Isaac Hunter of Summit Church Resigns, Admits Affair

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The pastor of Summit Church in Orlando confessed a "moral failing that has made it impossible for him to continue in ministry."

Pastor Isaac Hunter of Summit Church in Orlando, the son of megachurch pastor Joel C. Hunter, resigned his position this week after admitting to an affair with a former church staff member. John Parker, on behalf of the leadership team at Summit Church, sent a letter to the congregation explaining that Hunter’s “moral failing has made it impossible for him to continue in ministry” and that Parker would be taking on the role of Lead Pastor.

“I understand the responsibility of leading us through this time alongside my fellow pastors,” wrote Parker, “and I will be gladly supporting our staff and volunteers as we follow Jesus together … If you are wondering what to do, please pray for the Hunter family during this time, help to protect the space around them, and avoid gossip as much as humanly possible.”

Robert Andrescik, a spokesman for Summit Church, told The Christian Post, “We are all hurting right now, and we don’t have all the answers to fix the hurt. But we know that the vision God has given Summit hasn’t changed, and will not change. God has been the head of this place from the beginning, and it’s God who builds His church.”

Joel Hunter is a noted evangelical and senior pastor of Northland, A Church Distributed with 12,000 members. He is also a board member with the National Association of Evangelicals and occasional spiritual adviser to President Barack Obama.


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  • brianmaddox

    again. sigh….

    actually, this just makes me pay more attentiion to my own marriage and my own weakness. there but for the grace of God…

  • Sondra Jenkins

    I truly appreciate the humility and the respect for the office and mantle of pastor that allows Bro. Hunter to proactively step down, and allows the congregation to graciously accept that resignation. Truly, the grace of God and the blood of Jesus covers all our sins; but WE must respect the holiness of ministry leadership responsibilities with which we have been entrusted, and have the humility before God and the respect for His people to relinquish those responsibilities if we can no longer represent the standards which are represented by the office. I join others in prayer for Bro. Hunter, the former staff member, the congregation and community of Summit Church, and all whose lives, hearts and/or spirits have been wounded by this unfortunate situation.

  • Cast the first stone

    What can a man in any loveless marriage do?
    Everyone’s so quick to blame Isaac but it takes two.
    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
    And this woman was scorned.
    He wasn’t going to end the affair, so she did what she could to destroy his credibility in the eyes of the public.
    I’m sorry but being married is not a guarantee that u will have anyone- even a prominent pastor- for life.
    It takes work to keep a marriage alive and healthy.
    Clearly, the man found something special with another.
    But what causes anyone to stray in the first place?
    Think about it.
    I see Isaac re-building his life, with another woman by his side….
    probably is another state. And probably in a different field.
    And I wish his well.