Franklin Graham Says America in "Dark Days"

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The evangelist says the country is "sin-sickened" and called for repentance.

In a public letter last week, Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association called America “sin-sickened” and must repent, saying that the country’s “fiscal cliff” is “nothing compared to the spiritual and moral cliff that is far more destructive to our nation than any economic concerns.”

As reported by The Christian Post, Graham used the results of the November election as an example of the country’s morality dive, including the legalization of same-sex marriage in three states and the approval of recreational use of marijuana in two states.

“These are indeed dark days … but there is hope,” Graham said. “No question our country’s foundations are being destroyed, but I am reminded of an era in the Old Testament where the Lord moved in a dramatic way to bring godly change to a spiritually dark and depraved nation like Judah, whose moral foundations had been seriously eroded.”

“For far too long, as a nation we have neglected-and even rejected-the Word of God and His commands. Yet the Scriptures are mighty, able to penetrate even the most hardened and darkened hearts with convicting, life-giving power,” he said. “They are God-breathed, and any new season of repentance and revival in America can only come through a renewed focus on the great truths of God’s Word.

“Just as the Lord used an 18-year-old king to begin revival in a corrupt nation more than 1,500 years ago, He can use us as we earnestly seek Him, stand for His truths, and pray for America. This is the only cure for a sin-sickened country that is about to slip into a moral abyss, and it is why we must proclaim the Good News.”

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  • audie

    I think he has a point, but I’d take him much more seriously if he were to repent of how he turned a blind eye to the false teachings of Mormonism for the sake of politics during the election campaigns.

    • FireSpeaks

      Good luck with that

    • Tom

      I couldn’t agree more! His father had the ear of many presidents it is a shame that they haven’t tried to understand this president. I wonder why?????

  • Fernando Villegas

    “For far too long, as a nation we have neglected-and even rejected-the Word of God and His commands.”

    Perhaps, but in order to have real credibility, I would like to see him acknowledge that that neglect and rejection has come from the conservative Right just as much as it has come from the liberal Left. Neither party is above reproach, and both parties are more concerned about their own political agenda than they are about the Kingdom of God.

    America would’ve been just as “sin-sickened” if Romney had won the election.

    • DaveEkstrom

      I beg to differ. Romney’s party wasn’t pushing gay marriage. Romney’s party wasn’t endorsing abortion and Planned Parenthood. Romney’s party didn’t have the fiasco at their convention over mentioning God. Romney’s party wasn’t trying to force Christian organizations into paying for abortive contraceptives. I held my nose and voted for Romney because Obama was/is so much worse. Obama is so bad that a black pastor held a press conference calling on all black Christians to abandon the democratic party. Destroying marriage and life makes economic issues to pale in comparison.

      • MWallace

        You’re being a little selective about the symptoms of our sin-sickness, no? Unjust wars, neglect of the poor, the 47% fiasco, Newtown, Chicago, those are equally repugnant symptoms of a sin-sick world, I say. That “a” black pastor called on black Christians to abandon the democratic party proves what again? Just one, huh? Hardly a groundswell of discontent. In any case, F. Graham has too little credibility, I’m afraid, to be regarded prophetic voice of the nation.

        • Tod Thompson

          I have no problem with the “47% fiasco” as you put it. It was the truth. People’s feelings were hurt, but too many in America today have their hands out. We have become a nation of takers instead of builders and thinkers. We have lost our moral compass and our work ethic. The biggest joke in the world is this idea that there aren’t jobs. There are tons of jobs, just too few willing to work when the government will hand the as much or more than they can make honestly.

          • johnj

            We do more for the poor in our country than any other nation. Christians and churches do more for and have done more for the poor than anyone. Jesus did not give all his money to the poor. He budgeted his money and spent what he felt was appropiate. We should do the same. What will happen to the poor if we bankrupt america and there are no social programs. Most charities around the world are supported and sustained by our economy. Helping the poor is a commandment to individuals not the government.

      • Fernando Villegas

        I respect your right to differ. And for the record, I voted for Romney as well.

        But you have not proven me wrong. My primary point is that both the Democrat and the Republican party are more concerned about their own political agenda than they are about the Kingdom of God. And both parties are more than willing to neglect and reject the Word of God whenever it conflicts with their agenda.

