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3 Lies that Will Wreck Pastors


All of us believe lies in our lives, and those lies shape us. The trick is uncovering these subtle lies and embracing the truth.

Saturday night, I started a series on 2 Peter. One of the themes of 2 Peter is combating the lies that we believe.

All of us believe lies in our lives, and those lies shape us.

Lies that we aren’t good enough, strong enough, that I owe God, that we can be in control, that God doesn’t love us. Lies like these shape us.

Pastors believe lies as well.

I know that might be a shock, but as I was standing in front of our church, I shared for a few minutes some of the lies that I as a pastor combat.

Lie number 1: What happens at Revolution is because of me.

All pastors know this isn’t true, but we easily believe it is.

You can tell by their mood after they hear how many people were at church, what the offering was like, how the kids’ ministry went.

Much of what they feel about their sermon is based on what they can read on people’s face, the connection they feel or lack thereof.

Lie number 2: God loves me more when I preach.

It’s getting closer to summer, and I always take a few weeks in a row where I don’t preach.

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As I get closer to it, this lie is starting to creep up. I love preaching. I feel like God has gifted me to do it, and I love using this gift for His glory. It is an honor.

But it is easy for me to feel that God loves me more because I preach or that I feel his presence more in my life when I am preaching.

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Josh Reich

Josh Reich

Josh Reich is the lead pastor of Revolution Church in Tucson, AZ, the author of Breathing Room: Stressing Less & Living More & is passionate about helping people not settle in life and miss all that God has for them.

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