7 Reasons America Has Not Been Reached for Christ

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With thousands of churches filled with millions of Christians, why aren't we reaching our nation with the Gospel?

There are more than 300,000 Protestant churches in America.

Virtually every city in the United States has an abundance of Bible-believing faith communities.

Millions upon millions of Christians attend these churches—and, yet, this country is not reached for Christ.

Why? Here are seven reasons:

1. We have outsourced the work of evangelism.

We have delegated, relegated and abdicated our outreach efforts to those who have the “gift” of evangelism.

We wait for the next festival or outreach to come to town before we even think about this God-given duty. After all, evangelism is the domain of the greats like Graham, Palau and Laurie, not common people like Larry, Curly and Joe Schmo. Right?


Instead of “leaving it to the professionals” we need to take THE Cause of Christ personally.

Let’s stop waiting for the bigwigs of evangelism to roll into town, and start going ourselves to make disciples of our own next-door neighbors, co-workers, family and friends.

2. We have lost our sense of urgency.

Take hell out of the equation, and evangelism seems like a nice, but not necessary, activity. Put hell back in, and suddenly everything changes.

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Suddenly, souls are at stake and time is a wastin’. We start to reach out like there is no tomorrow … because there may not be for those who don’t know Jesus.

And simmer down, my dear Reformed friends. It was the great reformer himself (aka, “The Apostle Paul”) who asked, “How will they hear without a preacher?” right in the middle of his longest explanation of the doctrine of election (Rom. 9-11.)

It is possible to believe in election and to be motivated to snatch others from the fire and save them (Jude 23.)

It happens when we stop trying to connect dots that were never meant to be connected.

It happens when we stop trying to reconcile God’s sovereignty and our responsibility.

It happens when we choose to live in the tension and share the Gospel like lost souls depend on it.

3. We are ashamed of the Gospel.

I believe many Christians are secretly ashamed of this catalytic “narrow-minded” message.

To tell someone Jesus is the only way to heaven and faith is the only means to Jesus is to say, in effect, all other paths lead to hell. We live in an inclusive culture that values every path, so when we proclaim Jesus to be the only path, it can lead to mockery, marginalization and mayhem.

And nobody likes being mocked … so most keep their mouths shut when it comes to evangelism.

Greg Stier Greg Stier is the President and Founder of Dare 2 Share Ministries, which is mobilizing teenagers across America to share their faith.

More from Greg Stier or visit Greg at http://www.dare2share.org

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  • Jon Schmidt

    Personally I think one of the keys we have lost is the usefulness of the gospel. Martin Luther did not relegate his theology to salvation. He brought the gospel to every aspect of life. As long as we keep the gospel for just ‘spiritual’ life, we will never change a society.

    • Cheryl

      Too many are caught up in theology. What about just simply being caught up in line upon line and precept upon precept?

    • Cheryl

      What about being caught up in the love of the Most High God, the Lord God Almighty?

  • A follower of Jesus

    I find it interesting that so many churches say exactly the same thing. We need to preach the gospel to the whole world. If people read the new testament they would clearly see that firstly; in the book of Mark, Christ said that his disciples would not die before the word was preached to the every nation. Secondly, Colossians teaches that the word had been preached to all nations. It seems to me, that what is really behind this drive to continually evangelize, is really for men to build their own kingdom or empire that they can preside over and control. Ah, the pride of man! All on the premise of “we need to save the world”. The gospel has been taught throughout the whole world, but why do so many people say it hasn’t.

    I wonder if it is because, it’s just that their version of christianity hasn’t been taught to the whole world. If you can’t come up with some alternative version of christianity, it’s really hard to create your own following, it’s really hard to sell all those books, CD’s and DVD’s. You need a point of difference from the other guys; that’s what sells books and DVD’s. That’s what all good sales techniques are based on; find the pain and show your point of difference. That’s how you sell.

    The reality is that the word has been taught to all the world. It’s just that most of the world rejects it. Jesus said, that “small is the gate and narrow is the way and few will find it”. If that is the case, and I would prefer to trust what Jesus said, than someone pushing their version of christianity, along with their products.

    God’s word teaches that if you seek you will find. I prefer to trust Gods word.

    there are more Bibles in circulation than any other book on the planet. There are churches on almost every corner. If there is not enough evidence that something is going on that deserves mans attention, then I don’t know when there ever will be.

