God's Wrath or Random Evil? Making Sense of School Shootings

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Are the recent shootings part of God's wrath or just random evil from a broken world?

The devastating tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday was horrific. Now, a week later, the shock is starting to subside, and the grief is fully present — especially for the families mourning the loss of their loved ones. 

Dark and evil events like this often cause us to ask questions like “Why did God allow this to happen?” or “Why didn’t God stop this evil?” or even “Has God left America?”

Some leaders believe this event points us to a larger theological perspective — one that says we have systematically escorted God out of our schools and out of our culture, and it’s not his fault but ours. This perspective might even go so far as to say the recent events were part of God’s wrath against our nation.

Other leaders believe that God can’t be chased out of town so easily and he is fully present with us in this time of pain and loss. This view represents a group of church leaders who believe these wicked shootings — and others like it — are the result of living in a broken and evil world, but they do not represent God’s wrath or punishment on our nation. 

Church leaders across the nation will continue to counsel, pray and guide God’s people through unspeakable tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook, and the way we do this is critically important. The way we talk about God has massive implications, both to our people and to a broken world. 

We want to ask you, our ChurchLeaders readers, how you make sense of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook? How are you comforting and guiding your people through events like this?

Do you see these events as God’s punishment or random evil from a broken world? 

We encourage you to watch these two videos and engage in the discussion:

Where Was God in CT?

Are Huckabee and Dobson Wrong?

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  • Jim DeFrancisco

    Neither – it wasn’t God’s punishment. If it was then God either picked the wrong persons to punish or the punishment was way too severe to match the crimes of little children. Also, it was more planned than random. From a broken world ? – definitely yes. Very broken. When are we going to stop treating symptoms and get to the real problem? The real problem is in the various ways our humanity is broken and disconnected from its Creator. Also, perhaps a more pertinent question to ask is where is God when it comes to healing the hurting souls that were impacted by this terrible act of violence. That has a clear and present answer. God was in the hearts of many (of various faiths) who came in to comfort, aid, heal, and even protect those that survived.

    • Larry

      Apparently you are not familiar with God’s punishment of Israel and other nations that included children?

      • Jim DeFrancisco

        If our national and religious leaders are taken into captivity and put into exile you would have made your case. Otherwise, I believe you are taking the historical writings and the prophets way out of context. Study – go and learn.

        • Larry

          I won’t argue with you, Jim. Merry Christmas

  • Matt

    You cannot make sense out of senseless events. I tell my church…”If we find a “reason, an answer, etc.” for these killings, is anyone going to say ‘oh, yea, that makes sense. I now see why he did it.’ In other words, evil will NEVER make sense.

  • Kiley Sekulich

    We (society) are in such a hurry to place blame and find an explanation when bad things happen that we often overlook the obvious answer. People are evil, and as long as people are evil they will do evil things. As far as this being the wrath of God, I don’t believe that is the case. Did God allow it to happen? Yes, he did. Is there an explanation for why he let it happen? Yes, but that’s not for us to know. Isaiah 55:8 says “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.” declares the LORD. (NIV) We cannot expect to explain an almighty God with human thoughts and emotions.

  • djhutch5

    I don’t know that I agree with Mike Huckabee’s or Anthea Butler’s answers completely. On the one hand, I don’t believe this shooting or any other massacre of the type has anything at all to do with taking God out of schools. It has much more to do with individuals deciding to live their life without Him. I understand the desire to return to a time when our school opened with prayer and even used the Bible to teach. However when we interject that debate into the talk surrounding tragedies like Newtown, we risk sending a message to those who are grieving that God is not present during this time either. It’s supremely important that we “grieve with those who grieve”, and not try to fix their problem.

    On the other other hand, I completely reject Butler’s statement that atheists & agnostics may have a better answer to these kinds of things. If that’s true, we’re all doomed.

  • uureverend

    Do some of you really worship a god whose wrath is directed toward innocent young children? How do you square that with the God of the Bible?

