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What is the Future of the Megachurch?


Will megachurches fall out of style, or will they adapt and remain as viable as ever?


A post on the CNN BeliefBlog quoted a religion professor in saying that megachurches will soon be like “abandoned retail stores on the edge of town” because of their expensive maintenance and because young adults want more “intimate” worship experiences. The author of the blog, John Blake, said he also considered the number of scandals surrounding megachurch pastors and the necessity of lean economic times.

However, Scott Thumma, a religion professor at the Hartford Institute and an author and specialist on megachurches, disagrees. He says the economy hasn’t harmed most megachurches so far, and “megachurches, in part, grew because they were adaptive, innovative and resourceful.  They, and their leadership, have a great ability to evolve.” Thumma says much of the criticism directed at megachurches comes from envy. People like to beat up on the big guys, says Thumma.

What do you think? Are the days of the megachurch numbered, or will they adapt and remain as viable as ever? Offer your comments below.

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