3 Core Post-Election Issues for the Church

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Randall Bach urges Christian leaders to address three contemporary issues: Sanctity of Life; Same Sex Marriage; Illegal Immigration.

The American electorate has spoken, reelecting President Barack Obama to a second term. If you voted for President Obama, congratulations, your man clearly won. I want to visit with Bible-believing Christians who did not vote for President Obama. Now what? It is time to prayerfully reflect on our choices and responses about core issues, how we listen, how we speak, and to whom we look.

Core Issues

The church must speak boldly, but lovingly, concerning issues that are core to our biblical interpretation. Although there are many contemporary issues that are of core importance to us I want to address three.

Sanctity of Life

We have made great strides in framing our position as for life rather than just against abortion. We must continue to sharpen our focus on the sacredness of life, that life is a gift from God to be valued, respected, and honored. The pulpits of America spoke forcefully about the sinfulness of slavery. When Abraham Lincoln signed the act freeing slaves it was not called the abolition of slavery proclamation, it was called the Emancipation Proclamation. We are for more than the abolition of abortion; we are for the emancipation of unborn infants whose lives would be terminated. We must continue to contend for life.

Same Sex Marriage

We have our work cut out for us. Same sex marriage advocates have been stunningly effective, over a relatively short period of time, in framing their cause in civil or equal rights terms. It was as recent as 1996 that Congress, on a bipartisan basis, approved the Defense of Marriage Act, and President Bill Clinton signed it into law. What a rapid descent since then! Americans, painfully aware of our history when the rights and dignity of people groups were abridged, abused, and denied, are vulnerable to the misapplication of civil rights to same sex marriage. When successfully framed in constitutional rights terms, judges are persuaded to ignore centuries of a commonly understood definition of marriage. America is in the process of washing away any definition of marriage, which means not only are same sex unions increasingly recognized by states, we are also removing a rationale or case for denying any other relational aberration of marriage. As we erode a commonly accepted definition and standard for marriage, how can we also not sanction polygamous marriages and virtually any other union?

Just politically and legally resisting the same sex marriage tide may leave the church with a marginalized voice, not unlike the largely ignored Papal edict regarding birth control for Catholics; it is mostly passed off as irrelevant. Bible- believing churches need to begin taking a page from what we have learned about our battle for unborn infants – we must contend for Holy Matrimony, not just rail against same sex marriage. As we reach the stage where government

Randall Bach Randall Bach serves as president of Open Bible Churches after over 40 years of diverse leadership experience with Open Bible. He has served as vice president, executive director of church ministries, executive director of communications, and director of Christian education and youth for Open Bible Churches, president of Open Bible College, and executive director of Eastern Region Open Bible Churches. Randall earned a Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MOL) degree from Regent University and was recipient of the Outstanding Project Award from Regent’s School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Randall and Barbara, his wife, are partners in ministry with hearts to “build up the body

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  • Rev. Joe Parramore

    As a pastor, I find it reprehensible that the writer would suggest, that if a person voted for the President they are not Bible believing Christian.

    • Pastor Tim

      I have to agree. My theology degrees and my years of preaching the word of God apparently vaporize with my vote for the President. I scanned the article, but with an opening paragraph like that, I’m not going to waste my time reading words written by someone bent of tearing apart the Body of Christ.

    • truthinlove

      I read it too, and I don’t think that is what he was saying.

  • MTNimrod

    I don’t think it matters whether you voted for the president or not. The church is not a political body. The mission of the church is independent of political context. The message of the church is not a political speech. Instead of promoting political activism, let’s preach Christ and Him crucified.

    • Robert

      I agree with you to a point. The problems this country faces need to be taken care of in the churches. If we do that, the rest will take care of itself. Having said that, it’s hugely important who we cast our votes for.

  • Tom

    I have been in fulltime Christian ministry for 25 years. I’m multi-denominational in my theology and ecclesiology and have cross-cultural missions experience in three different ethnic people groups. I’m multi-cultural in my sociology. I’m a conservative constitutionalist in my politics. I’m an American by birth, a citizen and a veteran of the US Navy…but I am first a sinner saved by grace holding to “Biblical truth in my eternal convictions”. The God of the Bible is the author of LIfe and a keeper of His covenants. As His image bearers we are no less obligated to protect and support all measures that honor life and its relational parameters. We have a very clear mandate to honor God in how we replicate His commandments, His design for procreation and to be covenant keepers is a given not a suggestion.
    The Church’s mission is political. It is first the “kingdom of God”…it is also within us and we are a Body to be as salt and light in the world. The crisis of our national economics is leading many to think “purse” instead of “righteousness” (which exalts a nation). The influence of the Church as a moral force is without question discernable by anyone who knows history. No question or doubt that corruption and failures belong to the abusers of the “ideal” of the church-body-politic. The fact remains our mission includes being dual citizens. Jesus and Paul made that clear.
    I fear not only the world’s postmodernist interpretation of relativism has deluded millions, but I also fear that when I hear those who name Christ as Lord find fault with truth bearers who want to articulate the clear and obvious mandates as “divisive” I sense that same relativism has creep into the Church. Divisions are caused by compromise and indifference to the revelation of Scripture. This has happened before when man’s logic turned into reasons that became corrupt traditions. I stand with Martin Luther who stated the famous words that launched the Reformation…”..my conscience is held captive to God’s Word, it is not right nor safe to act against conscience. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me” (1521)