    • John Peters

      God’s wrath is manifest against all those who are sinners. But that doesn’t mean that these shootings are because of the wrath of God. I’m working on getting a comment on that shows that…

  • Marifran

    I agree with djhutch5 and Kiley Sekulich– People are living their lives without God and that leaves them open for control by the Evil one. That God allowed it to happen, I agree with. I also agree that we cannot fathom His thoughts nor should we try. Our prayers go out to Him to strengthen these parents and that is all we can do.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ChuckCrisco Chuck Crisco

    It is sad that satan is the accuser of the brethren and the brethren are accusers of the character and nature of God. Think carefully about this. God never allows evil in the sense of standing back and doing nothing nor is he ever the active agent. He is always operating within the boundaries of never violating free will and never violating love. Did Immanuel mean what he said, “I am with you always”? He was right there in the midst giving wisdom and courage.
    Encourage you to ck out a great book- God is in a Good Mood.

  • John Peters

    God is in control of the entire world. Nothing is not under the control of God. And God has a purpose in everything He does. If you don’t believe this, read Romans 8. So if this is a “random evil from a broken world”, then, even then, God has a purpose in it.

    God’s wrath is to be shown ultimately on the final day of judgement. And when death and suffering occurs, we are not to ask, “Why didn’t God prevent that?” Check Luke 13:1-5. We all deserve the wrath of God – so much so, that it is a miracle that we are still alive. So if this is a demonstration of the wrath of God against sinners, then it ought to be a motivation for us to repent of the sin that we have in our lives.

    However, could I suggest that this is may not be either of the above possibilities? Let’s read John 9:1-3 :

    “1 And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth. 2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind? 3 Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

    Could I suggest that this shooting may have been not for the purpose of wrath, nor is it just random, but that it is rather that the glory of God be revealed? Perhaps there was someone close to one of the kids who died who will now be brought to repentance! Perhaps they will then be the instrument that God will use to lead many to Him!

    I firmly believe that the purpose of this shooting was the glory of God. Whether now or in eternity, God will be glorified more through this event. Revelation 4:11 says, “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

    May God receive all the glory in our discussions!!

    • Nate

      1 John 5:19b for the whole world lies under the control of the wicked one.

      2 Corinthians 4:4 the god of this world (satan) has blinded men’s eyes.

      God gave control over to Adam, who then relinquished to satan. The result is the fall of man and thus satan’s control of the world and its systems.

      And finally, John 10:10 states that the THIEF comes to steal, kill and destroy. Every act of stealing, killing and destroying should be attributed to him and has nothing to do with God’s purpose. If God were in control, wouldn’t He have prevented this from happening?

      • John Peters

        So God’s not in control of the universe? So Satan has more power over the universe than God? How about Satan not being allowed to hurt Job until God gave him special permission – so that HIS purposes in Job’s life could be accomplished?

        Yes, Satan has power. But God is sovereign. I firmly believe this. Everything that happens is for the glory of God. Look at the verse I quoted in Revelation 4:11. Also, go back to the verse I quoted in John 9. Did Satan make the man born blind ** so that the works of God be manifest in him ** ? Absolutely not! We see once more that God was and is sovereign over the circumstances.

        Our God is so powerful – Infinitely powerful that nothing, not even the god of this age, can hold the little finger of his power in. God and God alone has sovereign power over the universe.

        • DrMichael

          Nate is correct. While God is all-powerful, He does not control all things. He certainly does not cause evil, but rather “turns all things to good.” He allowed this to happen, certainly, such is the price of free will in a fallen world, but the Lord is not responsible for, nor causative of, those actions.

    • GB

      Calvinisim sucks…your argument is weak, and your use of the scriptures novice like. In John chpt 9 there was a gramatical error by some theologian somewhere that didnt know a lickof God. The point there was that the man that was born blind was born to a human race that was connected to Adam and because of it these unfortunate things happen like people being born blind. There is no period at the end of verse 3 and should be read as one entire thought through verse 4. Just because God is in control of everything doesnt mean that every single event that happens is His will. Calvanisim and ignorance are one and the same.