    Where does people’s own personal responsibility come into the picture. I know numerous people who have sough out God, through a desire to find the true purpose of their life. Each of them has said I didn’t know what I was looking for but I ended up with God’s word.

    I don’t think on the last day God is going to say, “Well, that’s OK Johnny, no-one came up to you in the street and shared their faith with you, so you’re in.” I think he might say, “Didn’t I make it abundantly clear that I existed? Didn’t you notice all those churches? Why didn’t you pick up a Bible, instead of all the magazines, newspapers and books you used to read? Their was a bible in every hotel room you ever stayed in.” “Why didn’t you at least ask someone why all these people were going to church on Sundays?” “Didn’t you wonder why there are so many organisations that help people in the name of Jesus?” “Why didn’t you at least show some interest?” “Weren’t you a bit curious?” “Did I need to send my Son again, to perform miracles and die on a cross and rise again?”

    The reality is that if we seek God we will find him.

    Just some thoughts.

    • Todd B

      Two facts undermine your argument: 1. The proclamation and hearing of the gospel is necessary for people to respond to it and be saved (Rom 10:13-15). 2. Countless people and people groups in this generation have not heard the gospel message.

    • Olen Pancho Batchelor

      The people in the places I go both here and abroad do not have Bibles. They are illegal in lots of countries.

      • Cheryl

        So very true, but, most countries now have the gospel message available on TV, and other places. That is why it is important for those who do go to other countries to have scripture memorized so they can write it down. Hide the Word of God in your heart so you can walk amongest the peoples of the world and stay true to HIm and show them what the redemption plan of God has been, is, and will continue to be until the Great White Throne Judgment in Revelation 20

    • Cheryl

      Read the last chapters of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. People have forgotten the command of the Great Commission and are surface people in many instances. What is the core value of their life? The core needs to be filled with Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God. In the book of James it says that love covers a multitude of sin. Showing and living the love of God is an important factor of life. Jesus said that His discipiles and followers would do greater works than He did, with the exception of being God’s provision as He was. Why aren’t people going out in two’s into the highways and by ways of life? Why aren’t they seeking the path of life God has for them who truly seek Him? His thoughts and ways are higher than the thoughts and ways of man kind, who is it that truly wants His thoughts, ways, and will for their life and their walk through life?

    • Mar Komus

      The message of the gospel has not been preached throughout the whole world. An elementary course in Greek (not to mention reality) would clear up the reasons why in a heart beat.

    • vigillance

      Only the Holy Spirit draws people to Christ, or God if Christ is too personal for you.
      Is He operating in your life? Are you allowing Him to overcome your fears and love people into the kingdom or did you try to do it all on your own? Perhaps you should try that first (?) before you make a decision as to whether the end is here or not. Yes, No…? If you really love God, then why don’t you find out: Ask for the Holy Spirit (you say you are a follower of Christ), as Jesus referred to. “…Even more so, God the Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him”….Ask Him!
      In His love..,

    • $23313105

      You are so wrong. I am a USA native, educated (have a law degree) yet never heard the gospel till I was 34 years of age. Did I hear preaching? Yes. But not the gospel presented in a manner that by the Holy Spirit I was able to understand what the good news truly was. I deal with people every day that have no clue what the gospel is. Further, as I age, the generations behind me have yet to have their opportunity to hear.The work must continue as long as Christ tarries, “desiring all men come to repentance”.

  • Scott Dossett

    CEOs can only blame the sales staff for so long before acknowledging something is wrong with the product. That’s not to say that there’s anything at all wrong with the gospel; there isn’t. But I think we might have freeze-dried, pre-packaged and shined it to the point that people are concerned that so much polish must be hiding something. I also wonder if maybe the marketing team hasn’t over-saturated the market.

    Or maybe we’ve diluted the gospel (and I don’t mean that the way you might think) with too many of our sacralized opinions and expectations. I can’t help but honestly wonder if people see that Christians are often promoting a “worldview” and an agenda instead of the mystery and wonder and unconditional love in the cross and gospel of Jesus. Perhaps we even underemphasize the hope offered in Christ for *this life because we are obsessed with the next one.

    • Cheryl

      Who and what is the power of God unto Salvation, to the Jew first and then to the Greek? Get back to the nuts and bolts of Who the provision of God is.

