Israel-Hamas Clash Kills 97, Injures Hundreds; Egypt Attempts to Hold Talks


Although there is no end to the fighting over Gaza today, Egyptian officials are "optimistic" on cease-fire.

CNN and The Christian Post reported no end to the fighting over Gaza today as Israel and Hamas continued their air offensives for a sixth day. Palestinian health officials have estimated 97 killed and more than 700 wounded so far in Gaza; Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said, although he does not desire escalation, he is “not afraid of it.” Israel is showing preparations for ground invasion with tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers deployed toward Gaza on Saturday.

Egypt’s intelligence official Mohammed Shehata hosted talks with both sides this weekend with no clear conclusion, but a participant in the talks expressed optimism that a stop to hostilities was possible.

The U.S. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told the media this weekend that Israel will decide “their own military tactics and operations,” saying that President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have talked every day since the fighting started. The U.S. says the fighting began because of Gaza’s targeting civilian areas in Israel.

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