Epic Bible Miniseries Coming to the History Channel

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Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey are in final editing for their new highly anticipated epic miniseries, "The Bible."

Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched by an Angel‘s Roma Downey, are in final editing for their new highly anticipated epic miniseries, The Bible. The team has been working with the History Channel to produce the 10-hour miniseries, retelling Scripture from the story of Noah to the resurrection of Christ.

The couple came up with the idea for the series based on their lifelong love of Scripture and inspiration from the biblical epics such as The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston. But Downey told The Christian Post that the project itself began with prayer.

“Casting began with prayer,” said Downey. “We had been scouting locations in Morocco and were ‘looking for Jesus.’ Six weeks before filming began, we still didn’t have Jesus.” But Downey and Burnett finally cast Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado, calling him “a beautiful person.” Other actors will include Sean Bean and Nonso Anozie while Downey herself will portray Mary, the mother of Jesus. In addition, Hans Zimmer will provide the score for the film; Zimmer is famous for composing scores for many blockbuster films, including the recent The Dark Knight Rises.

Burnett, best known for producing reality shows like Survivor, The Voice, and The Apprentice, told the audience at Variety’s Family Entertainment and Faith-Based Summit in July that the series was really about “faith and love,” and his job was to tell the biblical stories in an “emotionally connected way.” The Christian Post, after a sneak peek of the film, called it at times violent but visually enchanting.

Nancy Dubuc, president of the History Channel, told MovieGuide.com that a group of theologians and scholars were regularly consulted on the accuracy of the project. “This is probably the most important book in mankind, regardless of your beliefs or religious affiliation,” Dubuc says. “We spend a lot of time talking about this book, and probably not enough time knowing what’s in it.”

The Bible will air on the History Channel beginning March 3, with the last episode in the series airing on Easter Sunday.

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  • Scott Dossett

    I hope this lives up to its potential. I’m really excited to see this!


    I’m not quite sure the value of this series…especially with past revisionist History Channel series on American History and values of pushing entertainment and agendas…but, touched by an Angel was a series, one of the few, that established moral value over worldly value. We could use a few networks that ran sitcoms and entertainment that way…though it would also drastically limit actors and actresses that live that value in their lives also. Seems a lot to ask these days.

    • Joey

      I was @ Catalyst in October where they debuted this by showing us the trailer and some scenes. Looks fantastic. What impressed me was the fact they said it wasn’t their job to give all the details, it was their job to tell the story in a way that compels people to come to our churches. It was our job to fill in the details. They have approached this whole thing as a means of getting the Gospel out. While I’m sure there will be things we could complain about I feel we should get behind this project at least to help create conversations with people who need the gospel.

      • RAMJR

        I do agree, the conversation is getting out. I also agree the sources that are producing this, as I stated above, was of the value that gave us a moral driven series called ‘Touched By An Angel.’
        I hope this is of the same value, and I see no reason it won’t…but the network that is footing the bill, is a noted revisionist source, of American history and Biblical. All I ask is discernment to be used by those that watch this.
        Many ‘churches’ toady, are not of God, and I went to one for years, that slowly compromised (the value of today) in what God commands, warns and instructs, and man takes out of content and context alone, to justify immorality.
        Maybe I look at this from another value, being I don’t want to see sugar-coated Biblical truth, but I believe if more christian realized that the time of the Apostles, those personally appointed by Jesus as disciples, took their stand in their spreading of Jesus, they were rewarded with being thrown rocks at, lives threatened, beaten with whips, attacked, thrown in jails, dragged in the streets, hung, stoned to death and crucified. Much like what Christians in Muslim countries are dealing with today, with the added raping of children to turn from Jesus, laid down with swords at men and women’s necks…and the butchery of many Christians, along with setting fires to churches.
        Jesus even told His followers to arm themselves with protection, to keep harm from one another…unlike the disarming called for today, with agendas and tactics of immorality rewarded today, through political, educational, clerical, judicial and journalistic sources.
        I pray this source wakes up a lot of the ‘Christians’ in this country, that claim persecution…when we have no real clue what that means, and that ‘getting the gospel out’ proves to be a source behind this series, with 95% of what is on cable, not reflecting any value of morality or commonsense these days. God Bless.

        • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.reach Joseph Reach

          The History Channel is just the station that picked up the miniseries – they
          did not produce it.

      • NJ2

        But for the people that do not know the Bible well and watch this show. A lot of things will have to be corrected. Jehovah is an orderly God. So for some people they only believe in what they see. So for people who teach the Bible accurately.. This will cause confusion.

