7 Things Leaders Should Never Apologize For

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Perry Noble calls church leaders and pastors to go big for the Kingdom.

1. Never Apologize for Dreaming Big.

He’s God … He wants more for the church than we want for it … ask big!

We have a HUGE GOD who can do things that are absolutely MIND BLOWING … and if we focus on HIS POWER rather than our limitations, we will always be willing to hear what He says and then do it … even though we don’t have all of our questions answered.

2. Never Apologize for Your Passion.

I once had a guy tell me, “Dude, I think you would be more effective as a leader/communicator if you would just calm down a little.” 

Here’s the problem … I can’t!

Jeremiah 20:9 is my verse … Jesus began a fire inside of me on May 27, 1990 … and it’s only gotten hotter. You can be consumed with passion … or be content with being passive. One, Jesus will use to change the world … the other, the enemy will use to dull your soul.

3. Never Apologize for Wanting to Lead. 

If you are called by God and gifted by God to lead … THEN LEAD! Here’s the deal … someone is going to make the decisions. Someone is going to call the shots … and if that is the call that God has put on your life, then DO IT!

By the way … when you do this, it IS going to make people mad. AND … if you can’t handle the fact that people ARE going to hate you simply because you try your best to listen to Jesus and then do what He says … you may not be called to lead!

4. Never Apologize for Not Embracing Someone Else’s Agenda.

You have got to understand that, as a leader, if you experience any level of success, other people will always want to attach themselves and their agenda to you. I often tell people, “Your burden is not my passion!”

As leaders, we are responsible for embracing God’s vision for our lives … not everyone else’s!

I am not saying everyone else’s idea is bad … or even wrong … it’s just that you can’t embrace something that God didn’t truly birth inside of you … and doing so will only lead to personal frustration and your organization trying to manufacture energy for something that they hate!

Perry Noble Perry Noble is the founding and senior pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. The church averages 26,000 people during weekend services at multiple campuses throughout the state. Perry is a gifted communicator and teacher, convicted about speaking the truth as plainly as possible. God has given him a vision and a passion for helping people meet Jesus, and each week he shares God’s word and its practical application in our daily lives. Perry, his wife Lucretia and their daughter Charisse live in Anderson, South Carolina. You can read all of Perry’s unfiltered thoughts about life and leadership at PerryNoble.com. Don’t worry, he holds nothing back.

More from Perry Noble or visit Perry at http://www.perrynoble.com

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  • http://profiles.google.com/hitch.on.the.loose Justin Hitchborn

    Funny…I was thinking about how very “Perry” this sounded when I was reading it. Right on, bro! Watch your stuff online all the time! Your preaching really inspires me as a church leader.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z7GMTWXF3W7RKZ4I2FJC7AESWM shadow

      I still want to know if Noble can be fired as pastor at Newspring. NO. He OWNS it. Tell me he isn’t building his own kingdom. Do some research, see for yourself.

      • http://profiles.google.com/hitch.on.the.loose Justin Hitchborn

        You ever hear him telling people to take his word of those of Jesus? Until then, I am pretty sure it is Jesus’ Kingdom he is building.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z7GMTWXF3W7RKZ4I2FJC7AESWM shadow

           Go to his website and listen to his sermons. In one, he told the people that if they have a thought, just a passing though, of a woman, that Jesus hates them and they are not saved. He told them they are not saved. Is THAT Jesus’ words???? Perry Noble has NO right to judge anyone. That job belongs to God. He even admitted that some got up and walked out. I am betting that those who had the courage to walk out were the real Christians.  Noble is a self righteous narcissist who thrives on being “leader”.  He has no right to judge who is saved and who is not. It is there, if you care to listen to him.

          • http://profiles.google.com/hitch.on.the.loose Justin Hitchborn

            Look, I’m not gonna be involved in yet another online argument about anything, let alone what some guy thinks of another guy. I’ve watched plenty of his sermons (which I stated in my very first comment), but there are a lot of them. I am not going to waste (yeah….waste) my time scouring his every word for something unbiblical. Warts and all, his church is showing a ton of fruit and the fact remains that he is an inspiration in our time. Maybe instead of trying to tear him down online, you could go into your prayer closet and intercede on his behalf. Unless of course you want him to fail, in which case I’d say go into your prayer closet and intercede for yourself.

