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Every year, many pastors fall because of a moral failure—rarely is a doctrinal or ethical failure.

Mike Minter of Reston Bible Church in Virginia: “No one ever plans on failing, but people do. It usually comes from very small, subtle compromises along the way.”

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  • Bill Baldwin

    Every pastor and church leader needs to watch this. One of the most excellent presentations I’ve seen.

  • Don Diehl

    . . . and as one, let me add: it takes years — the rest of you life to try and get back just some of what you’ve lost.

  • Terry

    Well said – great points – solid truth. I think there is another, (there are many) reason why pastors experience moral failures – it is a way out. Inside, we (I am one) are so stressed, so undervalued and under appreciated that we want to run away, but we can’t. We have few if any who would understand and feel like we can’t talk honestly with anyone. We create the altar ego, the broken person and have a hope that we will get caught and relived of our duties. It is twisted, but so is having your lover text you on Sunday morning. Thank God I haven’t gone there, but after 20 years in the ministry, I have no stones to throw at those who do. Stress causes us to do weird stuff.

  • Alan Kirkham

    Excellent one of the best topic I have seen for a long time. How do I see more on this subject ?

  • Pastordanc

    He talks about a series…is there a teaching series with this?

  • Jorge

    Great theme… Finish well what a challenge. Question how can I get that series Moral discernment?

  • Kimberly

    FIRST THING…. change wording…
    when there is a person in authority/ lawyer/ counselor/ minister… it is NOT an affair!

  • disqus_5T2jXBEN10

    Interestingly if the Bible was a film it would include Cain brutally killing Abel Lot having sex with his daughters, Noah drunk, naked and cursing his son, many gang rapes, genocides, David killing women and children having an affair and murdering a brother.
    are we not supposed to read the Bible? Christianity is not dependent on what we dont do, but on what we do. When we follow Christ we delight in righteousness and seek His righteousness then we do not seek sin or unrighteousness. Delight yourself in the Lord and He gives us the desires of our hearts.


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