn’t have a webpage, email, a smart phone, a worship team, a parking lot, a microwave, a collared shirt, the king james/niv/nasb/message…

      • Twinsfan1

        Amen, Really!

      • A Christian

        That’s a straw man argument. We’re talking about how to evangelize or bring people to church, not the relationship that a Christian should have to culture.

    • Faxxine

      So you’re saying #10, a Saturday evening of Beers, Buffalo Wings, Bitches and Beat-downs is out of the question? Well maybe you are just not leadership material.

  • pastor luis

    Thats how you get a building full off visitors, but no disciples. But if it works for somebody and you can make at least one disciple, is all worthed and God will be glorified!

  • housesintohomes

    church is not a building to direct people to, so that they can join in the spectator sport. Ekklesia are the called out ones not the called in ones!

  • Twinsfan1

    Wow – can you people see anything past the ends of your noses? Michael is not saying this is discipleship, he’s not saying this is “the church,” he’s not saying this is how the apostle Paul would invite people to church.
    He’s laying out creative ideas that might bring people to a place (in this case, a church) where they can hear the good news of Jesus. That’s it. Period.
    My goodness, folks, he’s not trying to redefine evangelism and discipleship, so get off your high horses and see it for what it is: an effort to help people a little further on the journey to Christ. If it’s not your way, then fine. Do your own thing, as long as you’re actually doing something and not just complaining about someone else.
    I think it was Moody who was criticized by some people because of his evangelism style. He asked them what they were doing, and they said, “nothing.” His reply: “I prefer my way of doing it over your way of NOT doing it.”

    • Twinsfan1

      I want to apologize for the attitude with which I wrote the above. I stand behind my points, but could have done it without the snarkiness. Please forgive me.

    • Andrew

      It’s interesting that people have all this time & resources to implement these creative invitations & venues. Since God already opened the door for us right there on the spot, why don’t we just preach the Gospel, instead of playing games with people and inviting them to a show? Deep down, we probably struggle with the fear of man & unbelief, that God can actually save the person right in front of us, when we preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ under the power of the Holy Spirit. As there were detractors in Spurgeon days, so they are here with us today. Keep preaching the Gospel with complete dependence on the Holy Spirit, brothers and sisters!

  • A Christian

    “Twinsfan1″ and “Really?”, what he is advocating is just plain unbiblical. It uses man-appealing methods to get people into a church. In the Bible, you find that the church is primarily for the people of God to grow and worship, it is NOT primarily a place for you to invite friends or relatives in order for them to learn about God!
    These ideas clearly remind me of 1 Corinthians 3:12. What he is doing is suggesting that we build on a foundation of wood, hay, and stubble.
    Paul said, “if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ” (Galatians 1:10). These ideas are very man-pleasing.

  • Roy

    Good ideas, of course, but events take place too infrequently. The SBC goal> “Every Person Sharing, Every Person Hearing (in N. America) by 2020″. Every believer must be mobilized. EVERY day we have opportunities to share Jesus, yet we walk on by people that are headed to eternity without Jesus! Folks, it’s our mission to share Jesus. The professionals are not getting it done….it’s OUR mission. However, it seems that most of the “troops” are back at the barracks, shining
    their boots, polishing their belt buckles and working on improving that “weapon”,
    that has not even been “fired”.

    If every believer took opportunities to share their faith, the above goal would be accomplished quickly. Jesus said my yoke is EASY. I’m afraid we have taken something SIMPLE and made it DIFFICULT. If millions of us would just share Jesus on a regular basis, people would get saved, churches would grow and God just might have mercy on this ungodly nation of ours.

    Pastors, please prioritize witnessing in your life and share your experiences to encourage your people. Be a witness and others will be encouraged to witness as well. We need living messages, not just words. Redeeming the time for the days are evil.

    God bless you in sharing Jesus with others.

  • Christforlife

    Let God be the Judge of our fruit, if in the end it brings him Glory, people are saved, discipled and have a close relationship to God, WELL??? Im thinking of a scripture that goes something like, become all things to all men that you may win some. If Ive led tens to nearly a hundred to Christ by being relational so be it, I dont hear God complaining I hear Angels rejoicing!!!

  • David

    I posted this article on the church I serve’s FB page about 3 weeks ago. Asked for responses. One response said let’s put a booth at the town’s Back to School Festival. I said sure. Got a text back that the festival had been canceled. I asked why and if we, as a church, could host it. Sure! We found out some community groups were still planning on attending (like Police, Fire, and so on), they were not aware it had been canceled. Since it was on their calendars already, we asked when the event would be…turns out we had about 15 days to make it happen, add to that I was leading a team from church on a mission trip and would be gone for 8 days. We are a smaller church (averaging about 120), I knew it would be hard work. Several calls were made. We told each group this is a community outreach event, hosted by a church. If you want to promote your business, bring your bounce house, great but we are not paying for it…it’s all going to be free. We ended up with around 25 churches, businesses, and community groups present, another dozen or so giving us donations for the event. Not bad for a small town and small church.

    We were worried about how many would show up. A town event recently had 10 kids show up (4 of those kids won bikes). At our first meeting, we talked about having 50 kids. I said my prayer was 200…I always dream big. Our guess, based on cars parked, food and water consumed, stuff given away and discussions with law enforcement (which was there to help with event): we had over 300! While we only had this on our calendars for about 15 days, God had it circled on His since eternity began…AWESOME.

    At the event, I had a discussion with an atheist about the importance and honor of community outreach. I talked with a couple who were professed Buddhists (they attend worship at a temple about an hour away) about the need for loving mankind and helping find healing for those who have been abused. I even got to have a huge discussion with a man about same-sex marriage. It was an awesome night but my favorite conversation by far was a man asking me where the bathroom was because he had “never been inside this church building before”.

    This event paved so many inroads into our community. This week we are following up with the groups that came and gave with personal thank you cards.

    all about Christ,

  • Katrina

    My church used to have movie nights every month on 1 Friday. You would sit in your car or a grassy area and watch the movie. We also had FREE popcorn and sodas!!!!!!! Sadly we don’t have those anymore because our old minister moved and he was pretty much in charge of everything. This event was very popular but started fading away. Hopefully I will make my church members get those running again.

  • David Ish

    I live in Pgh Pa I have been to 30 (estimated) churches There are irrelevant to my life at best. They All want the Brady Bunch


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