  • John

    Most people dont realize this. But Hollywood was built on Biblical movies. Thats what shaped Hollywood. They just abandoned it.

    • MariposaNoir

      Sounds Like America…Government established on Christian principles, and one can hardly find one in Government now days. 2 Chronicles 7:14…all of God’s people must be praying. Yes, I am.

      • b. johnson

        Wow u really don’t know your American history. America’s founding fathers actually hated religion especially Christianity. Thats why they left Europe and came here cause there everyone was being forced to believe the nonsense that Christianity offers. That’s why they wrote in our deceleration of independence that our government shall never honor, promote or even respect religion. America only became religious cause of the profit government makes off it u dumb asses. Get ur history game up ignorant ass ppl.

        • CGYNewfie

          Religion and Christianity are two different things. Religion tends to divide people but Christianity is about a relationship with Christ. It’s about love. It’s about salvation. Those things don’t drive people away.

        • John

          Obviously an uneducated person, especially when you notice the poor spelling and grammar. Not surprising they don’t understand our history and founding.

        • New Orleans hoar

          Another Atheist that doesn’t know one bit of history, whoopee.

          HISTORY LESSON #1:

          “In 1778, Thomas Jefferson wrote a law in Virginia which contained a punishment of castration for men who engage in sodomy, however, what was intended by Jefferson as a liberalization of the sodomy laws in Virginia at that time was rejected by the Virginia Legislature, which continued to prescribe death as the maximum penalty for the crime of sodomy in that state.

          Prior to 1962, sodomy was a felony in every state” (wikipedia article on the history of Sodomy laws in the United States)

          Not interested in a debate about sodomy; moral implications, what God thinks, what philosophy thinks, what the Greeks think, what you think, what I think, should it be legal, should it not be legal; I just wanna bash your head in with some real history.

  • Eric

    Ok, it is not well done and not accurate so far in episode one. Ninja angels in Sodom aside, there is much added that is speculation or fantasy absent from the biblical record. Further, there are key elements of the Bible wholly abandoned in this “telling”. It is helpful in spiritual conversations only as an opportunity for correction.

    • Shannon Coleman

      First of all you need to be open minded, and sensible, it would take more than 5 shows to tell the complete story of the bible. Secondly, they are doing an excellent job in portraying the bible. You are missing the whole point. Furthermore, it is far beyond just a conversational piece, maybe you should find better people to be around if that is how you are looking at this..I pray you rethink your thoughts..

      • Sfto1

        Shannon, It is unfair to imply that Eric is not being open minded or sensible. While I wholeheartedly believe that we need to extend grace to the storytellers, we must also express a deep care and concern for the viewers. Mark and Roma chose to tell some of the stories within the larger story with either disregard or ignorance toward details.


        They chose to ignore that Abraham was first Abram, and that it was God who changed Abram’s name. A significant event, since it foreshadows the transforming work that God performs in a believers life. Why leave this out?

        Abram was the father of Ishmael, and Abraham was the father of Isaac. Again, if God thought it important to record these details for us, why change them?

        When the angels visit Abraham, they are portrayed more like the Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings, as opposed to imposing beautiful creatures. Why?

        The story tellers omitted or ignored the detail that the men of Sodom
        wanted to have sex with the male visitors of Lot, and that Lot offered
        his virgin daughters to them because what they were requesting was
        wicked. Wouldn’t it have been better for Mark and Roma to include this
        detail, so as to provide the world with some insight into Sodom’s sin?

        It should have been a Ram whose horns were caught in a thicket, not a lamb whose leg was caught in a shrub. A simple detail for a film maker to keep accurate. Why did Roma and Mark choose to change this detail?

        Moses knew he was a Hebrew very early in his life. It was not sprung on him after sparring with Pharaoh’s son. Why did Roma and Mark choose to have Moses seem shocked at the “reveal” since Moses was actually raised by his birth mother until he was returned to Pharaoh’s daughter for adoption?

        Pharaoh tried to kill Moses after he learned that Moses killed an Egyptian, then Mose fled. Why did Roma and Mark choose to have Pharaoh’s son have mercy on Moses?

        Moses lurking/skulking in the reeds spouting some vindictive nonsense and Aaron putting the staff in the water, regarding the plague of blood, is just plain wrong! As God tells it, Moses confronted Pharaoh, and Moses struck the water with the shepard’s staff that had turned into a snake. Why did Roma and Mark tell it so differently? Does God lack the ability to capture someone’s attention? Is it good story telling to portray Moses, a very humble man (numbers 12:3), as a quasi sneaky terrorist?

