Top Eleven iPad Apps Used by Pastors

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16,000 tech-savvy pastors can't be wrong: do you have these important tools?

Based on a Twitter survey of 16,000 followers of my website,, here are the most-used what apps on pastor’s iPads. The results are in no specific order.

  1. YouVersion:  This app got mentioned the most. It’s one of the best, if not the best, Bible apps out there. Also, the YouVersion folks are always improving it. The iPad version is the default Bible reader for most folks and it works extremely well. Be sure to check out all the reading plans offered in this app too.
  2. DropBox:  This app got mentioned a lot as well and it’s one of my favorites too. Many people mentioned that this is how they get their preaching notes to their iPads. Certainly this is a must-have app.
  3. Splashtop / VNC / LogMeIn : I’ve lumped these all together because they basically do the same thing. Each of these apps lets you control your desktop or laptop computer remotely. I’ve only used the LogMeIn app but it’s certainly rock solid and has never failed us. While the app is very pricey, I highly recommend it.
  4. Evernote:  This certainly is a must-have app for anyone that uses Evernote and, frankly, Evernote is something every pastor should be using to capture thoughts, ideas, creative sparks, meeting notes and the like.
  5. Zite:  This app is a personalized magazine that learns what you like the more you use it and helps you find new items of interest. This app was bought by CNN this year for a lot of money so they must think it’s something special. I haven’t tried it but I’m installing it right now.
  6. Wunderlist:  This is a simple, put powerful, task management app that syncs with the wildly popular site of the same name. For a sexy task management system that works well on both the desktop and every other mobile device you could think of this app/system is for you.
  7. Agenda:  This beautiful app is a calendar replacement that looks like a work of art. It’s sleek and minimalistic and works hard to show you just what you need to see from a calendar while on the go.
  8. Accordance:  This is the iPad Bible app for Bible scholars. Beyond just reading English versions, you can also access commentaries, study aids, and perform complex searches in Greek and Hebrew.  It also offers Bible encyclopedia style photographs of ancient lands and objects.
  9. Omnifocus:  Omnifocus is a mac-only task management system with an almost limitless number of options and capabilities. This app is the mobile version of that desktop app.  Omnifocus has been around for ages and has a very loyal following of users. The iPad mimics the desktop experience well while taking advantage of unique iPad abilities.
  10. Penultimate:  This app lets you take notes or sketch as if you were writing on paper.  The iTunes description says that it ”gives you the fast, tactile gratification of writing on paper, with digital power and flexibility.”
  11. uPad:  This app is another handwriting and sketching app. It looks to be slightly more robust than penultimate as far as the feature set goes. I haven’t used either but I’ll give them a try and write some reviews later.

Are any of the apps you use on your iPad missing from the list above  If so, leave a comment and let us know.

Tony has been a senior pastor for over twenty years and a techie for longer than that. His first computer was a TRS-80 (how's that for tech cred?). You can follow him on twitter at @tonymccollum

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  • Shamichael Hallman

    Great list! I’ve recently added the OnLive app that gives you access to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

  • Northsidepastor

    Another great app is Blue Letter Bible ….great tools

  • Growinggreenlc


  • Dan

    I am loving using “Prayer Trainer” – it’s been brilliant to help me and the church pray. Everything else just tells you what to pray – this app actually leads you through a personalized prayer time – keeps you focused, engaged and helps people experience the joy of prayer.

  • Will

    I would add the ESV Bible app which is superb, and I also use FaithLife which come from the LOGOS stable, great for keeping the church teams in sync.

  • Jill

    I would add Notability to the list – it’s my go-to app. You can import .pdf files and then make notes and such. You can import photos (or take them straight from the app) or simply write as if on paper. As a children’s pastor, I can import my lesson notes (provided by the curriculum) and make my own notes and highlights to help me remember key points. I also use it for reading .pdf versions of books – instead of simply highlighting and making notes as in Kindle, I can manipulate it like I would paper. It has the best writing recognition I have found, easy to write with a stylus or a finger. When I attend conferences I use it to take great notes. I use it for staff meetings – I can import the agenda and then I can print off the notes or share them from the app. Very similar to Evernote, with a writing feature. It is this app alone that kept me in and Apple tablet and away from an Android version when a decision was being made – I use it that much.

  • Aaron

    Producteev is a very good and FREE task manager that can share and collaborate with others on the team. It has a Mac and iPhone app, but no iPad app yet. The iPhone app can be installed on an iPad. A budget friendly version of Wunderlist.

  • Craig Spofford

    Great list. I am going to pick up at least one. I have used most, or a variation on a theme, but one thing I found needful was an app to notate pdf docs without it being evernote – which I have never personally liked that much as it just didn’t gel for me. Good Notes has helped me here, and it can work for virtually anyone. As I also play bass on my church worship team, I can notate in music, and then easily switch to my sermon manuscript and make notes there as well. All of which can be exported back to dropbox with my notes now visible, or simply viewed in Good Notes.

  • Rachel Stocker Allen

    i gotta say, i def see that this list is right on! i use about half of these, and now I’m gonna check the others out :)

  • Tim Loyal

    Pocket sword. Esword for ipad and iphone. Greatest free resource ever. Commentaries from spurgeon, Wesley, greek, and much more. You would spend thousands to have it all in a library. What does anyone use for accounting and tax receipts for Church donations

  • apolonio tito, jr Clemente

    How do I get these apps?

    • Randy

      you should return your ipad

      • zionaspraise

        Randy you should repent…LO soooo loud at your comment!


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