Waitress Gets $500 Tip — Watch Her Priceless Reaction

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When Aaron Collins died, he had three requests: 1) To repay his parents any debt he may have owed, 2) To give a homeless person money, and 3) To leave a really big tip for a waiter or waitress at a pizza place. 

Watch the priceless reaction of this waitress when she receives a $500 tip!

In a surprising twist, after people watched this first video they continued to make donations to aaroncollins.org. Since then, Aaron’s family has given away a big tip 43 times and counting. 

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  • BAH!

    won’t play

  • CC21


  • RetiredAirman

    What does this have to do with Jesus? We’re so sick as a Church that we worship mammon (money) and preach its gospel, even on “Church Leader” sites. So sad.

    • SteveC

      It’s called generosity & Jesus was generous all the time…

  • Brenda

    I think this is wonderful , and shame on you who are booing it ! You will never know what Jesus can do with this ,and Thank God,He doesn’t Think like we do !