      • John Peters

        OK, let me clear some things up… First of all, I am not Calvinist. Maybe it looks like it, but I’m not. But God will does work all things together for good. Maybe it doesn’t look like it, but He does. Sorry if that tramples your theological opinions, but that’s what the Bible teaches. No God did not cause the shootings, as some have protrayed me to be saying, but God did allow the shootings. Satan was not allowed to hurt Job until God gave the OK. If you read Revelation, you’ll see that no one was able to hurt the people on earth until “power was given them.”

        Everything that happens in the world is for a purpose. God has a purpose in everything that he allows to happen. These shootings had a purpose from God. Everything God does or allows has a specific purpose. So let’s just get to work doing the will of God and stop arguing about whether God caused these shootings.

  • AMOS8

  • padrelp

    I agree this is very sad event, from a sick God less country and drifting out to sea everyday, we have to look out side of the box, If we could gather all the kids that as passed to glory, in one day it would far surpass this, why hasen’t anyone (outside this posting’s) ever said where is God , about all the cancer stricken children in St Jude’s hospital, the list is endless, Right Chuck C. “God is never violating free will ” , we choose what we do , if we follow satin, we do as satin, if we follow God ,we do as God would do., I would say this is not a debate on here , we should be doing as Jesus would , it is our job and commision to spread the word and fight evil tooth and nail until His Return, and get this Nation back on track,
    God Be With Us All, This is the ony one I believe is Right

  • http://www.facebook.com/bob.grant.7 Bob Grant

    As I implied in our church blog. Any discussion of Sandy Creek that focuses entirely on God and neglects the activity of satan and demons through the hands of fallen man is a flawed arguement. I agree somewhat with Huckabee that as we have invited God out, we have invited evil in. This is sowing and reaping, not judgement. At the same time I see God’s presence in the bravery of the unarmed protecting the innocent with their lives. The true discussion as I see it is that we have relegated demonic activity to the realm of myth and fairy tales and use science and knowledge as the excuse to do so. Yet Paul wrote in Ephesians 6 of a war in which we are to engage the principalities, powers and spiritual wickedness in high places in battle wearing armor of faith, righteousness, truth, salvation, peace and weapons of the Word of God and all kinds of prayer. Let us not forget the purpose of the battle is to free the captives kept blind by darkness, not to save the nation. The world as we know it, and most in it are slated for destruction at God’s timing. Our goal as Christians is to free as many as possible from the army of darkness in the time that remains before that destruction. As to the loss of life, I believe the Grace of God covered the children and they were instantly with Him. As to the brave ones, Jesus said something like “greater love has no man this to lay down his life for his friends”. If that is the greatest love, how can His grace not flow there as well. Remember friends, we have an enemy. He masquerades as an angel of light and uses fellow humans as instruments of destruction. Declare the truth and pray. God Bless you all in this Christmas season and may the Holy Spirit of God bring peace to our hurting hearts.

    • padrelp

      Amen and Amen Bob Grant

    • DrMichael

      While I foster doubt as to Huckabee’s view and motives, yours herein are accurate indeed. I say Amen!

  • Jake

    Evil is never random!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pamelans2 Pamela N. Smith

    God used evil to Kill his own Son, so that he would get the Glory

    • John Peters

      Yes!! That’s right! God’s glory is ultimate! Amen! Preach it, brother!!

      • DrMichael

        Brother Pamela?!

