Paula White Breaks Silence on Scandals

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Popular charismatic pastor Paula White spoke to thousands last week about the investigations and public scandals that have plagued her.


At the 2011 Pastors and Leadership Conference in Orlando last week, Pastor Paula White of Without Walls International Church finally spoke out on the scandals and investigations that have plagued her and her ex-husband Randy White over the past several years. As reported by The Christian Post, White spoke for two hours to thousands of listeners, saying she “came to put the devil on notice … I’m getting my dream back, I’m getting my prophesy back, I’m getting my vision back, I’m getting my anointing back, I’m getting my strength back.”

White’s troubles began with an IRS investigation of her ministry and personal finances in 2004 and continued with a church split, her son’s drug addiction, the loss of her stepdaughter to cancer, her divorce in 2007, accusations of an affair with televangelist Benny Hinn, and a federal investigation of her organization’s spending by Sen. Charles Grassley. White said the experiences left her health and her marriage reeling, victim to the “lies” that the media was printing about her and her ministry practices.

But White’s address encouraged all those suffering through trials to continue the fight to overcome. “I have a word to those who have all odds stacked against them,” she said. “You’re about to get your bounce back.” She also preached that “people of righteousness” must “stand up and say, ‘We’re not going to allow this.’ … We pay taxes. We work hard. We do it by the books. We have integrity. But you’re going to make a public misery and mess out of it like something’s wrong…” She commented bitterly that her ministry gave millions to local and international missions work in 2007, but the investigators wanted to fight with her over expenditures of $50,000 or less. White said the church should recognize “six ministries for fighting for the body of Christ for saying, ‘We are not going to let you dictate to us how we interpret Scripture.'”

The conference was hosted by Bishop T. D. Jakes and included speakers like John Hagee, Bill Hybels, I. V. Hilliard, Charles Blake, and Dave Ramsey.  

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  • Tadooley

    Why is she speaking at a Leadership Conference? Why is she given this platform? From a biblical perspective she is not qualified to lead. From the information given, her divorce was not biblically based. I personally don’t see in the scriptures where women are to be pastors either. Even if the scriptures allowed for women pastors, can she claim at this point that she is “blameless.” She can blame the devil all she wants, and the devil may have had lots to do with the temptation aspects of her problems, but it all comes down to yielding to the lusts of the flesh. Galatians 5:16 by the way cures that (look it up). All who participated in this conference with her need to get their discernment radar fixed. It sure makes me wonder as well who would want to listen to anything she has to say. It goes back to the plague of the current “chritian” culture. Who ever can draw crowds and sell merchandise will be put on a pedestal. How sad. Christ followers are to take up their crosses and humbly be servants. Christ followers repent of their sins.

    • Armonie07

      I need you to define the word BLAMELESS in the scripture….it does not mean free from BLAME find the true meaning of the word in scripture….then that mean u must be free from any blame also!!! DO A SELF CHECK!!!

      • Tc

        oh sis fart! stop taking up for that jezebel! She exhibits her lust and is a self promoter. She makes me want to throw up! Try the spirits thats gone out into the world. Satan knew the word of God well too. The church is in the biggest mess its ever been in. Some parts of it any ways. The main stream that ppl see. And they reproduce after their own kind, We have quantity but not quality. May the spirit that was in Christ Jesus be also in us. I hope Paula gets put in the laity. She doesn’t belong in leadership

    • Sung Kim

      I don’t know who you are Tadooley but you speak the truth! Thank you for calling it the way you see it (which is obviously based on God’s Word). Praise the Lord for discernment!!! False prophets will get theirs.

  • Drolandgs

    She has learned the real lesson of being in the Christian culture. God forgives but Christians never will. I have never, in all my life, ever met a more judgmental, unforgiving, haters of anyone “not them” money worshiping, “woman hater” “I am so Holy” people than Christians. Nobody wants to be around you because it is never longer than an hour before you reveal your bigotry and judgment and hatred. You will deny it with all your being, and that makes it so much more hateful.

  • Reconciler

    Study the words love, forgiveness, redemption, and restoration carefully. Let’s face it we all have done wrong at one time or another. Just because her leadership has come into question in recent years, justified or not, her ability to still influence can not be denied. She can still inform people of her leadership failures. The knowledge gained through failure is equally as important to our personal development as future leaders, as is knowing the successes!

  • Tc

    Satan can impress ppl too! Don’t take up for her wrong life and thinks she can live above the scripture. Her divorce was not scriptural! She’s not allow to make up her own rules. She needs to be a example to the flock. Let God correct Paula white