  • cathcart boy

    I began to read this on the basis that some other critic of an older school was seeking publicity. I quickly realised this was not so. I very much agree with almost everything written here (except for the use of the word “Mecca”!) and recommend this a s a must-read. excellent work, Greg

  • Roy

    AMEN to this message! Jesus gives every believer power to do ONE thing, to WITNESS, but most of us cop out. This starts with the “professionals” and of course, it is mimicked by the flock. The program we should all partake in is sharing the gospel as we walk through life, with “strangers”, family, friends, etc. We need to realize that “living the life” alone is not preaching the gospel. Mormons also live respectable lives, but lack the Truth!

    People don’t really have a grasp on the clear gospel message, even after decades in church and SS. Why is that? I think it is because we don’t teach doctrine and gospel clarity, but rather we are rehashing for the umpteenth time the same messages/lessons, that don’t instruct in the clarity of the gospel or how to share Jesus.

    Beloved Pastors, please realize that your wonderful, profound messages have not won the world yet, nor will they. No one could preach like Jesus, yet He did not turn the world upside down, the disciples did. He has relegated that responsibility to YOU AND ME.

    Pastors, how much time do YOU invest in sharing one-on-one? Try it and let your people know about your experiences. It is quite evident that the “Generals” can not win the war, while the troops are back at the barracks, polishing their boots and shinning their belt buckles. Let’s GO and make disciples.

    • $23313105

      I could not agree more. The heart of the problem is a lack of love and unbelief. As a pastor, I have tried for 15 years but have found I cannot persuade most of my members to even invite, let alone witness. They have no love for the lost. Further, they seemed dulled by some general sense that for those who die without salvation, it will somehow work out ok. They will deny that, but their lives and lack of concern witness to it as true. BTW, we send teams to the mission field twice a year and get a lot of support, yet these same people will not even ask a family member or friend to attend Church.

      • Cheryl

        How do they define being a Christian? What is the differnce between being a Christian and a believer in Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of the Living God? Only one life that God has given each to live, Only one life that can count for HIm, what kind of rewards will a person receive before the Great Throne on the day the earth passes away, who will be the ones that God says to them depart from Me for I know you not, But Lord we have done so much in Your Name, You may have done things in My Name, but not according to My Word or My will. What did you do with My Only Begotten Son Jesus? Who do you claim Him to be? Did you accept Him? Did you live for Him?Did you live His Word?

        • $23313105

          First, Christian is a name men gave to believers, not Jesus. The most common name He used was disciple. God teaches a disciple is one who has entrusted all their hope for salvation to Him with a heart that is yielded to Him to shape, create anew, all by the power of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. So much could be said but the short answer is the real is the one who has put their faith in Him as Savoir and Lord, and have received from Him the Holy Spirit by which we are “sealed till that day of redemption”. So the essential question is not simply “do you believe” but “have you received something that is not of you, something from Him, the Holy Spirit”. That is the essential requirement and evidence of salvation.

    • Cheryl

      To each person who accepts Jesus as their own personal Lord and Savior He gives them the power to become an adopted child of God before the Great Throne of the Almighty God. Preachers and Pastors don’t save the world, it is only through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that the world can be saved it is only through accepting Him personally as the Only Begotten Son of the Living God that a person has a hope beyond the grave.

  • RAM

    One of the hardest WHOLE TRUTHS that most ‘Christians’ ignore, is the fact just because you go to church, doesn’t mean you are saved.

    ATTENDING church, is more than just a warm body showing up to sit in a pew or chair. There is an INVESTMENT involved, that is demanded by God. That is in getting to know the REAL Jesus, not the cookie cutter version of ‘Christians’ not taking a stand in the edit of the words, “Don’t judge lest Ye be.” That takes action in us as individuals…one on one…mono on mono.

    In many churches today, Satan is embracing the value taught, prayed to and listened to. From pulpits across this nation, Satan stands right by the instruction given in apostate churches…and there are many.

    When I hear that America is under attack, so we can’t do what we use to…because of Separation of Church and State, we seem to forget the originator of that was and is God almighty. Separating the power of man (king, leader, President) over God (church, clergy, prophet)…but most seem to forget, the prophet elected the leader, per Gods instruction.

    That is how you get David as king…when the law of man was the first born got the inheritance of the family, the covenant of God with man and woman in their marriage, since under Gods guidance and instruction, sex came after marriage, and the first offspring/child, was a symbol of keeping the promise of Godly marriage.

