The Top 10 People Christians are Better Than

Like Us

Christians should be the least arrogant and least self-righteous people in the world.


Two weeks ago I preached a sermon titled “Why are Christians so intolerant?” Or to put it a different way, I tried to give some answers to why so many people think Christians are intolerant.

It certainly wasn’t an exhaustive list, but I thought this particular answer was a great start to the conversation:

Because we are jerks. 

That’s it. That’s why a lot of people think we are intolerant.

Because we are jerks.

And why are we jerks? Because so many of us (myself included) feel morally superior to everyone else.  

And why do we feel morally superior to everyone else? Because we feel like we have a leg up on people who are not like us. 

Now, I’m positive no one will put that as their Facebook status, but come on now, peeps, be honest: You believe, deep down, you have a leg up on the people at your work who don’t believe in God, don’t you? Deep down, you believe you are better than them.

I know you probably don’t own a “better than you” T-shirt (if you do, please let us know so we can pray for you), but I bet you’ve got neighbors, classmates and friends to whom you feel superior. I bet you’ve got some non-Christians around you who you feel better than because your spiritual resume trumps theirs. 

Can I tell you something brother? Sister? You are not better than anybody. Let me say that again.

You are not better than anyone.

I don’t care how many songs you know, how much you go to church, how many verses you’ve memorized, how many kids you’ve adopted, how much you’ve given to the poor or how many people go to your church.

I don’t care if you’re so spiritual that angels wake you up every morning by whispering hymns in your ears.

You are NOT better than anyone, and neither am I.

Sammy Adebiyi Sammy grew up in Nigeria. He is currently the Young Adult Pastor at North Point Church. He's also a national speaker for The Mocha Club. He lives in Ohio with his wife Ashley, daughter Bebe and saint bernards MJ and Milo.

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  • Dino

    So true.

  • Tim

    There’s definitely a superiority complex within the evangelical church. While I wouldn’t generalize and say that everyone has it, we are definitely perceived that way by those outside the church – the research of UnChristian (Kinnaman and Lyons) confirms this.

    One of my favorite things to say from the pulpit is reminding us of that old line, “Christianity is one beggar telling another where he found bread.” Hopefully I do that with humility and not the trappings of my own superiority complex.

    Thanks for writing Sammy – grace and peace to you this 2013.

  • BEN

    Hi my name is Ben, and I was found by Jesus Christ in brokenness and living in darkness thinking I was alright with the world and God. So now I must walk around with sack cloth think of myself as a sinner saved by grace and insult the Death, burial, and resurrection, and the Life blood Jesus shed on the cross for me and all who so ever believe. how the free gift of life that our Father gave to us because of what Jesus did and the constant intercession for the body that Jesus died for does this mean anything to any one. No Sam you and I are not prefect neither are any one in the flesh but we are being perfected every day by the guiding of The Holy Spirit and being comforted by Him. I am so proud of what Jesus did for me, I cannot contain my self that some one Like God would chose some like me to be saved praise the Lord. I refuse to think of my self as a sinner because the the Blood of Christ was shed and all–all of my sins have being forgiving and remitted to be remembered no more by the God of mercy. I suggest to any one that does not believe what I am saying look up the word[ JUSTIFICATION].I AM A SON OF GOD IN CHRIST JESUS. P.S. ONES A SON ALWAYS A SON. PARSE THE LORD.

  • Bro_Mike

    I am not a broken man, the Bible I read said God made me whole. I am not walking around feeling like scum remembering my past sin because I am under the blood and not even God remembers my sins. Am I superior? No. Am I less than? NO! I am a child of God and like Peter and Paul I will go boldly before the people and preach the Gospel.