            Peace be with you.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z7GMTWXF3W7RKZ4I2FJC7AESWM shadow

            He thrives off people like you. Trust that everything he says is true, biblical. If you cannot be bothered to simply spend a little time listening to his on line sermons, your problem, not mine. It is there for anyone to listen.

          • CC

            I haven listened to many of them Shadow, and I have learned a lot about leadership and following the Holy Spirit because Perry has been faithful to do what God has called him to do. His leadership podcasts speak much truth through Scripture. We need to stop tearing down each other within the kingdom and fight the true enemy. God bless you.

          • Nyasha Kwangware

            thank you

  • Ryan Nix

    But always apologize for belittling people when your leadership cost people time in serving you. Always apologize once you’ve see you have an EGO bigger than humility. EGO is not beneficial quality for a leader. Apologize just to show weakness, unless His strength is not needed. Someone who apologizes in an oddly high pitch might not be listening, but humility will come. A leader without a revelation of weakness can’t grow. 

    Next time thing more balance in an article like this before clicking post. Build your own kingdom… but the kingdom of heaven is waiting.

    Because an article like this is a license to crush people in the wrong hands.

    • Dave

      Ryan, I knew someone just like you. He was always looking for ego in leaders; always promoting weakness as if strength and confidence were indicators of tyranny and hence could not glorify the Lord. I am very aware that leaders who fail to examine themselves are dangerous to both themselves and to those they lead. I also know that many leaders are being bullied into believing that if anyone takes offense at their leadership, it indicates a spiritual deficiency on the part of the leader. There are many “consultants” in the Body – neither called nor gifted to lead – who see their purpose as making leaders to conform to their own standards and views in an attempt to placate their own, more hidden egos and agendas. Your response reeks of smug condescension, which is a more insidious form of pride, because it is almost impossible to convince someone suffering from it that they truly are. “Build your own kingdom?”. Please leave heart judgments to the Lord and criticize leaders when they run afoul of the Word – not when they deviate from your opinions of “good” leadership.

      • debra roland

        Oh please. Have you ever listened to Noble’s preaching? He is a narcissist with a penchant for dirty words, trying to be “hip”.  

      • Mar Komus

        “Ryan, I knew someone just like you.” Yep. That’s right, Ryan. You’re nothing new. I’ve got you so pegged I could hang my my hat on you. I’m going to tell you to not make heart judgements, but look here, son, I got you all figgered out.

        Please, Dave. Your response reeks of the same smugness and pastor’s ego protection Perry’s article coddles and strokes. You make heart judgements about him and then tell him not to do it?

  • Ely_of_Cinci

    “I am not saying everyone else’s idea is bad…or even wrong…it’s just that you can’t embrace something that God didn’t truly birth inside of you…and doing so will only lead to personal frustration and your organization trying to manufacture energy for something that they hate!”
    Can’t say that I agree; I believe God speaks to me through other people.  I can certainly embrace and support something God has birthed in someone else…and still lead.

    • Jacobs

      But Moses embraced what was not birthed in him but birthed in Jethro.

    • Kc

      The article did not say not tosupporting something God has birthed in someone else, but for his own ministry, vision and calling. (groan) Usually instances of SOMETHING ‘Speaking through other people’ we see in the Bible is not very encouraging. In the very beginning Adam was misled, Moses had to disregard Miriam and Aaron’s ill advices, Abraham birthed Ishmael because of his wife’s ill advice he also might have thought ‘This must be God’s voice.’ Because problem is God did not reveal your calling to other people, God did not tell Sarah about the promise, but with all the good intentions of Abraham, it could have been he wanted to make his wife happy too. I’m afraid that is the underlying thought behind this reasoning ‘It could have been God’s voice’ just because you want to make it easy on everyone else.

    • Kc

      The blind beggar could have thought ‘this could be God’s voice telling me to shut up, and stop shouting for Jesus, so maybe some other day this will happen to me, I have to listen to other people, may be God’s speaking through them’. Thank God he didn’t. How many instances we see in Jesus’ ministry people getting deliverance and healing because they just wouldn’t be dissuaded or diverted! Thank God they weren’t. Praise God Jesus had to resort to calling Peter ‘Satan’ because he was not speaking in line with God’s plan but against it, and against the way of the cross, in the ways of man.
      We should lend an ear to advice from trusted sources, but the decision and dealing with God is yours, not theirs, and most of the time they generalize, while God is personalizing each one’s call and ministry.