        What Romney’s party *does* do is give lip service to Christian ideas while failing to offer any significant solutions to Biblical-based issues such social justice, income inequality or care for the earth. And just to make sure that you don’t think I’m some “socialist liberal”, I’m a registered Republican.

        I don’t necessarily agree with the solutions offered by Democrats concerning these issues. But unfortunately, the Republicans don’t offer any legitimate alternatives. And since these issues are clearly addressed in Scripture, this lack of serious attention by the Republican party constitutes, in my mind, at the least a neglect of the Word of God.

    • Stan

      The trap of party politics has you blinded you…it does not matter who occupies the white house…GWB who claimed to be a christian was as far from it by his actions as you can be, and the present one isn’t any better…so follow the Bible and God’s commandments, instead of the globalists who are letting all the bad things happen now to the country and western world…

      • Fernando Villegas

        Ummm…I think you misunderstood what I wrote, because you’re saying the same thing I’m saying.

        “it does not matter who occupies the white house.” Exactly. That’s my point. And as you pointed out, both Bush and Obama have acted in ways that were not consistent with Scripture, which, again, is what I wrote.

        “so follow the Bible and God’s commandments, instead of the globalists
        who are letting all the bad things happen now to the country and western
        world.” Dude, I even agree with you about the seventh-day Sabbath!

        So, considering the fact that everything you wrote is the same as what I wrote, just using different words, perhaps, I’m confused as to why you believe I’ve been blinded by the “trap of party politics.”

  • Rev. Dr. Ronald L. Owens

    I believe the burden of the morals of this nation is not who is in the White House…but who is witnessing from God’s House? Rev. Franklin Graham with all due respect, where was your voice when they legislated prayer out of schools? Have you campaigned for more gun control in our nation? Did you speak out not only on the last school shooting, but on the taking of that young African-American boy’s life, shot in Florida. There is a “satanic-silence” in our faith community, that needs to be awakened to speak a “Godly” word not in Washington, D.C., but in every community of our nation.

    • FireSpeaks


    • johnj

      He was not even born again or a minister when then removed prayer from schools. What is he supposed to say about the school shooting. We taught our young people to believe there is no God and when they act like it, we want to blame ministers and God. What should he say about the shooting, he wasn’t there and does not have the slightest idea what happened and niether do you. We need to preach and run for office and we need to vote for christian and if there are none. Those who are closest to our belief

      • sistert


  • Mr Trooth

    I think that so called Christians that take sides with any political party needs to re-assess whether they really have fellowship with the Lord. We should have no fellowship with darkness! People in both parties are comprised of many people filled with hatred and darkness. Angels of the church would do well to not identify itself with any political party. We are called to teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    • FireSpeaks

      I don’t think it could have been said any better than you just did. Thank you Man of God for your simple insight

  • Standonword

    It is a shame that people can no longer respect the advice of the Graham’s. Makes one wonder if they ever should have. I would have to agree with most of those who have made comments that they only seem to use their voice when the cause is in “their” best interest.
    People need to be listening (reading) the word of God instead of letting our so called religious leaders influence our way of thinking. By the way, that includes our new so called
    America’s pastor.

  • TxPastor

    Political parties blame big business or big government for our problems. Mass shootings, kids bragging of gang rapes, groups advocate the killing of unborn children, we promote sex in our schools, and on and on…. What we have is a sin problem! And our churches are often to blame. Some churches focus solely on outreach and ignore changing the hearts of its disciples. Too many churches give a steady diet of a feel good / prosperity Gospel and they ignore what John the Baptist preached to prepare the way for Jesus. We need to recognize our sins, repent (yes, turn away from our wrong doings) and receive the presence of Christ that is the baptism of the Spirit. We have forgotten 2 Chronicles 7:14. Our land will only be healed if we turn from our evil ways, humbling ourselves in prayer and turn to God.

