John Piper Plans Move to East Tennessee

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Piper has delivered his final sermon at Bethlehem Baptist and will move his family to Knoxville in the spring.

Prominent pastor, theologian and author John Piper has stepped down from his pulpit at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis and plans a move to Knoxville, Tennessee in the spring of this year to work on his writing. He told a local media outlet that they will remain in this location for a year, then return to their home in Minnesota.

Piper has been called one of the most influential living preachers, a list including Billy Graham, Rick Warren, and Max Lucado. He delivered his final sermon at Bethlehem Baptist in early January after 32 years of preaching there. The new preaching pastor, Jason Meyer, will begin work at Bethlehem on January 20.

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  • Bromly Egerton

    I’m so sad to see Piper leaving… He’s the Jonathan Edwards of our day. I’ll miss his messages sorely. If he’s looking for a pulpit, I would gladly step down at my church to let him take over there… But I’m sure that’s not why he left. God’s call is unrejectable. All that to say, I’m really sad to see him go… but I understand.

  • John Peters

    I too am disappointed to see him leave… His ministry at Bethlehem Baptist has been one to be remembered. His sermons are thought inspiring, and though sometimes difficult for me to comprehend, I deeply respect his willingness to serve and his hard work for the church.

  • Scott Dossett

    I’m so disappointed… to know that he’s going to be so close to me! (Just kidding… mostly).

  • Richard UK

    I am very hopeful for his new writing spell. Many bring to their writing a idea that is fixed early on in their mind, and therefore perhaps a little too unreceptive to refining. Others bring a series of ideas, one after the other, often contradicting the previous one (in the way that a sermon one week can paint a different God to the one 6 months later!).

    John P would seem to have the earnest but humble desire to know God more and willing therefore to expend the effort to dig deeper and deeper to find ways of expressing the glory that is God and not be satisfied until he has found more. This trait is a lot more rare.

  • Vicki Woodyard

    I know they will miss him in Minneapolis. Our son Jonathon is actually studying with John Piper at this time. He and his family are blessed to be at Bethlehem Seminary studying and working. We actually are only an sermon from Knoxville, hopefully get an chance to hear a ssermon.


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