  • Kingolaaina

    The article is perfect.The key is just balance.We must be able to recognise when a idea from another person might be a way of god speaking to us.

  • Vasant

    I liked the thought. It gives inspiritation and challange. Thanks for  it.

  • Ekmgroup

    I am a little bit offended and amused at the harsh criticism of your beautiful and humble sentiment.  I don’t know you at all.  I just know the truth when I read it. I am a pretty discerning guy.  I only endorse what rings true.  I find you to have a pure heart and a unique perspective.  It’s refreshing.  You have a stranger in your corner. :)

  • Ericka

    I failed 7 but still here to get it right….

  • osamu

    My is a question, should a leader use the alter to belittle his workers who has faithfully served under his ministry?, should people’s names be mention from the alter for correction? should possition be change from the alter without the other peoson in that office being imformed  before the change?.i see you are an expact in this feild.please i need some answers as lot of people are in pain due to the attitudes of some leader.

  • Jacob

    I am a bit worry about point 7, because sometimes saying ‘no’ may seem as if you are against what the spirit is saying through the the person

    • bygracealone

      Or, more likely, to the spirit of the person talking through the person. Been there.

  • Akinkunmi Akinsanmi

    Great , all leaders need this

  • Ronald McClarty

    thank you so much I really need this at this time in my ministry

  • Dawn

    While there are elements of truth in this article, this type of mentality in leadership has gone far beyond what is helpful in building the gifts and callings of ALL of the Body of Christ (not just the “leaders”) in recent years and opened the door for great abuse of power and neglect of the corporate calling of the entire Body. It is time for balance. I have grown weary of this kind of leadership grand-standing.

    • Nick117

      Totally agree, of course sometimes these points can be apply, but let’s make sure we always keep a good judgement over a situation to see if maybe we have to apologize or not.

    • bygracealone

      Perhaps, Dawn, but he also provides a much-needed antidote to the fear that many young Timothys feel. There’s a closer connection to fulfilling God’s Kingdom and working one’s best, loving God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength than we who put too much wrong thinking into ‘waiting on God’ tend to believe. That requires a close relationship with God and a fearlessness toward making mistakes, and I think that that’s mostly what’s being encouraged here. Grandstanding is of course, wrong, but what does it take to be a Moses (as opposed to Aaron) or a Paul (as opposed to, oh, John Mark, or Peter until Pentecost) or a Peter (after Pentecost) but just this fearlessness? Let us keep close watch on our hearts indeed, but then serve Him with all of it.

    • Phil

      Are you a pastor? or a lay minister? pastors need to step up to the plate and play ball. I am in a church where my predecessors allowed “church body ministry” to be the all in all. The pastor is not to be an enabler only. He or she is to be a leader/shepherd. He/She will be held accountable by God for the shepherding of the church.

  • Pastor Paul Nyende

    Thank you very much for these words of encouragements, Am good at dreaming big but I thought I was not doing the right thing.But now am encouraged,God bless.

  • dominique

    am a young preacher,i thought that my calling should flow the way of other seniors.
    i thank you for these words that encorage my heart. the passion that burns inside to serve the lord is from the holy ghost. i will never again feel down when God speaks his words through me for the growth of the body of christ to please the agenda of those whom the word of God convicts. 2 timothy 3:16. god bless you all. people are perishing lets work for the body of Christ and those who are encomfortable with the word, repent and ask for a fresh outpouring from the HOLY SPIRIT. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • http://www.lifegiving.co.uk/ Carwyn

    I like this guy!

  • wlpack

    Wow! I have been praying for help on this topic.
    In our town there are 6 other churches, one particularly aggressive church, that believes to grow the church you must attract members from other churches, has started a men’s ministry and cannot understand why we do not send a contingency of men when they have their monthly meetings at that church. I am sure that this is a great outreach tool to fill their men’s department. I wish they were trying to fill it from the Baptismal Pool, not the other churches current member’s pool.
    I see the minister of this program about once a week and he always asks why we do not help them in this ministry. I have told him that it is not our ministry, now I will remind him if it truly is his calling then he should pursue it, it is not, however, our calling; we will not pursue this. Thanks!

  • Pastor Victor Philips.

    this is good and encouraging, may God continue to fill you with more inspirations.

  • Berdine

    See the need fill the need is what we always say to someone with ideas and work for everybody else except them.


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