Former Domino's Pizza CEO Wins Temporary Block of Contraception Mandate

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Billionaire business owner Thomas Monaghan convinced a judge to block enforcement of part of the Obamacare health reform bill relating to providing contraception and reproductive health services for employees.

According to the CNN Belief Blog, billionaire business owner Thomas Monaghan, former CEO of Domino’s Pizza, convinced a federal judge to block enforcement of part of the Obamacare health reform bill relating to providing contraception and reproductive health services for employees. Judge Lawrence Zatkoff said Monaghan had shown that “abiding by the mandate will substantially burden his exercise of religion.”

“The (federal) government has failed to satisfy its burden of showing that its actions were narrowly tailored to serve a compelling interest,” said Zatkoff. “Therefore, the court finds that plaintiffs have established at least some likelihood of succeeding on the merits” of their claim.

The case will continue to be heard in federal court, and the Obama administration has the option of appealing the order. Monaghan filed the petition this month on behalf of Domino’s Farms Group, a property management firm not related to the pizza-chain empire, the majority interest in which Monaghan sold in 1998.


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  • FireSpeaks

    I just posted these very words for Hobby Lobby, and now Domino’s CEO is claiming that compliance with the mandate will “substantially burden his exercise of religion” Did any of us even know that Domino’s was owned or run by a Christian before today?
    When will we as Christian stop fighting battles that are not ours, we will be able to do the work that is for us to do. Until then we will always be impotent in reaching people.
    We cannot legislate morality. Did anyone say that Hobby Lobby (or Domino) wants to stop paying for Viagra? How about some other drug that someone in the corporate office thinks are against their view of what God wants? Maybe they should stop paying for pain killers because they can be addictive? Or anti-depression drugs because they are cause hallucinations, or will they take the side of the Jehovah witness and refuse blood transfusions. At what point do we stop giving this company exemption because of their beliefs. And if we give this company this exemption should we give it to Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out Burger, Wendy’s, Mary-Kay, Interstate tires, and one that I have a hard time with eHarmony.
    I know many of these we did not even know where Christian owned or operated. However just because we did not know it does not mean that they have sold out. They have not, they have just came to the truth that we cannot legislate morality.
    Some things are simple, and we as believers must understand, that we live in an evil world. And we must remain in it until we die. We are called to pray for our leaders, which includes all parts of our government. Jesus teaches that we do not opposed the government’s decision but remain in compliance with them. Because they ( our Leaders) we put into office by God for our good. Therefore when we fail to come into compliance with the law of the land, we fail to subject ourselves to God. (read Romans 13:1-3)
    This issue is not that hard and it is not one of faith verses the government, its the government verses Hobby Lobby (or Domino) It not an issue of Faith it one of rebellion against the one that God has appointed to the office of president, and therefore is rebellion against God.

    You may not like it but it true.

  • Steven Leapley


    • Rodney

      I thought some wrong headed voters elected him. God did not appoint Obama. Leaders should be prayed for and when they are wrong they should hear from the people.

  • Rodney

    Fortunately, we live in a Democracy. So, as Christians, we are citizens too and have the right to express ourselves regarding our government and its actions. I pray for ALL of our leaders everyday. I pray that they will hunger for God, know God, and make decisions that glorify Him. When they do not, I pray that they will get their heads on straight and do a better job! HOORAY FOR ALL OF THE CHRISTIAN COMPANIES WHO ARE EXPRESSING THEIR VALUES AND AVAILING THEMSELVES OF THEIR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS TO PETITION THE COURTS FOR REDRESS!!! Hang in there Hobby Lobby, Domino’s and all the rest!

  • Harold Cameron

    I wish to address the words of FireSpeaks.Thank you for sharing your thoughts concerning the issue of the decision of the former owner of Domino’s CEO and other companies. Personally I am a follower of Christ and believe we should pray for our leaders and obey the laws of our land as long as they do not require or force us to violate the Word of God. Millions of believers around the world are persecuted and even killed because they will not bow their knee to any government or any other God and faith than to Jesus Christ. They refuse to obey their government because of what the Word of God clearly teaches. As far as the Domino’s and Hobby Lobby issue I think it is good that they are taking a stand for their faith and doing what they are to defend their religious freedom. However, there is another issue at stake and that is this…do we want an over-reaching government regulating and taxing our citizens and business owners into oblivion? Aside from the religious or moral issue it is also a business issue. If a man builds a billion dollar a year business, pays taxes and does not receive any federal dollars or government support they should be exempt from such moral provisions of the law they are fighting as well as many of the other rules and regulations that have been placed as a burden on business owners and their businesses. It’s their money. It’s their business. As long as they are not harming anyone by their business practices or receiving any kind of federal or government aid then they should not be forced to comply with certain government regulations that have clear cut moral implications such as the abortion provisions in the Obamacare Heath Care Act. And the fact they are Christians with certain religious beliefs should also be considered in the grounds for exemption. I hear your concerns about companies not paying for insurance coverage that pays for pain killers because they are addictive or antidepressants for the reason you mentioned (and you left out they can cause young people to become suicidal). I hardly think that owners of companies in our country want to go that far. A person who builds a billion dollar a year business has more than just a head on his shoulders and it is out in broad daylight for all to see rather than being stuck somewhere it shouldn’t be such as in the sand somewhere. And inside their head is most likely an intelligent, fast-thinking, highly functional brain that knows how to treat their employees. Well, these are just my thoughts for whatever they are worth. May God help us and bless us as a people and nation.


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