  • Stan

    These fat cat big time preachers who suddenly all are decrying the fact the USA and western world have become cesspoools of homosexuality, abortions, pornography, greed, blah blah…the list goes on and is written in the Bible this will happen in the end why all the wringing of hands..these big time preachers should start following the words of Jesus in the Gospels, and the word of God instead of the traditions of man…they claim to be “christians” but are actually following the false prophet Jesus warned about..they do not keep God’s Commandments, and go so far as to say these are abolished…or maybe one is abolished..the fourth Commandment, God’s Holy Sabbath day which He brought in at Creation Gen 2 and codified on tablets of stone in Ex 20…the most Holy day God Created and Mr Graham and his crowd feel they are too big to keep God’s Holy day each week on the seventh day…as this Holy day is one of the ten commandments, failure to keep this day is SIN…as sin is transgression of the keep on sinning each week folks, and watch the society slide deeper and deeper………no amount of false worship or rhetoric will stop it..only true worship of God by following all of His Commandments will draw Him close to us, and put an end to this lunacy….oh wait a minute, it is written, God will put an end to it in His time, and He will protect His people (the ones who have the true testimony of Jesus and keep ALL His Commandments will be protected…
    Remember salvation is through the Son of God, His grace and commandments, and NOT the sun god, and His pagan days of sunday, dec 25th and easter…

    • Bishop Dr. Dan Migosi

      Stan you are partly are wrong. you rather get your ecclesiastical fact right. Two days were to be honored and kept that include the seventh day and the first day of the week (Ex 12:16.) .These days were not only to be honored but cerebrated too. The two days are Saturday and Sunday but it seems some people want to honer the day than the owner of the day! its simple. something is indeed wrong in America and spreading to other parts of the world whose people take America as their role model. America repent. You need to come out in the open and repent. The members of the clergy should be leading this important spiritual component and refrain from compromising the Gospel. How sad it could be when men criticize the truth. Do you want to imply that homosexuality, lesbianism, infanticide, mass murders and all types of hoagy should be given a soft landing by the church? Never God forbid. we cannot tolerate such in the christian fraternity. Let us crusade for repentance and encourage Godly living based on Jesus teaching. I’m not sorry for any man or woman who do compromise the gospel for certain self gain.

      • Stan

        There is no place in the Bible where the first day was ever blessed, sanctified and commanded by God for His followers to keep….there is one Holy day each week and that is the Seventh day Sabbath..if you do not keep it Holy as the Commandments teach then you are not only a hypocrit but a sinner, by not observing that commandment…if you are not following God, then guess who you are following? Satan of course, and his false prophets…so you so called “christians” and preachers better get your act together instead of wringing your hands and wondering what is wrong with society….YOU ARE Wrong…you are preaching a false god and jesus…..try learning the truth and it will make you free!

      • Stan

        Doc..are you aware wilful misrepresentation of a material fact is fraud? Are you aware you did that when you quote Ex 12.16 to exalt the first day of the week? If you were truthful you would say as it represents the first day and last day of the feast of unleavened bread, which is a feast once a year following the passover…..not representing days of the week…the first day of the week is a normal workday, which has never been blessed or sanctified or commanded by God..The Holy Seventh day of the week Sabbath each week is the only day which God blessed, sanctified and commanded…

    • PaulYoung4ever

      True worship is following the two great commandments. Love God with all you heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. Franklin Graham is right on target. Human nature is sin-sick and selfish. Putting God first is the only solution to our problem. The Grahams are not fat-cat evangelists, they have given their lives and their fortunes over to good causes that honor God and stand for good Christian principles.

      • Stana

        How do you prove you know and love GodJesus? Jesus said “if you love me keep my Commandents” Joshn 14.15..and Apostle John said in 1st John 2.3 “those that say they know Him and keep NOT His commandments are liars and the truth is not in them…seems to cover the majority of “christians” don;t you think!

    • Jeff

      Josh has a new handle

  • Ken

    Who can argue with what he said…quit picking on the politics people, the words he spoke were true so cut the guy slack. Everyone seems to be morally superior…and it makes me sick.

  • stanley

    Mr. Graham is right! I suggest he should encourage all who still listen to him to take away their children out of the public schools, because it is where entire generations of young people are getting lost denying our historic faith in Jesus.

    • Stan

      Right on! The public school system not only teaches the children negatively about the Bible, but also that “alternative livestyles” such as homosexual/sodomy, lesbianism, abortion, etc are all okay and it is wrong to criticize these…Every Christian parent should take their children out of that corrupted school system!

  • Rick

    Great word, We need a New Year Revolution

  • josh

    You conservatives are pure nutjobs. You claim Jesus but oppose everything Jesus tells us to stand for. Youre the very reason its so difficult to get the average american to accept Christ. You talk about morals.

