Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker, Passes Away at 86

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Devout Christian Zig Ziglar inspired millions with his straight, homespun talk and clever way with words.

Motivational speaker and devout Christian Zig Ziglar died on Wednesday at age 86 from complications with pneumonia in a hospital in Plano, Texas. The Los Angeles Times called him a “deep-voiced motivational speaker whose clever way with words inspired millions to stop looking for shortcuts to success — and instead earn it the old-fashioned way by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.” Pastors everywhere frequently quoted Ziglar and his straight, homespun talk in their sermons.

Ziglar, a World War II veteran, became the top sales person in several organizations before striking out on his own as a motivational speaker and trainer. He always credited his success to his Christian faith and his supportive wife, with whom he celebrated his 66th “honeymoon” this week. Christian leaders including Dan Cathy, John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, and T. D. Jakes mourned Ziglar on Twitter this week.

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  • Ruben C

    May he rest in peace. His books have been a blessing to many individuals, including me. May God bless his family with comfort and peace at this time.

  • Christopher Pope

    God has used him very well in his journey may god bless his family..

  • Jed

    I pray he was saved!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.ayeoribe.3 Joseph Ayeoribe

    His conversion testimony never leaves me without a fresh decision about change. Mind you, spirit never dies so he’s gone the way of other true spirit.


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“God has spoken life over you and not death over you.”