  • Texas Pete

    The slaughter of the innocents in Matthew 2:16 was prophesied by Jeremiah hundreds of years before Bethlehem. So, God not only knew and allowed these children in Ramah to be killed, he knew about it for a very long time. But why? Was it just to get Jesus down to Egypt? I don’t think we’ll ever know until heaven. But this is definitely the dark side of Christmas. And out of that darkness, the light of Jesus shines brightly. Much in the same manner, the darkness in America has been dramatically exposed through the slaughter of children in Newtown. Did God know about this? Sure! Did God cause it? Not even close. Somehow, someway, the light of Jesus will shine through this tragedy. May God have mercy on our souls.

    • Proud2BCanadian

      The darker the darkness is, the more the light shines out. A little flashlight isn’t noticed in the sunlight – but shine it in your wife’s eyes when she’s sleeping, and she’ll be out of bed in a second. Even so, as the spiritual darkness closes in, we need to shine as lights in the world for Jesus Christ. Amen?

      • Matthew

        Hogwash to these politically correct limp wristed replies……try doing unto others as you would have them do unto you…start treating other people on the planet with respect and dignity, and practice it at home, instead of violence and killing..ie wars, abortion, porno, every evil act to degrade humanity is practiced in the western countries and in particular the USA..remember you reap what you sow!

    • Billy

      Amen brother!

  • Ryan

    Just as God does not force anyone to be righteous, neither does satan make anyone kill others. Both God and satan influence people by way of the heart. This was a heart issue and the giving in to the influences of evil. In the aftermath, we saw the influence of good and of God in those that came to help. Unless there is some specific reason, God will not stand in the way of us as man choosing to do or not do what we will. In the end, we will all stand before God in judgement and answer for everything we’ve done in our bodies and for every idle word spoken.

  • William Anderson

    I see this as a natural result of the fallen condition of our world and human sinfulness, combined with the systematic removal of God from our schools and public life. To suggest that the murder of innocent children and the teachers who tried to protect them is the result of God’s wrath suggests He is a monster. I reject that thinking and urge those who think so to remember that God is love and cares for children deeply.


    The evil in this world, is not because of God, it is in spite of God. Being taken out of schools, teaching, politicians, teachers, businesses, businessmen, churches and clergy. In spite of being evil, God will use it to open eyes ready to see what taking God out of brings. The ‘wrath’ of God, isn’t in a storm, a financial downturn, corrupt nations that install evil…and vote God out. That is the wake up call for us as individuals.
    When evil is unleashed on those having no real ability to protect themselves, it is our personal responsibility to take a stand to protect them.
    While so many are focused on this latest attack on children, unborn babies, by over 54 MILLION have been murdered by agendas, excuses, ‘entitlement’ of sexual immorality and tax payers footing the bill…as tax payers foot the bill for murder of the unborn.
    Is God’s ‘wrath’ in this? No. His judgement will unleash a wrath that will compare to nothing man has ever experienced…but that is when man’s time runs out on redemption, and the restitution, ignored in murder, murderers, rape, rapists, molestation, molesters, theft, thieves, homosexuality, homosexuals, fornication, fornicators, lies, liars…sin, in other words, will fall to the One who will clean house of sin…and those not of repentance, and no longer under grace, will be tossed in the lake of fire.
    Jesus said even our very thoughts, are not the thoughts of God, so we have no clue who, what, when, where or why, except for the fact God gives us a guidebook, guideline and values we obey Him, in the warnings, examples, Laws, Commandments, and the time we take as individuals, to change our hearts, change our moral guidance, our values, our connection to God….but that takes action on our parts, as individuals. It takes us to understand how much of this world is not of God…and Gods real children, are the minority, not majority…and many today are apostate, ignorant and blind to immorality, and allow acts, like abortion and lack of protection, to be guided by the greatest deceiver, that uses subtlety and slick words, to allow murder, rape, molestation paid with innocent blood…and many times with no biblical restitution (Capital punishment) three square meals, conjugal visits, college degree, free medical and dental. To me, that would be a why we need to ask mans values. God Bless.

  • prophet

    Where was God during the invasion of America and the genocide of its natives and subsequent enslavement of other humans while claiming to have a Christian heritage?

