"Two and a Half Men" Star Says Show Is "Filth" on YouTube Video

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The teen star of the popular CBS show pleads with viewers not to watch.

The teen star of CBS’s Two and a Half Men Angus T. Jones has published a YouTube video begging people not to watch the show. As reported by The Blaze, the actor, 19, has been on the show for 10 years but now says he no longer wants to work on it, warning viewers that it is “filling your head with filth.” The video was posted by Forerunner Christian Church in California, a church Jones recently joined. The video also includes Jones’ testimony.

Neither CBS nor show producer Warner Brothers Television have commented on the video. Watch the full video below.

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  • Islanderwaab

    Praise the Lord for this young man and for his convictions! In all my years of watching t.v. I’ve only watched a part of this particular sitcom and yes, I remembered that it had lots of sexual innuendos imbedded throughout its script. I guess this is why it ranked number 3 in popularity. Sex Sells.

  • Celcerut

    I’m sorry, I can’t follow you! Too much ‘you know’ and ‘ummm’ and half sentences repeated.

    • PastorCarla

      I agree. It was a bit excruciating to sit through at time. Thank God for the fast forward button.

  • PastorCarla

    While I applaud Angus’ awakening, in the wake of Sheen’s melt down, Angus took an incredible risk telling people to not watch the show. And voicing his opinion that he doesn’t even want to be on the show was a career limiting move. I’m not sure if he was fully aware of the impact of his statements. He is only 19, young and immature, but excited about his new found faith.

    Sheen thought he was untouchable and the executives showed him that he could be touched by firing him. It is no surprise that they put some pressure on Angus for his comments that left him with no choice but to apologize lest he be fired or even yet in court where the network would be suing the young man. Angus, I would leave you with this, “Be wise as the serpent, but innocent as the dove.”

  • http://twitter.com/crakru Craig Krueger

    This young man spoke from his heart. Thank God for his willingness to speak up for his faith. I believe he does recognize the consequences, the consequences of his contract with the show and the consequences of not testifying to the truth of God growing within him!

  • Judy Chartrand

    Angus I am so happy that you opened up, about your belief, and I am happy that you have recognized who God is, and that this is the way you plan to travel in your life.
    It is not where you were, but where you are, and where you are going. God put you where you were for a reason, and now you can be a encourager to others.

  • Judy Chartrand

    I’m so impressed with your honesty, and humility. You are so inspiring, giving all the credit to God. And you are right, we cannot serve God, and the world. We all, as Christians, will have the same pressures, but we are stronger when God is the one in control. I can see, that you know, it is all about God.

  • Proud of You

    I Agree that the show has become very filthy. We avoid watching it and don’t like our teenage son watching it either. It is very disgusting and sets the wrong tone in healthy relationships. I appreciate that Angus Jones is speaking against this show. His part in it was tainted by a terrible father figure and an extremely disfunctional family that led a young teenage boy to take the wrong road with female relationships. This show should be banned.


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