Phoenix Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer

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Living Streams Church gives people a chance to be prayed for without even leaving their vehicle.

Living Streams Church in Phoenix offers a drive-thru prayer service to passersby, giving people a chance to be prayed for without even leaving their vehicle. Prayer volunteers stand outside the church waiting for drivers to approach. When they do, the volunteer completes a prayer request form, then prays with the driver. Pastor Faith Cummings says “Some people have a number of things they want prayed for, so we just pray for whatever their concerns are.”

Cummings says the number of people requesting prayer has increased lately, perhaps due to world concerns, the economy, and the pressure of the holiday season. Volunteers say they pray for about five people per day, and the booth is open from 3:30 to 5:30 PM. Cummings says donations are not accepted: “We just say thank you for stopping by, please stop by again if you’d like, and let us know when God answers your prayer.”

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