    • http://www.SmallGroupChurches.com/ Andrew Mason

      Every country on the face of the earth has been established by one group of people exercising military dominance over another. Native Americans did it to other Native Americans all the time too. This doesn’t justify it, but it sure doesn’t make America the worst of all nations and countries. I know this, Jesus wasn’t a part of the Native Americans’ belief system and they weren’t saints themselves. I’m not saying it was God’s will, but it sure isn’t some evil trait that ONLY America is guilty of throughout human history. We now have the most powerful military on the face of the earth; I think we show pretty good self-restraint and discipline in contrast to how other countries might use it.

      The darkest stories of human enslavement is mostly represented from the south(east) of America and doesn’t represent the entire country’s history. Growing up in this country it’s all I’ve ever heard about our history: We kicked out native Americans and enslaved African-Americans. While these statements represent true historical facts, it is not the sum total of our nation’s history and it’s accomplishments. Not only that, we’ve made great strides in regards to slavery and racism and MLK made it happen by quoting our constitution that was based on Christian-Judeo values (maybe God WAS there after all).

      How many countries give up land and money to ethnic groups that they defeated militarily? My in-laws live next door to a Native American who doesn’t have to work because her tribe gets money from the gov.’t simply because she’s a Native American.

      Please don’t interpret what I’m saying as justification for those events and please don’t think I think America is perfect. Here’s what I think: Our founders identified our country with Biblical values more than any other nation on earth and as a result we became the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. Who has done more for the world’s good than America in the last 100 years? Now, we are trying to move away from that foundation in multiple arenas and we are watching our society and Int’l influence diminish as a result.
      Was God present in situations of slavery and in every military battle? No. Was God present in other areas of our nation’s history? Duh…

  • prophet

    We need to read the Prophet Amos to remind ourselves of God”s attitudes toward those who perpetrate cruelty on other humans!

    • Stan

      Yes, so the USA should quit killing people (including thousands of children) in other countries..Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan come to mind…the USA and all the western world are going to “reap what they have sown”

      • Tod Thompson

        How about the children of Berlin & Tokyo (WW2)? Is Joshua going to reap a bitter harvest for the children of Jericho? Sherman for the children of Atlanta? Each individual is responsible for their choices, as are leaders and nations. In a fallen world, war and peace, killing and healing are not simple matters to discuss. The Bible itself makes this abundantly clear. There is a time and a purpose for everything.

        • Stan

          You sow death you reap death…very simple..yet you have a problem understanding that Tod?

  • http://www.SmallGroupChurches.com/ Andrew Mason

    These shootings are no longer isolated events. They are a habitual pattern in our society. In similar patterns, our nation is turning away from God. We are killing the unborn, we are promoting homosexuality in school curriculum (I live in CA), we are making marijuana legal, etc, etc, etc. All of this from a nation that originally identified itself with Judeo-Christian values. People say we shouldn’t bring up a connection between our nation’s spiritual rebellion and these tragedies. Instead we are told to promote healing and comfort. Well, the Bible tells us how healing can come to pass in 2 Chron. 7:14: “…if My people who are
    called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and
    turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will
    forgive their sin and heal their land.” Hmmm…seems like healing is connected to turning from our wicked ways. May God comfort the victims of the Conn. shooting and may God WAKE UP HIS CHURCH AND AMERICA!

  • ned

    You cannot even talk publicly and openly anymore about Jesus Christ and Him being the only way of salvation without being accused of “hate speech” or even sued in court. You cannot even pray in public schools or display the Ten Commandments in public. How can you even begin to address a problem you do not see? How can you treat a disease you fail to diagnose? So I’m wondering how you would “counsel, pray and guide God’s people” through these. These are neither God’s punishment nor random evil from a broken world. These are consequences. A nation reaps what it sows. And the nation fails to see it.

    Matthew 13:15. “For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them.”

    Romans 1:21. “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.”