  • Randy Jackson

    Lost me at his first point; the vast majority of “bible believing” churches in this country DID NOT speak up for the abolition of slavery, as they again did not for Civil Rights issues in the 60’s. Churches that we would consider “liberal”, in fact did. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the VAST majority of black evangelical Christians voted for President Obama.

  • Pastor Sam

    78% of evangelicals voted for Mitt Romney as exit polls state. This is a sad statement of how evangelicals weren’t able to understand the belief system that Romney lives by. He did everything he could to deceive this group. The following short list is a few of his deceptive practices aimed at Evnagelicals:
    1.He didnt tell you he believes you are part of a false apostate church needing conversion to the one and only true Church, mormonism
    2.He didnt tell you that from 1993 until 2004 he supported gay rights and abortion.
    3.He didnt tell you that your view of salvation is totally inadequate and needs some of his occultic rituals (proxy baptism for the dead) and vodooism (believing Holy Spirit is revealed through wearing magical mormon underwear).
    4 He didnt tell you that he is a polytheist embracing AdamGod,jesusGod,Holy Spirit God and FatherGod, and that Father was once a man that progressed to Godhead.
    5.He didnt tell you that Joseph Smith is reigning with father God now and that Smith has veto power on who gets into get heaven.
    6.He didnt tell you that His Church is a Satanic Cult that blasphemes God weekly.
    7 He didnt tell you that he conned Billy Graham into supporting him by using empty God words and slogans that found resonance with a 94 year old man…and that Grahams whole hearted endorsement( ignored his tax evasion,draft evasion,occultic and vodoo practices,marginalizing 47% as useless to him with the catch all phrase).. Romney is a man with moral character.
    8 He didnt tell you that he finances missionaries every year to eliminate the entire evangelical church through manipulative prozelytizing.
    9 He didnt tell you that he believes Israel will not build the new Jerusalem in Israel because his cult believes it will be built in the USA..and the prophet Jesus will return to Missouri…also the mormon Church will rescue America when it is near destruction (White Horse Prophecy)
    Evangelicals believed mistakenly that God cant bless a man that violates certain beliefs and commandments (Obama) but they forget God selected King David even though he knew that David would be an adulterer and a murderer..David had a heart for God and that was more important than moralistic musings. Obama is a professing born again Christian that needs the education and healing from the body of Christ. Christians who repeat nonsensical labels and false witness against President Obama need to get on their knees and not on their damning pulpits. God commands this. God is the Agenda not abortion,gay rights,racism or his own people. We should vote for the candidate that ackowledges a Holy God and not one that blasphemes his nature and Character. He will not be mocked..He will not be denied..His Glory is the goal.

    • Jen

      I agree with Pastor Sam. Very discouraged that this magazine would allow this article.

    • Robert

      I am an evangelical that voted for Romney. I was already aware the points you made and have never been a big Romney “fan”. But he was clearly a better choice than the alternative. Romney was much friendlier to issues important to Christians. He is not the candidate who spearheaded a vote in the Illinois Senate to kill babies that survived botched abortions. He is not the candidate that is trying to force people of faith to do things that they believe is immoral. He is not the candidate that has subscribed to “black liberation theology” which is Marxist and anti-Bible. He is not the candidate that has abandoned Israel. He is not the candidate who has bent over backward to favor Muslims over Christians.

      I would much rather have an evangelical Christian as President, but then again, I wasn’t voting for the nation’s pastor.

  • Bernhard Muenchsdorfer

    You have an in Depth knowlrgr that rivals Pat Robertson’s. Obviosly, you beleive in a god who says no. I’m referring to what passes for church and Bible study in the U.s. You don’t have a clue how politics works, which makes me sad as we are’IN THE WORLD,BUT NOT OF THE WORLD’. Do some research next time. Sinncerley and with great regret,, Bernhard H. Muenchsdorfer.B.A.,B.S.,M.A., M.R.A.,Phd.


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