Yahoo CEO: God Comes Before Business

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Marissa Mayer, young CEO of Yahoo, said her priorities are "God, family, and Yahoo–in that order."

In her first public interview since taking the position of CEO of Yahoo, Inc., Marissa Mayer told a conference audience in southern California that in her life, her priorities are “God, family, and Yahoo—in that order.” Mayer has not specifically talked about her faith and has mostly avoided the media, and at the Fortune Most Powerful Women event in Palo Alto, Calif., she referenced Vince Lombardi as the inspiration for the statement and explained that it was the ruthless pursuit of these priorities that has kept her from interviews and public speeches.

Before her appointment as CEO of Yahoo, Mayer, 37, was a long-time executive of Google. She currently is the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company in the nation. Yahoo currently has over 700 million users and a number of popular products, including email, sports, and news sites. The company’s stock is up nearly 19 percent since Mayer took over last summer. You can read more of her speech at the conference at The Christian Post.

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  • Scott Dossett

    I’m glad to hear that. I wish I could hear similar sentiments from Christians and church leaders: “God, family, church… in that order.” And no… church is not the same as God.

    • PVM

      I wonder why you are so consistently negative when it comes to Christians and the church? I don’t normally post here but do occasionally read the articles and comments and have noticed that you never pass up an opportunity to castigate and judge believers as somehow not measuring up to your standard. I agree that not all who call themselves Christians are Biblical believers and many that are can be too judgemental -still, your constant negativity seems to serve no purpose other than to make you feel superior. Back it down a bit.

      • Scott Dossett

        I can appreciate your observation and willingly acknowledge that some of my comments might be on the provocative side. However, I’m not at all opposed to the Church. In fact, I love the Church very much and have a lot of positive things to say about it too. My own personal ministry endeavors arise from a calling and desire to help damaged people *reconcile* with the Church as a whole. However, reconciliation requires that both sides acknowledge their faults and failings. Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of the latter in certain circles.

        I am far from superior to anyone, brother. I would simply like to challenge church leaders (that being the title of this webzine) to critically examine the “standards” they are demanding of others (both inside and outside the church). I won’t attempt to justify my occasional frustrated tone. But reflect on how such comments may have affected you. Now read through many of the articles and comments on this site and consider how the “negative” attitudes reflected in them present Christianity to the rest of the world. Is there a need for criticism? You may find that my own negativity is relatively minor, it just doesn’t always line up well with the majority opinion.

        • alhatesreligion

          Well said scott, I enjoy your comments, they keep the conversation real and they often challenge us to explore our ideas of Church. Some of the posts need to be examined and a rebuttal is often appropriate, especially when it’s from brothers like Driscoll.

  • Josh Reading

    I applaud this lady for putting God first. However I do question the western obsession with linear priorities. I don’t see that in scripture at all. I do see “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and then…” (Matt 6:33). The point in life is to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness in every sphere of life we move, in our work, in our families, in our churches. People that tend to try and split Church from God, and from family and family from work etc are normally setting themselves up for idolatry at some point when they prioritise family or work over God. Looks nice on a white board but life does not work that way. Put his kingdom and righteousness first. PERIOD.

    • Scott Dossett

      Very well said. Though we humans do tend (out of necessity) to think and act in linear fashion, so some measure of delineation seems necessary. We have a limited amount of time to be designated to a broad spectrum of activity and relationship growth. Decisions and priorities have to be made along those lines. Personally, I am opposed to the American Church’s drive to keep people so tightly embedded in church activities and culture. It keeps people from pursuing the Kingdom of God in the world around us.

      • Peter Mahoney

        To a certain degree, that would depend on the activities. If church “stuff” keeps people from engaging the world, then I absolutely agree. From my experience, ministry and missions done at the large/small group levels should be catalysts that drive the individual to be doing those things on a familial/individual level as well (the most difficult area to impact).

        It may also be necessary to state that ministry/missions done individually is not “better” or more “valuable” than those things done corporately. Living missionally must include all 3, just as it did for Christ.

    • Amy777

      i agree! God should be the center! :)

  • wayne

    I wonder if that means she’s a tither and a cheerful giver.

    • Peter Mahoney

      LOL… if she’s looking for an outlet, I can send an address. J/K.

  • Peter Mahoney

    Before we all jump on the “Hooray! A celebrity/CEO believes in God (As if celebrities and CEOs make my faith any more justifiable or better). I would ask which God? The God of the Bible or another god? Maybe one she fabricated for herself? Believing in God is not Biblical Christianity anymore than believing in Santa Claus makes me an elf. Even the Devil and demons believe in God… and tremble.

    The criteria for being Biblically right with God has always been repenting of sin and placing faith and trust in Jesus. Many “celebrities” claim God at the various award shows only to follow it up with dropping a few “F” bombs and drinking/drugging the night away. Hardly the actions of a Christ-Follower.

    If this individual is a Christ-Follower, we can rejoice that God has placed one of His daughters in a place of influence and responsibility. We can pray that she would influence and impact the world for the glory of God.

    • Jayson

      Good call Peter! Right on.

    • alhatesreligion

      I hardly think anyone’s faith is grounded on what a celebrity faith is. I do know for many “Christians” the the rising and the setting of the sun are determined by what their favorite TBN celeb says and does. I agree we should not jump on her band wagon, I don’t think this is what the article is asking.But it is refreshing to hear someone putting God first. I would caution you to not be so critical of those who claim to have faith but don’t live up to your standards, let’s examine our own lives and see if there be any wicked way in us. None of us are poster children of the faith-all fall short, even those who are born again.

    • ChicagoSoxofWhite

      I believe you have misheard the true word of the Lord . The true belief is that you are redeemed from your sin. For it is by his faithfulness that we are made righteous(right standing with God). As the lord said let he is with out sin cast the first stone. We must not forget the true enemy and his nature and not condemn or throw stumbling blocks in front of our fellow Saints (people of god, consecrated) .So I wouldn’t necessarily say these are not the actions of a follower of Christ for there are many of our brothers and sisters who are in bondage to such sin , temptation, and influence. To say they are not acting as they could or should is another argument all together. We must come to the conclusion that we were all forgiven at one time for allllllll of our accumulated sins when we allowed Christ to enter into our lives, well mine at the very least so that we can not only show them that they can be loved/forgiven/justified regardless can only strenghthen our own faith and remember to stay humble…..for none is truly deserving of salvation…but anyways may the Lord watch over and behold all those who strengthen themselves and stay themselves on the staff of righteousness that Jesus Christ(messiah, anointed-on) and trust in him with all their heart and lean not unto their own understanding but the Lord thy God and may he keep you as well giving you all the grace you need to carry on through the day. In Jesus (Yashewa- Joshua *NIV) name amen.

  • Christopher Pope

    This is very rare to hear but it is time to put him in everything the laws need to be change well she can’t fire her self from her own we need to hear more buisness say the same as she said unless they are scared of something???

  • Nora Gray

    I am glad that you are stand up for God. The lord will blessed you in many way. Now if all Christians would take a stand.This would be a better world. May the Lord keep you and blessed you.
    Thank you,

  • Benedict

    I commend this lady for her priorities and her absolute fearlessness in articulating and practically structuring her life and Yahoo under such an order. I am inspired and will gladly continue to support Yahoo.

  • whereisyourrod

    Simply admirable to see a CEO honor GOD thru her priorities explain GODs blessings in her life! The FEAR of GOD that is glorifyingas expressed in her priorities that is to be emulated by our national leaders in particular and the whole world reading Yahoo!

  • seemoregreens

    as an employee of yahoo, I also commend my CEO on her leadership.