    Ephesians 4:18. “They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.”

    • John Peters

      Amen… These shootings most definitely are consequences… The Bible says, “He who sows wind will reap a whirlwind.” On the other hand, “we know that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes.” Yes, even these shootings have a purpose. They will work together for good to Christians. Hey, come to think of it, that’s happening now… We are being edified because this event occurred!

      • GB

        I have a problem with that because it is a selfish assesment. God does not use sensless shootings to edify people He uses His word. Tell that to the parents of the kids who died. Satan had a purpose not God. Not everything that happens is Gods will.

    • Rev. Lorna Westlake

      It’s funny that you don’t see these “consequences” in Europe, which is more secular, with many more non-believers and far less religious observance. Yes, there has been a few mass shootings there, but they are comparatively few compared to the United States. One example of a mass shooting in Europe was the killing of 12 children at a primary school in Dunblane, Scotland. After that happened, 750,000 signatures were gathered in a week on a petition to ban handguns. The hand gun ban became law the following year. There have been no mass shootings in Britain since. Contrast that response to the response in this country where there has been a run on Bushmaser AR-15s, the murder weapon in question. More needs to be said from the pulpit about the gun mania in this country.

    • DrMichael

      Get behind me, Satan!

    • Fernando Villegas

      I talk publicly and openly about Jesus Christ and him being the only way of salvation all of the time! Students are free to pray in public schools, personally and with friends, with no problems at all. Not having official, school-sanctioned prayer does not mean students can’t pray in public schools…as long as there are tests and quizzes in schools, there will be prayer in schools! And as far as the Ten Commandment are concerned, whether or not they are displayed in public is irrelevant. Most Christians practically ignore the fourth commandment, anyway. What should concern us more is whether or not they are written on people’s hearts!

      I agree with the idea of consequences, and reaping what we sow. I also agree that you cannot treat a disease if you to fail to diagnose correctly.

      But I feel your diagnosis, which I see shared by many Christians, is not quite accurate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jloyd.thompson John Thompson

    God is I am and will remain I am. Christ calls us to worship and praise God. His power will be displayed in his own time for the good and glory of His name.
    Why do we continue to try to understand all actions in the world from God’s prospective did not Job get rebuked by God for this? Do we not pray for God to increase our belief? Is our pride so great that we think we can understand God’s actions? What have we gained in this world that would make it more valueable then salvation?
    My faith is strenthen by knowing God is in charge and all things work for His glory.

  • Ben

    I am sorry those children had to die so young, how about fifty million children that were slaughtered in there mothers womb or pulled out back words to be killed by a trained assen called a doctor for money sake at least the six and seven year old children got to be hugged and kissed by there families for a short while. The slaughtered children didn’t get one hug. Remember sin Hates God and sin will always attack Innocence. Darkeners is coming on this world again and soon the judgement because man is so blind and evil. Ben

    • John Peters

      AMEN!!!! That’s so true. We feel so deeply for those who have died so young, but how about those who have died through abortion? Hmmm… I’ve actually gone so far as to say that I will not marry anyone who does not hold the sanctity of life in high honour. It doesn’t matter to me if they are exactly what I’m looking for in a mate – they won’t do if they are willing to murder innocent little babies. Just some disorganized thoughts. But thanks for your comment, Ben.

  • Rodney

    Evil does what evil does, destroys. It is expressed in rebellion towards God and through the infirmities of our human condition. I do not think God did this to punish America, but God does allow evil (and its consequences) to be expressed at times. He could stop it, but the meaning of personhood would then be lost.


    Definitely not God’s Wrath but RANDOM EVIL FROM A BROKEN WORLD where permissiveness has thrown up anti-God policies under the cloak of so called free society, thereby squeezing God out of the society. A society where gun is our security and not GOD.

  • uureverend

    “God’s wrath is manifested against all those who are sinners (below).” Against 5-6 year-old “sinners”? Really? How is such a god worthy of our worship? Give me Baal any day.

