7 Requirements to Be a Leader Today

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Leadership requires more than knowledge. Here are 7 things leaders today must have.

To be a leader today requires more than knowledge …

Especially today.

Here are 7 requirements to be a great leader today:

You have to be adaptable. 

Things change fast these days. Real fast. You must lead a team that responds accordingly.

You have to be moldable.

You must personally change fast too … or you’ll be left behind.

(This doesn’t mean you have to change your values, beliefs or convictions. In fact, that will work against you these days. People would rather be on your team and disagree with you some—difference of opinion is more acceptable today—than for people to think you are whimsical in what you claim to believe. This is actually one culture change that can be a benefit for the Christian leader.)

You have to embrace a team approach.

There are no Lone Rangers today. (By the way, he wasn’t alone either. If I had a helper like Tonto and a horse like Silver, I’d have myself a winning team.)

You have to consider social responsibility.

People want their individual work to make a difference. They also want the place where they spend their time, whether paid or volunteer, to make a difference.

You have to think bigger than today.

Tomorrow is coming quicker than ever before, and people are looking for leaders who can provide competent direction and consistent encouragement.

You have to be willing to serve others.

People will no longer follow an autocratic leader. They are less loyal than ever. If you want to remain their leader, you must prove you care for them personally. Trust is more important than having all the answers.

You have to allow others to receive credit and assume authority.

It’s what attracts leaders to your team these days. They want to feel they are playing a part in the team’s success.

It’s what’s required in leadership today. I realize this brings some unique challenges for spiritual leaders. We have a message and faith that is unwavering … and needs to stay that way. I certainly don’t intend to change my message.

As Christian leaders, though, we must understand the context of culture in which we find ourselves. The way we lead, motivate and recruit people has changed. If we don’t recognize that, we will be less successful in accomplishing our God-given assignments.

Thankfully, and I know I need this … where we are weak … He is strong.   

Ron Edmondson Ron Edmondson is a pastor and church leader passionate about planting churches, helping established churches thrive, and assisting pastors and those in ministry think through leadership, strategy and life. Ron has over 20 years business experience, mostly as a self-employed business owner, and he's been helping churches grow vocationally for over 10 years.

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  • Gary

    Great thoughts but shouldn’t the number one requirement be to get into the word and have a solid prayer life.

    • misa.fiji

      Yes indeed, I believe the contributor is stressing on everyday and moving with time leadership………..

  • Osmond

    “Nice” secular business management ideas. BUT to lead a church or ministry without holiness, solid bible knowledge and a sound prayer life will not cut it.

  • Jim Watson

    These are 7 requirements of any kind of leader today. To suggest that the list is (or should be) exhaustive is absurd.

  • Steven Leapley

    The title was not requirements to be a Christian leader…..it is to be a leader…across the board…. A Christian leader cannot be successful leading a group of non believers trying to lead them with an outspoken Jesus approach….try letting a SDA lead a bible study at the local evangelical church…. The point of this article is leadership. Putting leadership in culture is a challenge all of us face…. Too often we ‘default to conservative ideas’ that when developed were radical at their time and often considered heretical (Remember Luther was called a Pro-testant – and against the mainstream Christian movement at the time). When was the last time your church got all dressed up in suits and ties and had a successful engangalistic crusade with the Hell’s Angels? Probably more effective having some tatted up sold out for Jesus guy who is a recovered addict have more success.

    The point is that these are great principles that the non-believing world lives by..principles that most of the people sitting in our pews lives by. It is a cultural standard that helps bring about authenticity and responsibility even before we open our mouths…. Just sayin

  • Dan O Donnell

    Ron, I have read enough of your writings to know that you are a man who values the spiritual side of things: Bible reading, prayer, etc. The things that you listed above are also spiritual in nature. They have to do with accomplishing our ministry. Good material for thought!

  • victor akansake

    i think it is well said but how will i be able to overcome obstacles along the way?

  • Fred Vanosdall

    the principal leaves two messages (1) citing all the capabilities of the leader and (2) citing a team with whom the he shares responsibilties, is that correct? If Edmundson is a soloist, that’s a Christ like role, but if he means a disciple’s role then others may shaere in the teaching and related activities required in the ministry of Christ’s message..

  • Tyrone Abercrombie

    People tend to follow other who are able to stand on great values and are great listeners

  • live_for_god2009@yahoo.com

    I think that this site is very helpful and is helping me become the leader for Christ..

  • live_for_god2009@yahoo.com

    I meant a leader for christ..

  • live_for_god2009@yahoo.com

    I agree we should all have a prayer life and get into God’s Word everyday..


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