Steven Furtick: The Myth of Wasted Faith

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Even if we can't see it at the time, God never wastes our faith.

When we pray or have faith for something and it doesn’t happen, there’s a tendency to think the prayers were wasted or the faith was wasted.

And so we don’t even want to ever bother again.

In actuality, God never wastes our faith.

If you pray for something and that particular thing doesn’t happen, who’s to say God isn’t taking the faith and the prayers you prayed about that situation and posting them to another account in your life you’re going to see at a future time?

You may pray God would sell your house, and your house doesn’t sell. But maybe in seven years you get a deal on a house that is life-changing that you never could have imagined at the time.

Or maybe you have been unable to have children, and you’re praying desperately and faithfully that God will give you a child. In your mind, you’re thinking that means you’ll get pregnant. Nothing happens.

But maybe three years later you have the opportunity to adopt and have the child you were praying for so faithfully. Now you can’t imagine your life without that child.

Who’s to say God did not take the faith you exerted toward one prayer He chose not to answer, and apply your faith to answer another prayer you didn’t even know to pray?

God is not wasting your faith. He has not wasted your prayers. He has something for you. It just might be something you didn’t know you were asking for at the time.  

Steven Furtick Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church, based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Elevation Church meets at eight locations in the Charlotte area, as well as one location in Toronto, Canada. The church has been named one of the Fastest Growing Churches in America by Outreach Magazine for each of the past six years. Pastor Steven has been privileged to minister to a global audience, speaking at conferences and churches around the world including Catalyst Conference, Hillsong Conference, and the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. He is the author of the New York TimesĀ® Best Selling book, "Greater" and the national bestseller "Sun Stand Still". Pastor Steven holds the Master of Divinity degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Holly live in the Charlotte area with their two sons, Elijah and Graham, and daughter, Abbey.

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  • Andy

    “If you ask for bread, will he give you a stone?”


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