    • John Peters

      Absolutely the wrath of God is against young people. Here are a few verses that specifically mentions God’s wrath being manifest against children.

      Ezra 5:12 ; Eph 5:6 ; Col 3:6 ; Josh 7:1.

      Numbers 11:10 infers that God’s wrath was manifest on whole families, including children.

      Remember Achan – his whole family died because of his sin.

      Aside from that, look at the literally dozens of verses that speak of God’s anger against whole groups of people – including children. Ex.: “For the wrath of God is revealed from heavenagainst all ungodliness and unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18).

      Oh, and your last question… Such a God is worthy of our worship *** because *** of His consistency. Not punishing sin would contradict His character.

      ********** HOWEVER *********** (DON’T MISS THIS)

      That does not mean that these shootings are because of God’s wrath. Please check my post above. I do not think that these shootings were to punish these children. Rather, I believe that the reason that God allowed this to happen is so that someone near these children would be brought to Christ.

      I love children. I weep for these children who have died – some of them perhaps without Christ, and if so, they will go on to eternal damnation. However, I believe that some of them may go on to glory in Heaven, and, “I know that *** HE *** doeth all things well.”

    • DrMichael

      God’s wrath is poured out upon the unrepentant and those who will not believe or embrace His sacrifice at Calvary. While we are saddened by the loss of these children, rejoice that they are in paradise with the Father!! The loss is ours, not theirs, as they will not have to continue to suffer the ills of this fallen world! Rejoice too as this will bring Glory to God, and lead sinners to believe, and to repentance. Pray for those who have lost family and friends, and give support where needed. Be glad that Jesus is Lord!!

  • jerry

    Where was God? He was where he was when his own son was murdered…

  • Donnie

    There is no doubt that God has already worked in the hearts of men since the killings in CT. He has not been caught off guard or by surprise and He is not left helpless to bring about His own glory nor powerless to shower His grace on the helpless. We can not see further than this moment, and yet we are tempted to question the ability of the Timeless One? Satan, evil, nor our own depravity will either hinder or stop the inevitable march of Gods sovereign will. He is the Hope of the nations. He is our foundation of truth. He will have His vengeance and His wrath will be placed on evil in all of its forms. Someday, wrong will be righted, injustice will be corrected, and evil will be truly and fully judged. His righteousness will prevail. As His children our hope is not only in our ultimate glorification but in the redemption of all of creation as it is purged by His mighty hand. Every knee will bow.

    Meanwhile, maybe God’s judgement is less lightning from the sky and more separation. Maybe its not so much that He is sending evil to us, but that He has lifted His protecting hand from us. Maybe His long-suffering and patience has ended as we are consumed by 24 hr cycle news about 20 murdered kinder-gardeners last week yet unmoved by the murder of 23,000 potential kinder-gardeners each week. How many “Christians” will stand up this week and preach gun control, censorship, and care for mentally challenged as we panic in the wake of this mass killing? How many will ignore or even condone the mass killings that will take place next week in clinics across our land? all the while clinging to Romans 13 as an excuse to obey the government which sanctions this child sacrifice and is ready to destroy the institution of family by condoning and purposely turning a blind eye from its own legal declaration against same sex marriage! As we debate on how to “reduce” the increase of spending in next years budget while we are in debt to our eyeballs (immoral), we panic that God may not bless our once great nation so that we can reward greed and sloth, live on credit, and idolize stuff? Our churches worry about tax exemption and cower in light of the culture. God doesn’t need a P.R. man to defend his nature so that He can distribute grace. It is only His grace that has given us this time to continue to place God on trial; and you ask why God would judge our nation…I ask why wouldn’t He?

