Pastors Andy and Charles Stanley–A Story of Legacy

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CNN wrote a fascinating story this week about preaching giants Andy Stanley and father Charles Stanley and their legacy, conflict, and missions for God.

CNN ran a story this weekend about the saga of Charles and Andy Stanley, two preaching giants who have settled on two different paths in doing the Lord’s work. As the story was told, after a Southern Baptist upbringing, Andy realized his father’s unspoken dream that the two would work together at First Baptist Church Atlanta, where Charles had preached for years. Andy took a youth pastor position at his father’s church, and his talent at preaching was evident. Andy grew to become the pastor of the church’s first satellite. But a church conflict related to Andy’s parents’ divorce would also bring a conflict between father and son, and the dream would come to an end.

Andy took a lesson from Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, IL, and began to incorporate a mission of reaching irreligious people disinterested in traditional church with the message of the gospel. When asked if he was competing with his father at the time, Andy answers, “Not intentionally, but I felt like what we were doing was better.” A short time later Andy would leave First Baptist and form North Point Community Church in 1995. It would be twelve years later before Charles would ask Andy to preach in his church.

Read more about this fascinating story on and in Andy’s new book, Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend.



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  • Ryan

    I’ve downloaded several of Charles Stanley’s sermons. He’s very good. Didn’t know about an Andy Stanley. Guess I’ll have to look him up and give him a listen or two. As far as the news story of Stan’s and Andy’s relationship problems and Stan’s divorce. Hey, Everyone has thier problems. No big deal. That’s life.

    • Samuel

      To bad the Stanleys like mainstream preachers are false prophets Jesus warns about in His teachings..they are preaching the traditions of pagan rome, with the traditions of man being elevated to being Gospels…Jesus warns about this when He said..follow the Commandments of God, and NOT the traditions of man….these mainstream preachers have to start preaching and observing God’s true word from the Gospels…and quit following easter, dec 25th, sunday, etc..these are all pagan in nature non Biblical, and and offence to God…try following God’s commandments all ten of them…Jesus said “if you love me keep my Commandments”….time these snake oil salesmen preachers learned that..

  • KKS

    Like the split between Paul & Barnabbas, sometimes this leads to both parties engaging in different ministries and more people being reached. Blessings to them both

  • ounbbl

    Power – yeah, it corrupts, hurts, saddens, -shames, and wounds – both sides, powering and powered ;-<

    Only self-giving and self-denying love from God enables us to get healed and to heal others and create life and bring joy.

  • CarlaFlemings

    It is evident that there was a greater plan from the beginning. Sometimes great ministries are birthed out of pain. I have enjoyed Charles Stanley ministry for more than 15 years and just started following Andy Stanley last two years. I have been so blessed by his ministry too. The Bible tells us that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Since Andy followed his own calling more people have been reached for the sake of the kingdom and for that I say, “Bless the Lord!”


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