9 Reasons Your Leadership Must Be Social

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Leaders must be willing to jump in and embrace a new reality of social engagement like never before.

It’s imperative that you are “social” in your leadership and influence today. A new reality exists, and as leaders, we have to be not only aware of this, but also willing to jump in and embrace a new reality of social engagement like never before.

Here are a few thoughts on Social Leadership:

1. Social Media = Influence.

Bloggers, Tweeters, Facebookers, and social media junkies are now the normal outlets to tap into for getting the word out. I’ve seen this the last few years with everything from new movies to new books to new conferences. These leaders are being sought out not just for their networks, but also for their endorsements. It’s a new era. Exponential influence in ways never seen before is happening through blogging, tweeting, facebooking, pinteresting, etc. Digital mavens are shaping what we are listening to, reading, watching, and learning.

2. Social Entrepreneurs

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A new wave of leaders has emerged. Leaders who combine business savvy with charitable endeavors and social innovation. Scott HarrisonCharles LeeBlake MycoskieJamie TworkowskiLaura Waters Hinson, Eugene Cho, Jeff Shinabarger, Kohl Crecelius and Jason Russell just to name a few.

3. Social Accountability

Leaders are constantly being evaluated in today’s culture. You can’t hide anymore behind a position or title. Leaders are being held to a standard never seen before because of constant media- video, flip cameras, blogging, twitter. Your leadership has constant real-time evaluation. Especially well-known leaders. And authenticity is crucial. Being honest, genuine, and real is important for continual influence.

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Brad  Lomenick Brad Lomenick is Executive Director and key Visionary of Catalyst, a movement of young leaders. Over the last 15 years, he has built a reputation as a key networker and convener of leaders. Prior to running Catalyst, Brad was involved in the growth of the nationally acclaimed Life@Work Magazine and did management consulting with Cornerstone Group. More recently he has served in a number of roles for INJOY and now GiANT Impact. For several years after college, he rode horses for a living on a ranch in Colorado, and was even struck by lightning while installing a barbed wire fence, which some believe has given him powers equal to several of the Super Heroes. He hopes maybe someday he can be a professional golfer, or have his own hunting show.

More from Brad Lomenick or visit Brad at http://www.bradlomenick.com

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  • Rsickler29

    I admit a few of your points are valid. But, most of what you advocate sounds like you want a church leader to be just like the rest of the worldly leaders.  You also forget the most important leadership attribute … be solidly connected to your power source: the Holy Spirit.

  • jamin wekhomba

    lam happy because of your  teaching guide .

  • Vzim44

    What in the world does Zappos have to do with the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and His church? Is this “another Gospel”?

  • lencho

    this is kind of weird?

  • Pastor Roger McCarthy

    Brad your article is right on.  I am a Disabled Pastor and now work from home 8-9 hours a day, 6 days a week on FB, Christians groups, Pinterest, and other ways.  I have over 85 people now from 33 countries who are hungry for the gospel and it’s growing.  I just started in February.  Many people around the world don’t have churches but they use their cell phones for FB and Twitter to receive the gospel.  All churches need to get ahold of use Social Media.  God bless,  Pastor Roger McCarthy

  • Astumpfamily

    This is a terrible article for a website dealing with Christian leadership. Only God works in and through us as we follow Him to be true leaders. Our ways (the world) are not His ways. The Lord lifts up the humble and puts down the proudful. We will only be leaders if we put our faith and trust in Him, walking with Him daily, praying, and letting others see Christ in us, the hope of glory.

  • Omukaalex

    This is a terrible article. We must strive to base our leadership styles on the Bible Teaching. Is the writer a Christian? The writer could be addressing another audience, may be not the church. 



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