  • amer

    What to expect when erased all manifestations of religious schools and the community and rather than saying merry Christmas we say happy holiday

    • Stan

      Sorry amer but Dec 25th is a non Biblical pagan day that originated in Babylon in honour of the sun god…so living a lie only ads to an already very confused society such as exists in the USA and the other western societies..try following Gods actual commandments instead of pagan Non Biblical days..

  • Stan

    America should remember the Bible says “you reap what you sow”…western countries that sow violence against other cultures, nations and peoples are starting to reap what they have sown!

  • Albany Joe

    I think we are seeing the result of a godless society which results in”natural judgment”, in that “the wages of sin is death”. I agree with Texas Pete’s references to the slaughter of the innocent. God allows man to exercise their free will. For the same reasons why we ask why did God “allow” the holocost, we must understand that a godless society will reveal the grossest of man’s depravity. Incidentally, hurricane Sandy landed in an area near “Sandy Hook” Island. “Sandy” (short for Alexander) according to one definition means “defender of man”. Maybe there is an anomaly. I comfort some with these points…there is worse that has happened (the holocaust) and we need to call upon God for our nation. I used to live in Connecticut as a youth and children’s Pastor. This hit me very hard.

  • DrMichael

    This does appear to be random evil from a broken world. It is certainly not an act of God! Neither has God or the Bible been removed from the schools. Rather, the right to both has been repeatedly protected (more often than not by the oft-villainized ACLU). While school sponsored religion has been challenged, the right to an individual to practice his (or her) religious beliefs has been supported. Primarily to protect a Christian’s right to worship. If schools sponsor religion, how long is it until that religion is something entirely different from Christianity (Satanism even?), or becomes something claiming to be Christian that is far different than from what most Christians today would recognize as Christianity? Does anybody remember Nazi “Christianity”? Better to let individuals hold to what they know as truth than to force the government to sponsor its own version of religion. Our founding fathers knew this which is why they seperated church and state. We can’t even trust our representatives to protect the good will of the people. Do we really want them dictating Christian doctrine to our children?? The right to pray in school is supported. A teacher or administrator may speak candidly about what they believe, even on school grounds (free speech). Many cases have been fought by the ACLU supporting this right when school districts have directed their employees they couldn’t do this, or have a bible on their desk, for instance (often out of a mistaken understanding of the seperation of church and state). Just because the school doesn’t teach religion doesn’t mean God is pushed out. Rather it is often a culture of radical religiosity coupled with a culture of violence that does the job.

    • Matthew

      Your post is a bunch of politically correct mumbo jumbo….if it is a “Christian: country, then be “Christian”…yet you worry about offending someone..hogwash..then offend them…it they are offended that is their problem..they can leave…do not be ashamed of your Christianity, or Jesus will be ashamed of you!

  • Sharon

    The shooting which took place in Newtown was nothing short of evil showing it’s ugliness in personification. God did not cause this to happen but He was fully aware of the fact that it was going to happen. Amazing how we push God out of our schools, governments and even some churches, but the minute some tragedy like this happens, we yell, “Where was God….” Suddenly then we want God to have protected. I do believe that God will be there with those in mourning and He will shine. Us as Christians need to be the light to that dark world. We just experienced Hurricane Sandy here on Long Island. It was awful to see so much devastation, yet we also experienced so much of God’s Hand moving. So many miracles took place and God was right here with us, in the storm.

  • christopher

    I think that this is not of god punishiment but of random evil days were in this new genderation of kids growing up and seeing all these violent movies and also on these games that have more violent in them as much as a movie does and far as talking about the broken world it really starts in our home of what? when? where? is our kids doing with whom they are hangong around with or not we must be very careful of who our kids be friends with there is always trouble around every corner when were not looking for nothing to happen and the other question is were was god in ct? well we need to be careful of how we question god and being very not angry with him of what has happen he is in control of life and death i am so sorry about what happpen but the only thing i could say is that we need to pray each day for our kids because they are not thinking about praying at all we can’t say that when we leave our home that we will be coming back to it again may god bless the families of ct and keep you safe..be bless


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