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"MacDonald's 'Unspoken Sermons' truly provide a chance for a person to more closely love God and humankind."

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Download this free eBook in PDF format, Unspoken Sermons by George MacDonald. 

From CCEL, “Throughout, MacDonald is more concerned with a person developing a love of God than developing dogmas. That is, MacDonald’s sermons are more concerned with doing the will of God than believing true things about God. Though MacDonald’s approach to theology is not the usual one, nevertheless the results are astounding. Many readers feel they are being swept into the presence of God upon reading these sermons.”

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  • Scott Dossett

    C. S. Lewis considered MacDonald his “master.” His writings have profoundly impacted my own view of God and Christ. 19th century writing can be a challenge for some, but I highly recommend it to anyone.

  • bobk226

    E book is not free


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