    Being a Christian costs us friends and family, when we ‘put away childish things’ and abide by what God commands, reveals, warns, instructs and lovingly lets us see through the actions of others before us, their faults and failures revealed to us, to show being a Christian takes actions in our lives.

    Revelations reveals a woman, who is ready to give birth, for over 4000 years…and the Dragon, that waits to pounce, as soon as that birth takes place. Satan has had centuries to weave his web of deception, distraction and destruction on this earth. Remember, how was he introduced to mankind, from the very beginning…subtly. Evil is subtle…and this worlds values introduces the many values and immoralities of Satan, subtly…even from pulpits and pews. God Bless.

    • Cheryl

      When the going gets tough the tough get going. Who can stand on the Word of God? How many read it enough to apply it to their own life? Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all things will be added unto you. What is the righteousness of God? Who is the righteousness of God? Read John 17

    • Cheryl

      The purity and simplicity of a child’s love can not be measured. This is how Jesus wants us to come to Him and live in Him. He is the believers Shepherd, He is the One who cares for those who seek Him. Part of the problem with believers is they have forgotten the simplicity of the gospel, they have forgotten how to just go to Jesus and say help or I love you Jesus for who you are. Thank You for leaving Your home of purity in the Holy Heavens of God the Father. Thank You, for Your love and Thank You for being the Provision of God the Father so people would have a way to make Heaven. Thank You Jesus for who You Are.

  • Patrick Robert Easter

    One of these reasons needs to be, “We have been blinkered by our own sense of self-importance to the point that we actually believe that any view with the word ‘Protestant’ tagged onto it is Biblical Truth (and nothing else can be).” Hence, the presumption in the first “reason.” Possibly a better suggestion is that each succeeding (and seceding) generation rejects something of its previous belief, seeking a more minimised and “streamline” Gospel message, when Jesus clearly told the Apostles to go, “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…” If there is power in the Gospel, then why insist on cutting it down to, at this point, a few lines on the back of a “salvation tract?”

  • Abraham Biu

    This is A MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH IN THESE LAST DAYS! It is not just for America, it is for the body of Christ Worldwide!
    “Take Hell Out of The Equation, and we are sleeping and Intelectual Church with lots of arguements, PUT HELL BACK, and we are a MILITANT CHURCH ON A RESCUE MISSION!”
    God Bless You Pastor for Bringing us a word from The Holy Spirit.

  • Whitetotheharvest

    You are right on the mark with this article!

    You can actually add many more that these seven reasons. What I think is that most churches are organizations that are inimical to evangelism. They want to grow by attracting people to go to church. It doesn’t seem to matter whether these people who are attracted need to hear the gospel. I have visited lots of evangelical churches and no one ever who knew that I was a visitor even attempted to find out if I was saved! You just get handed a bulletin and are pointed toward the sanctuary or where they have the coffee and doughnuts.

    Their outreaches are a joke. They go and hand out food and stuff to poor people and never ask anyone if they are sure they are going to heaven (a good way to find out who is not saved, by the way). “Oh, we are just trying to make friends with the community,” they say. I guess Jesus said food and stuff must be given to the poor so they will like your church. Listen, you pastors, poor people are not offended by the gospel. You don’t have to make friends with them for them to hear you.

    I have led dozens of people to Christ on outreaches right before pastors of churches so they can see how it is done. It is like they are blind, deaf and stupid. I guess they think lay people can’t teach them anything. They don’t get it and that is why nobody in their churches gets it either.

    • Cheryl

      Part of the reason could be the laws of the state they function under. Those who are handing out food may be restrained by laws. And it is those who are standing in line that have to take up the slack because of government laws. Here in California there are counties that have regulations against ministries reaching out during these give a ways. Remember that each people in the body of Christ has a different work to do.

