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Are you planning to give an intvitation this Sunday? In this five-minute video Steven Furtick shares his insight into what makes a powerful invitation during your Easter service. (Watch Part 2 here.)

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  • bobjohnson

    Amazing. I wonder why the entire world isn’t evangelized by now? Oh, that’s right, it’s because Christians are too busy arguing amongst themselves like this.

  • Le prophete de Dieu

    Why are some shocked that the unbelievers are brought in the church ?
    It is not fair to assume that the Church is only for believers.

    Is it the action of inviting that seems to be unscriptural or just the presence of Gentiles in the church ?

    Let us try to define the word Church.

    What is the Church? When we speak of
    the Church, there are two meanings to this.

    The first meaning is : The Body of Christ, the invisible Church which is the sum of all the redeemed of all the earth. This church is not physically at a given place on earth . It is invisible and only God knows the members. God knows His own . It is the Church that will be raprurde during the Return of Jesus Christ plus all the dead in Christ. In the midst of this
    spiritual church , we can not find unbelievers . And no one can invite an

    1 Thessalonocians 1 :4 talks about this mystry of the invisible

    This is what the Lord was talking about in the Scriptures :

    The second meaning of the term Church is the
    assembly of all those who meet physically in a given place at a given time . So
    is there any local assembly which includes not only believers members of the
    invisible Church , but also called unbelievers or nonbelievers . In this
    general sense, the church is a mixture of true believers and unbelievers disguised or not. All that is called physical church on earth is necessarily such a mixture.

    Sciptures :
    The word ‘church’ in the NT can talk an (small or large?) group of believers : Rom 16:5
    , ” Greet also Church which is in their house ” colossians 4:15 ” Greet the
    brethren which are to Laodicea and Nympha and the church which is in his house

    This is what the Lord spoke about in the scriptures : James 2 :2 Suppose , in
    fact, that comes into your assembly a man with a gold ring , in fine apparel ,
    and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment ;

    1 Corinth 14:23. If so , in an assembly of the whole Church ,
    all speak with tongues , and there come in men unlearned, or unbelievers, will
    they not say that ye are mad ?

    The word ‘church’ in the NT can talk an (small or
    large?) group of believers : Rom 16:5 , ” Greet also Church which is in their
    house ” collar 4:15 ” Greet the brethren which are to Laodicea and Nympha
    and the church which is in his house

    Therefore, we see clearly that in
    a local assembly , there must unbelievers , curious visitors can enter
    themselves or who are invited by a Christian who wants to give someone the
    opportunity to live family warmth of the local church , plus the word of God.
    Through this opportunity , many have given themselves to the Lord and chosen to
    part of the people of God willingly. They became members of the invisible

    Do you
    really think God will condemn those who
    helped others to come to Him through this invitation in a church, supposed to
    be the most the most
    welcoming place on earth ? Within the meaning of ” local church , what is
    the Church? Is it not the Church a family where someone can invite friends from the world, who are destitute, orphans, widows , once come , may give their lives to Jesus Christ.

    Matthieu 13 :28-30

    He saith unto them, An enemy hath done this. The
    servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them ?

    No, he said, lest gather up the tares , ye root up also the wheat .

    Let both grow together and until the harvest , and at harvest time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to burn , but gather the wheat into my barn.

    According to that word of God and according to our practical experience in
    spiritual warfare, in a church, there can be worldly people, pagan people, hiden wizards even singing in the Choir or leading the church. But one thing i kwnow is that Jesus promised : « … I will build my Church, and the Gates of Hades will not overpower it ».

    Jesus is
    talking about the invisible Church.

    So dear brethren, let us leave ourselves led by the Holy Ghost in straightforwardness.

    It can be very dangerous for someone to be in
    the church as a true christian and ignore that there weeds inside, while Jesus assume it clearly.

    I humbly think , inviting the unconverted in the church it is a process of evangelization that God does not disapprove . Quite the contrary. So let’s not argue about these things and let us move forward in supporting each other and learning from each other.

    The most important thing in this Easter season , is fleeing far from corruption, immorality and proclaim the Risen Savior to our loved ones who die for lack of knowledge, either leaving the church to go out to evangelize , or inviting them to our church meetings.

    God bless
    you all.