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What do the people in your city think of “community”? Where do the moms, young professionals or 50-year-olds spend time in your city?

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  • just a church planter

    So very on point – addressing the problem of form over function – often a Churcher will say, ‘Well they aren’t sincere about God if they don’t want to come to church/hymns/pews/whatever.’ Well, yeah, the aren’t or they are but can’t you give them some time – I mean, how long have you been in church and are you doing everything right yet? Do you even witness/tithe/sacrificially serve the poor/whatever?

    I am often caught in the tension of focusing on a ministry that trains people to go out into the world where people are and the desire of Christians to have gatherings that they hope will attract people and grow… I know we should not expect a harvest without planting – and for a long time successful, attractional, highway churches have been harvesting where the Church at large has planted in the long ago past. But the harvest is depleting and our evangelism seems more like gleaning nowadays. So do I chuck the whole gathering thing and focus on scattering and planting and am I insane to keep giving into my beloved churchers to have events and hope people will come. Or is there a way to do both after all?

    I think often of this but Tom gave me some new perspective. Would like to hear more.

  • Panegyric

    There needs to be a revival in the Church before there is a revival in the community. Like Bill Bright said, less than five percent of pew sitting Christians are saved. Therefore, the best missionary field is the Church.

  • Erin Norwood

    Wish the video had commented more on solutions. Thanks for sharing


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