        Why was the Passover meal ignored in the TV story? My goodness, this is one of the greatest details of the larger story. Jesus himself observes this feast.

        Why did Roma and Mark ignore that Pharaoh asked for a blessing from Moses, and that the Lord has caused the Egyptians to look favorably upon the Israelites?

        Instead of having Moses speak the words attributed to him in the scriptures, Roma and Mark filled Moses mouth with words not found in the text. Also, Moses raised his hand over the sea, he did not slam his staff into the water.


        I am torn! I want the world to know these stories, but is it that unappealing to tell them with the details that God gives us?

        Shannon, please consider that telling a story with important details changed is not really telling THE story. If that is not where Eric is coming from, it is in fact where I am coming from. Please pray that God show you the profound importance of his details, even though we do not understand them.

        • http://www.facebook.com/WilliamAustinII William Austin

          Thank you for pointing all of this out. I have caught many of the details that they have left out or changed and it makes me wonder what their real goal is. Biblical accuracy is important and all of the changes were not necessary. I pray this miniseries helps people to go to their Bibles and read the accounts for themselves.

  • Shannon Coleman

    I am so inspired and excited by this miniseries. Thank you Mark and Roma for creating this and bringing it to our tv screens. I pray this touches so many lives and brings them to Jesus. I also wanted to know who is the actor portraying Moses? He is phenomenal!

    • Shannon Coleman

      Lord I pray you touch the hearts of the ones who do not know you and to please open the hearts and minds of the ones who do and still feel it is necessary to say negative things about what you have compelled Mark and Roma to create for each of us so that we could come to love you even more! Amen.



  • carla

    My husband and I just finished watching the first series of The Bible. We thought it was well done and can’t wait to watch all the series. Thank you Mark and Roma for presenting GOD’s word as it was written in the Bible. Congradulation to you both. Praying people who watch this will bring more people to GOD.

  • Daffany Smith

    To tell you the truth I was disappointed. First of all it was not biblically accurate at all. I was expecting more from the history channel.

    • http://www.facebook.com/WilliamAustinII William Austin

      You are very correct. They strayed from many Biblical facts and then combined others while adding in additional drama that was not in the Bible.

      • Chris V

        Isn’t “Biblical facts” an oxymoron?

        • Coquito

          No, dear. :o)

        • stupidscreenname

          Your thoughts on that depend on where you want to spend your eternity… make sure you choose wisely. Life is a vapor compared to eternity.

  • Michael

    Watched episode one and nearly didn’t recognize the stories. Ninja angels with swords killing folks, showing Sodom as having men and women hanging on each other instead of homosexuals….changing the story to sensationalize and political correctness. What a disappointment.

    • http://www.facebook.com/perry.wheeler3 Perry Wheeler

      Amen Mike I thought the same thing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/akasnowflake Dana Anne Black

      are you really all that surprised!? Changing the “stories” and biblical content has been happening throughout churches for centuries! They change biblical content to suit their own needs! I’m not surprised one bit that movie writers would do the same.

  • billiosis

    It gets an A for effort. There is no great depth in any of the stories
    but that was not the intention of the film makers. This was simply meant
    to be an entertaining parade of bible stories. It succeeds on that
    level. The idea is to make bible stories accessible to a modern
    audience. Think of it as a bible sampler. The production values (for
    basic cable) are outstanding. Serious money was spent here. It is also
    apparent that the entire production from acting, directing, photography,
    music (by the great Hans Zimmer no less) production design are taking
    the material seriously. My only complaint, some of the acting is a bit
    over the top. Perhaps a couple of actors are trying too hard to give the
    subject GRAVITAS. I admit the samurai angel was a tad much. These are
    small complaints

    • http://www.facebook.com/WilliamAustinII William Austin

      If you look into this series more you will see scores of changes that shouldn’t be there. This “sampler” is truly misleading and the changes were not necessary. The Bible is accessible today as it was in the past and it has enough drama where we don’t have to add to it and change it.

  • Kristen Spilman

    My husband and I started watching the first segament of the series with excitement. But as the program progressed, we were sorely disappointed at how they not only left out key facts, but added several story points that are NOT in the Bible.
    Water coming through the walls of the Ark?? Sarah desperately trying to find Abraham and Isaac because she was afraid that Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac?? No cloud pillar during the day or pillar of fire at night to protect Moses and what should have been close to 100’s of 1,000’s of Israelites leaving Egypt??
    I could go on and on. I do realize that they are on a time constraint, but why leave out key facts and more importantly…why ADD stories that are easily checked on and found to be blatantly false??

