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LOVE Week at Elevation Church Results in More Than 50K Hours Served


More than 4,800 volunteers from Steve Furtick's Elevation Church accomplished more than 50,000 hours of service in Charlotte, North Carolina this past week.

In partnership with 31 different churches, 62 charitable organizations, and more than 4,800 volunteers, Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church completed their “LOVE Week” project this Sunday in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The project was designed to serve their community for more than 50,000 hours. More than 350 projects were scheduled, including building a house, holding a senior citizen prom, beautifying city parks and other locations, feeding the homeless and hungry, and partnering with a local hospital to pledge $80,000 to enhance a local free medical clinic. The project accomplished its goal: according to its website, a total of 50,340 hours were served. Mayor Anthony Foxx even proclaimed February 11–19 as LOVE Week across the city.

The projects were spaced across the entire week to give the most people an opportunity to fit service into their schedules. A spokesperson for Elevation Church said the event “inspires a sense of unity and selflessness in our community.” A volunteer who helped local residents complete job applications remarked to The Christian Post, “I genuinely had no idea that problems like this existed in Charlotte. It is easy to be blind to problems within your own city. LOVE Week [gave] us an opportunity to interact with groups of people we might not normally be associated with, and it let us make a difference inside organizations that are sometimes struggling to find volunteers.”

See photos of the project by clicking here.

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