  • Ellis

    In order for the gospel to be be presented as a life changing, life giving thing to others, it must first be a vibrant life changing thing in ourselves. We must not only understand but sincerely believe it, living the Word, applied, daily. Too many times we live theoretically rather than experientially. Every time we read the Word, we should call out to God, “what are you telling me personally here, now..and what do you want me to do. Our lives with and in Him are not an exercise but relationship. Teach this, disciple others and teach them to do so. Share the heart of Christ in love and submission. That’s how to reach others. And as for the “shame issue”, I like Paul’s exhortation/ reminder to Tim. (Remember when he wrote this and what their relationship had been heretofore.). 2 Tim 2:15. The more we know the Word see it is real and applicable in our lives, the more we understand that it is a relevant, IMMEDIATE communication with the One that loves us and works in us, that would work in us, the more compelled and better equipped we are to communicate it to others. Witness is a product of relationship. And as was said near the close..pray, with our ears open as well as our mouths.

    • Cheryl

      You don’t have to understand the gospel, you just simply have to accept it. Jesus said believe on Me, accept Me for who I Am. In James is says that love covers a multitude of sin. Jesus said love your enemies. But, He doesn’t want people to be a wimp when it comes to the things of God. Take the example of Jesus in the Temple with the money changers, The Lord wants a willing vessel that is open to the direction of His Holy Spirit and follows His simple urgings. That is the key to being a witness,

      • Ellis

        It’s been a while since I read the original article, so I quickly scanned it and the comments, principally yours, before replying back. I am in awe of the things that the Lord is working in your heart. I agree completely with the general tenor of your arguements. They are a call to action. The only thing that I would remind you of, gently, is that the more we study His Word the more we CAN know Him. There is an opportunity there. The more we know Him and His heart for His creation the more motivated and better we can share Him. Also, don’t forget. We are called to preach, baptize in His name and MAKE DISCIPLES, that means teach, a life, and the Word. We study, in part, so that we might be better equipped and more like Him, because we know Him better. The absence of any of these elements imperils the performance of that commision which we have been charged with. I love Paul’s closing remarks/exhortation to his protege, Timothy, in his second letter to him, chapter 4, vs 1-5. Take note of the word doctrine.

        It is true that we can wrongly become so fixated on theology that our testimony becomes more theoretical than alive, but the converse is true, as well. We can present only a part of the message, without engaging our listeners on the “whole counsel of God” and not do our part in helping let the Word become effective as the life changing message that it is. 1 Thess 2: 13, (keep in mind that Paul visited Thessalonica before Berea,and look at what Luke wrote in Acts 17:11), and Rom 10: 14-17. We need to do both, preach and teach. The Word of God is a powerful thing and effective in the hands of the Holy Spirit and willing hands and hearts.

        I would put it to you that the reason that we do such an abysmal job of evangelizing, is that so many churched people really don’t understand/believe the imperative, Who God really is, who we really are and what He has both done for and desires from us. Part of the reason for that is biblical illiteracy, a lot of folks want a feel-good experience rather than a relationship that both gives..Him and life, and takes, ministry/evangelism, the responsibility that it carries. Part of that is not hearing what the Holy Spirit is trying to teach us, for both personal application and dissemination. We need to be excited about Him in us, but we need to have more than a cursory knowledge of what that means and who He is. Be blessed…you are right, “the fields are white…”

  • Hal

    The Bible is not taught, pews get drops of milk and the meat of our huge need “internalization and ability to apply to our daily lives” are NOT taught” because so little of God’s Word, “books-chapters – verse” are not taught to build a biblical foundation for living and walking with a living God. How many other books on your shelf have you only read 12-15 words out of some pages and then you claim you understand the book?

    • jlrancher

      So true, we have become a people of buzzwords, phrases twitter and FB status. Delving deep requires discipline. I speak as an American and I suffer from this thirty second devotional mentality as well. May God have mercy on our nation.

      • Cheryl

        May God have mercy on the people who claim to be called by His Name. Read Revaltion 1, 2, and 3. Where do each one of us stand in their own personal realtion ship and love of the Lord Jesus Christ?

    • Cheryl

      What is your core value? Who is the center and focus of your life? your thoughts? your actions? How do people learn? From other people as they walk through life day to day, by their words, actions, and deeds.

  • HBrown

    I AM!

  • Rod

    Our Heavenly Father must be in denial, if the USA has NOT been gospel saturated! I believe that judgment more than evangelism has come for the USA when the Christian message rejection and lost of first love has been the rule of the church and the land. Simply, the Holy Spirit is grieved of the nations idolatry and deification as well as Pharaisical presumption among His children., There is not a place in the USA that has not been reached, in fact oversaturated with prayer and evangelization! As Sodom and Gomorrah is at our doorsteps, the Christian role during this critical times is to be found persevering, holy, acceptable, pleasing under that sanctification process of the goats separated from the sheep! His awaited second coming is only to be fulfilled as the Middle East events are to be in place.