    • Coquito

      Kristen, my husband and I went thru the exact same thing. We also HATED the gory details of the killings, they could have used a “classy” way of showing battle or fights or killing; they loved their “knives on throats w/gushing blood” a bit too much.
      But the cinematography is very good, and also, the effects. Praise them for that, and for the fact that, maybe … just maybe, the Lord will used this “out of the box” series for His purposes. One can pray and hope.
      Can’t say I would, but If I bought the DVD to introduce the Word to others, I would get it “cleaned up” (go figure–cleaned for TV is a lost art! :-).

    • New Orleans hoar

      Hollywood/media butchers everything that’s ever been written down whether it’s the Bible or Lord of the Rings. Stop acting so shocked.


    The History Channel story of the Bible is incorrect and misinforming people and especially CHILDREN. The story only shows a bunch of white people and no black/brown people who were actually the true race and color who ruled in this part of the world(the EAST), white skin, blue eyes would not have been the majority and still today is not. This story is insulting and hard to watch, you say that this story is to stay true to the spirit of the Bible but you make everyone including JESUS white, when it clearly states in the BIBLE THAT JESUS HAIR WAS AS WOOL AND HIS SKIN AS BURNT WHICH INDICATES THAT HE HAD HAIR AND SKIN OF THE NEGRO, BLACK/BROWN RACE. It just seems no matter what the truth is White people who write these movies and stories will NOT admit the truth, even if it is in the Bible. It is hard to watch and I get sooo angry that racism is alive and well even on the HISTORY CHANNEL, is very sad. I am going to post my comments to as many sites as I can and send letters to Black organizations, Farrakhan etc…to stop this lie on T.V it will poison our children no matter what race they are, a lie is a lie.

    • New Orleans hoar

      3,000 years of white flight, lol.

  • pola

    I thought this was the most accurate mini-series ever made!! Well done. If u know your bible and do the research, they have done a fabulous job on recreating what happened. This series was well prayed for and well done!! Congratulations on a job well done!!

  • saltygirl

    I’m loathe to say anything negative about a series that showcases the Bible, but the makers of this series, have really taken too many liberties with Gods word. They have painted a dramatic and colorful backdrop, but have left the most powerful details out. Why?!! This watered down version of Gods Word, is truly a let down.

  • B. Johnson

    History did a horrible job in portraying the ppl in the bible. I’m pretty sure that people who lived in the mid east 4000 years ago weren’t at all white. The bible itself describes Jesus as a tanned skinned man with fiery red eyes and with hair like sheeps hair. I know that white ppl want Jesus to be white but in reality the bible tells us that he wasn’t at all white. I’ve never seen a white man with hair like a sheep’s ever. Decent show but portray what we read in the bible if ur gonna make a show about it. 90%.of the ppl on that show are played by whites and that’s not at all an accurate story. I’m not at all racist, I know the bible like the back of my hand, and I can guarantee that there were very little whites in that part of the world at that time.

  • Tracy P.

    To All involved with the mini series “The Bible”. I am very happy to see this type of mini series. I can’t wait for Sunday nights to see the next chapter! If I had any way to create this type of TV programming I would. I would start from the beginning, slow it down and include much more of the content from the bible. I do realize there is so much information, hmmmmmm…weekly series? I am not overtly “religious” as in an organized religion but do have my faith. Not much on TV today is really worth watching. I thank the writers of the mini series “The Bible” for giving us a “worth my time” program. Their efforts are evedent within this movie. We may all not believe but it could open some for discussion or education as to what others think or believe. I hope for much more of this type of programming. Congratulations!

  • New Orleans hoar


    Use a little logic. If sodom gomorrah we’re destroyed because a few neighbors were being jerks than every city on planet Earth would have been destroyed by now. You people lack imagination. Forget faith, you guys lack imagination and even the tiniest sliver of logic.

  • Phil

    it is a mambo jumbo of childish idiotic Hollywood style production – and a total misunderstanding of both old and new testaments – has no value historically and for me had no value as an entertainment

  • Mary

    Yes for those who know the Bible many things were morphed and skewed. However, this is a huge undertaking . For the most part the message was accurate. I like that they actually went past the crusifiction and went onto acts and beyond. My little pet peeve was when Peter said to John “Good Luck” as they departed from Jeruselem. I don’t think the word Luck is found in the Bible. Who knows what they said, but maybe ‘God be with you’ whould have been better. At any rate I really enjoyed it and I know this will make people curious about Jesus and his Love for us. Hearts will turn to him.

  • Stephen

    Even though they left things out, it’s still not as bad as when Peter Jackson left out Tom Bombadil from the Lord of the Rings movies. That was a real travesty.