Christine Caine: God Has Chosen the Foolish

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God has always used unusual and unremarkable people to reveal his glory. Are you qualified?

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  • isaac donkh

    very powerful message god bless u

  • Rev. L.B.Angam

    Really really great, it’s so encouraging to me and add strength for my journey ahead. God bless

  • Rev. L.B.Angam

    God bless you my sister,

  • William H Smith

    That woman sure did say it! Thank you Lord for inviting regular people to do your extraordinary will. The list of foolish people you use just keeps on growing. I am on that list and enjoying every bit of God’s grace.

  • Dolores

    Awesome, just awesome…raising my hand to say I qualify!

  • amer hallasa from jordan

    iam proud of you and him i am on that list too .when i am zero and he is 1 =10 .

  • R Rivera

    Great and well said!

  • Alfred Vance Droddy

    Please email or post this on face book. Can you imagine how many lives that may be changed? POWERFUL. TRUTH!!!!!!

  • Lynette S Nicholson

    Amen thank you Jesus for using this foolish child of yours HALLELUJAH

  • PastorRenaPerozich

    Awesome video.

  • Rock

    Awesome Message!! I believe GOD will raise up an army of unqualified fools for Jesus in this last hour.

    I believe we can all have a SUN STAND STILL day!! Even if our faith is as small as a mustard seed.

    If we release it and act on it I believe GOD will use it and us for HIS glory!!! Amen!

  • Gerald Johnson

    That was truly uplifting….The Whole Truth and nothing but. She told it. “Let us boast in the Lord”, Amen to that!!!

  • Simon Siziba

    Wonderful its the truth which needs neither addition or subtraction. Very powerful message.

  • Lena

    I love it!!! Is the best I never had. I love this video. Keep doing, please!!!!!
    God bless you!
    Mrs. Lena

  • Jerry

    Thank you my sister in Christ!

  • Helen

    I was really moved by your video. It gave me goose bumps!! Praise the Lord!


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