    • Cheryl

      God doesn’t get in denial, people do. Problem is people are too afraid to go out into the highways and by ways of life. They are afraid to go off the beaten path and rub shoulders with those who are unacceptable to society. There are few who are willing to do so such as Metro Ministries in New York City and Legit for Jesus Christ the latter being a one person operation because those who claim to know Jesus as Lord and Savior are too afraid to step up to the plate and walk a path that is frightening to the average person. Where did Jesus walk and His followers? some were on the safe path of life and others had the courage to take the gospel message to those who no one else would. Where did St. Paul make his start? What was Paul before he had a vision?

    • Cheryl

      God doesn’t get caught up in My dog is better than your dog theory. He is God. What people don’t know or realize is the purity and Holiness of the Lord God of the Heavens and the earth. They don’t realize what the Holiness of God is. Seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you.

  • Pastor Josiah

    Jesus Christ and the Apostles preached the gospel and were stoned, ridiculed and even killed. What about today? It is because the Church and its leaders are in to make money for themselves, the gospel has been socialized to suit the taste of the hearers. To this end they preach another gospel that lacks the power to transform the lives of the people.

    • Cheryl

      In the books of Timothy it says in the last days that people will heap to them selves teachers who have itching ears and many will give heed to seducing spirits. In the signs of the Fig Tree it says that the love of many will wax cold because iniquity will abound. Many will say where is the promise of HIs coming? Jesus said when you see al this stuff come to pass look up for your redemption draweth neigh. Read Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21 and ask your self how does the signs of the Fig Tree tie into all that is occuring upon the earth and through out society?

  • Jed

    The Gospel is not reaching the majority in the USA and western world, and in fact they areturning their backs on it because the “gospel” being taught is from the false prophet/antichrist that Jesus warned about in Matthew 24….the “christian’ world was misled seventeen hundred years ago, when they changed God’s times and laws, just as Daniel prophesied they would in Daniel 7…they started following non Biblical man made traditions such as sunday, dec 25th and easter on the instructions from the leader of the roman church, and the roman and protestant churches have done so ever since…they are in fact following satan…..that accounts for the vast majority of professing “christians”…only a remnant church remains comprised of true followers of Jesus, who “have the testimony of Jesus and follow the Commandments of God”….

    Mainstream “christianity” preachers are like snake oil salesmen trying to sell some watered down product, and they prey on peoples’ ignorance of scripture to sell them the poison of false doctrine….Remember Jesus condemned following the traditions of man and NOT the commandments of God Mark 7 Matthew 15!

    • Cheryl

      Go back to basics: John 3: 16 that is where each believer in Jesus Christ needs to be. As it says in Revelation too many have left their first love, the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Matthew

        How do you show your love for Jesus Christ…Jesus said “if you love me keep my Commandments” John 14.15…and Apostle John said “those who say i know HIm and keep not His commandments are liars and the truth is not in them”..do you keep His commandments..all of them? If you truly love God you keep them all …all ten of them!

        • Cheryl

          What were the commandments of Jesus? He came to fulfill the law not to destroy it. Jesus commanded His followers to carry the gospels before there were any preachers around. He said go into all the world and preach the gospel baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Another command is to love one another as I have loved the church and gave my self for it. John 17 the prayer of Jesus to the Father included future believers and the desire of Jesus for them. Another commandment is to know the signs of the Fig Tree. The commandments of Moses are more than 10. It is only 10 that man kind chose to learn. Ask a Rabbi about how many commandments there truly are. Then consider the the statutes and the ordinances. How many believers know the commandments of Jesus? The commandments of Jesus are recorded in the 4 gospels.

          • Matthew

            Don’t you even know the law of God? The ten commandments? I will give you a clue..it is the law that was written by God’s finer on tablet of stone, and there are ten of the laws written there…the first four deal with the Love of God/Jesus and the last six deal with love of your neighbour…time you learned them!..The Mosaic law covered food laws, cleanliness laws, sacrificial laws, feast laws, etc and numbered 613 in total..many which negated by Jesus at the Cross..you should learn the distinction between the two….