    You oppose welfare. You oppose universal health care. You oppose the immigrant. You oppose food stamps. i mean are you kidding me? You conservatives can go to hell and take your american flag draped jesus with you.

    • Jeff Faull

      Yeah you sound Christlike as you attribute positions to Jesus that He never advocated and viciously damn sincere followers to hell.

  • Ryan

    Darker days are coming.This is a heart issue. All of our hearts are and have been eroding for some time, ever so slowly that we can’t even tell we’ve strayed so far. This country as a whole is heading the way of Israel and Judah from the days of Kings Rehoboem and Jeroboem to King Zedekia. The actions in our nation as a whole reflect the overall hearts of the people. Evil happens because of evil hearts. Taking away the instraments used in evil doesn’t fix the heart problem. Making more and harsher laws won’t fix the heart problem. No rule of law can force the heart of man to change and just because a person can contously do good things doesn’t mean the intent behind it is pure. Forced good is just an act with the intent of not being punished but a pure and true heart does right without law.

  • homosapiens

    Unfortunately Franklin does not have either the brains or the stature of his father. His God is a fake idol! His Christianity is alsi fake and has nothing to do with Jesus, but has everything to do with the American civil religion, an invention of American exceptionalism, based on OLd Testament and not on the Gospel of Christ Jesus. I decry his position on just about anything.

  • Eagle36

    The content of the discussion about this article has as much to do with why America is in the shape it is in as anything else. The poison of negativity and pride is so deeply ingrained in those who claim to be Christians that we end up attacking each other instead of loving each other as Jesus and the Scriptures have commanded us to. If we want to understand why the country is so divided and filled with conflict, all we have to do is look in the mirror.

  • Deana Callins

    How will we Represent God as “Christians”? Will we continue to cut down, kill, and destroy with our mouth; one another. God is looking for people with a perfect heart. That does not mean that all your actions are perfect. No human being is excused from the possibility of errors, but with God he/she has the strength to overcome the evil nature of sinning. Who hasn’t sinned and fallen short of God’s glory? For that reason who can Judge God’s servants, but God himself. I personally do not know Mr. Graham. But I do know the commandments of God. To Love one another ,to show mercy, and do not Judge lest you be Judged. And to be patient with one another. It’s never to late to change, Turn to God, and Repent. The Book of Revelation says, Jesus Will Come to Vindicate “Himself” and his people!!! The debating should cease. It should be evidently clear that these are Dark Times because of Sin.

    • Deana Callins

      At this time, Everyone could use a moment of silence to Examine Themselves before the Lord God. To “Humble” themselves before A Mighty God, before pointing out fault. Sin is the problem. Change toward God is the Solution along with Prayer. No more being double-minded. Or going along with what everybody else is doing. Step Out in Faith and Be God Centered. It’s a Lifestyle! A Moral way of living. God does not change. We do. To be faithful to the Lord we must remain consistent in DOING what he says, Is Right. Regardless who else does. For He is Righteous in his judgments.

  • MT

    Franklin, unfortunately, worships at the altar of Republicanism

    • Tom

      I was taught to preach the Word of God not take a political side. I never support a political view I believe that the Word of God will convict people of what is right and wrong. It is not the Pastor’s function to take sides. Sorry Franklin I believe you have strayed too far to one political position.

  • Ramsay

    Dark days indeed, when Christian Evangelicals covered over the chasm between Christianity and Mormonism to win an election. Dark days for sure.

  • Matthew

    Hey Franklin…these days may be considered “dark days” but they are nothing compared to what is coming our way as per Matthew 24 and Revelation….so better all get our spirituality in order to be protected by God during these times….remember Revelation says He will protect those who have the testimony of Jesus and follow His Commandments…Rev 12..if you do not follow His commandments, you do not have to testimony of Jesus, so you are on your own..remember salvation is through the Son of God, His grace and Commandments, NOT the sun god and the pagan traditions of sunday, dec 25th and easter!

  • Bart Breen

    Jesus appearance put to rest the partial revelation of God in the Old Testament.

    It’s awfully nice of Franklin to assume the mantle of Old Testament Prophet to let us know that those who politically disagree with him are about to be smitten! Really it is!

    That job is no longer available however since it was last filled by John the Baptist.

    Perhaps Franklin would be more effective tending to the business of caring for the poor and preaching the Gospel. Those jobs are still open and still need to finished.