  • Rev. David Asare

    Unfortunately, there seem to be a diversion from evangelism to the deliverance ministry. What is happening to the body of Christ?

    • Cheryl

      There is a need for both. The focus still needs to be on the nuts and bolts of the gospel. Billy Graham was an example for the basic foundation. What is unfortunate is people have forgotten the simplicity of the true gospel which started in a barn in a feed trough called a manger. People who claim Jesus have forgotten the basic simplicity of how it all began and the simplicity of how it the message was to be carried on. Who is the core of their belief? is it pride? fullness of bread?fullness of posessions? or is the core of their life the Lord Jesus Christ and the will of God the Father who created the Heavens, the earth, and all that is there in? What is the core value the will of God or as Adam the will of man?

  • Donald

    I am with you from Hampstead, NC!!! Good word & challenge. All the pastors know you are right & on target!

  • Pastor Randy

    I can agree with you. But I think the greatest opportunity for evangelism in our generaton is love and prayer. Caring for someone else. Praying that God would move our hearts to really care for that one person who is in difficulty. Were in a church plant with the mission ‘Loving God loving people.’ I want to teach the people that God can use them – and He is. Blessings.

    • Cheryl

      Not all are called to deal with difficult people. Jesus dealt with all kinds, but, His main purpose was to do the will of the Father. John 17 is the prayer of Jesus to the Father. He prayed that none would be lost and those who chose to follow Him would be come one as He and the Father were one. Love, prayer and a willingness to be and to do as the Spirit of the Living God directs. May the Lord help you in dealing with those who are difficult, it is a special work and takes patience and a love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Cheryl

    2 Chronciles 7: 14 is an answer God gave to King Solomon’s prayer of dedication of the 1st Temple. Also read Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 17 and 21. And the last chapters of each of these books describes the Great Commission of spreading the gospel of redemption through Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of the Living God.In Matthew 24 it says when the gospel has been spread to every person that needs to hear it then will the end come. It also says the love of many will wax cold because iniquity (evil) will abound. We are there, Ezekiel 38 & 39 are about to take place. Know the signs of the Fig Tree as Jesus commanded. Also read Revelation the first 3 chapters. Be ready for the redemption of true believers in Jesus Christ is drawing closer by the moment.

  • Cheryl

    America needs to get hot for God! That means they need to step out of their box of security and step out in faith on the the path that God has for them. It can only be found through prayer and trully seeking God and asking for Him to bring His path to them and make His will for their life for the day, every day known to them. While keeping their eyes upon the foot of the cross where each believer starts.

  • David Bright

    We have to come to a conclussion that it is not about the church and its four walls, it is all about the Harvest. We need leaders who will empower others, and members who will grasp a hold of the calling that God gave all of us to tell our story to others.

    • Cheryl

      Where does it all start? In your heart as a humble servant before the Lord Jesus Christ. People do not empower, the Holy Spirit of the Living God empowers. Read the last chapters of the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Then read the first few chapters of the book of Acts.

  • Hal Seed

    I LOVE this article Greg! Nice work!

  • Smile

    If you really read and study the Word of God you will find there are more than 10 commandments. Believers live under grace not under the law. Those who live by the law will be judged by it. Jesus came to fulfill the law and to set captives free from the burden of sin He said to give Him your burden and He would give you His yoke which is easy and light. Jesus also said God those who make Heaven are those who accept Him and do the will of the Father. The New Testament is based on the love of God for His creation. That is why He made provision through His Only Begotten Son Jesus for the redemption of man kind.

  • Steven Leapley

    For me, I believe the problem is that we confuse the “great commission” message. If asked in a vacuum about what it takes to become a follower of Christ, theologians will all agree that it is the Holy Spirit who convicts….. I know the backlash that is coming, so let me explain….

    Evangelism is the sharing of the good news…the gospel message…… when people hear it and the Holy Spirit is there…he convicts people and their hearts turn toward God. Once someone makes that profession of faith, we believers can and should disciple them….. Evangelism is not converting people, it is enlightening people.
    We have become so politically correct and confused about the process, no wonder there are challenges with the church in a Satan-ran world…… Lets remember that if we listen to the heart of God, He will direct our paths……
    My 2 cents…I hope it was clear

    • Cheryl

      What God wants and desires is a heart that seeks Him and is a willing vessel for His Holy Spirit to work through. Jesus just simply wants His people to love Him so He can direct them through the Holy Spirit that was sent to earth after Jesus ascended to God the Father. Isaiah said: I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips because mine eyes have seen the King of Glory! Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven.

  • Cheryl

    What churches have failed to do is to look at the other churches that have a large out reach. They train their people from infancy to walk, talk, and live the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Take a look around and see those who have been successful in reaching out to others. Those in rehabs that are successful what is their key? The key to success is having Jesus Christ the Only Begotten Son of the Living God as center and core of their heart and mind. King David in the Old Testament is an example of this and his example is still relevant today because attitudes and love do not change. Both are made by choices. Choose this day who you will serve

  • Matthew

    The reason America has not been reached for God, is the mainstream churches and religions in America and the western world are preaching the message of the false prophet/antichrist..they are following the non Biblical traditions of ancient Babylon and Rome, as evidenced by the non Biblical days they keep such as sunday, dec 25th, easter etc…all pagan based days, yet they call it “christianity” In the meantime they do not follow the Ten commandments, the commandments of God that Jesus refers to in Mark 7 and Matthew 15….time to follow and teach the true word of God!

  • WakeupCall

    They neglect Christians. They can’t see Christians are a product of what they have already been ‘teaching’. They are never happy. They just want to defile more and more fresh meat. They want the church filled with babies who are easy to manipulate. Why else do you think they go on and on about YOUTH? They love the youth and hate maturity. They can’t take criticism – yet the Bible says anyone who refuses criticism is … oh look it up for yourself. Start reading parts of the Bible your pastors never go near. Read the whole thing. Google “Bible Framework” you will have teaching that empowersThe Word in you – not them.

  • prophecyclub.com

    You forgot the biggest one, “The Pre-tribulation Rapture” teaching putting the sheeple to sleep. Jer 51:39 & 57 It removes the urgency to get “saved” from the “wrath to come” like preachers of old hammered out constantly!

    JER 51:39 In their heat I will make their feasts, and I will make them drunken, that they may rejoice, and sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the LORD.

    JER 51:57 And I will make drunk her princes, and her wise men, her captains, and her rulers, and her mighty men: and they shall sleep a perpetual sleep, and not wake, saith the King, whose name is the LORD of hosts.

    You also forgot: The Dogs Don’t Bark Anymore.

    ISA 56:10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.

    11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

    We ARE the Mystery Babylon of Rev 18, Jer 50 & 51 Isa 13, 21 and 47 but it is never allowed in the pulpits.

    Not to worry, it is only a few more years until God causes America to fall, then the weeping and crying will bring giants and crowns in the Kingdom of God!


  • Puzzled

    “He turned my prayers toward the Mecca ? of ministry”

  • laura

    I dont know how I ended up on this site…other than that I need to drastically change my life….and I am deeply spiritual …and believe in Jesus…his suffering he went thru and what a dishonor it is to give up in life I need to remove myself from my environment and do a lot of soul searching…. A nd turn my efforts to helping others ..and building a relationship with God….it has brought my pe a ce in the past….I just dont see a way to. Unless someone knows of a free sabatical or program I can go to …residential im thinkin? I dont know…wat r ur thoughts if u would share….

  • Cal J

    I think one reason why many believers do not share the faith is due to fear. Another reason is we tend to pick and choose how we are going to obey the Lord. many of us do the things that are comfortable but if its uncomfortable we shy away from it and what about the lack of power that is in The church. Jesus said He would give us power through the baptism of the Holy Spirit and then we would witness. Many believers have not received the baptism so they are not compelled to reach the lost. Another reason why many believers are not sharing the faith is because we are not on fire with The Lord. A large portion of the church is like the Laodicean church spoken of in the book of revelation, cold nor hot. When a believer is really passionate in his/her relationship with Jesus you cant stop them from witnessing. Now to the unbeliever! I have lived in many states throughout this country and have talked to many people and have heard many things concerning Jesus, religion, and the church and I know for a fact that nearly everyone that live in this country The US has heard about Jesus. We hear about Him on tv, the streets, family members, books, etc. all throughout this country there is at least one church in almost every community. Its not that a real large portion of people that live in America have not heard about Jesus and sin and salvation etc. Most people who have heard and are not saved is because they dont believe and many of them are comfortable in their sinful lifestyles and they look at the church as being hypocrites.


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