When "Jesus" Called Me the N-Word

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When God uses painful experience to reveal something profound.

WARNING: This post contains language that may be offense to some. If you are easily offended by language you may want to skip this article.

Five days before I preached a sermon on homosexuality, I got this comment on my blog:

“Keep your phony a** biggot bull**** and you pious sense of higher status to yourself you price of trash. You can try to stop me all you want but you are still a n***** and a cult leading f**. No wonder your father didn’t see you for 11 years. Who would be proud of their n***** son starting a cult.” -Jesus.

I tell you what, I’ve never felt so hated. I wish I could say his words bounced off me like bullets on Superman ’cause I was wearing my spiritual cape, but I can’t.

Nope. No super spiritual response here.

Just a discouraged pastor who wanted to crawl into a hole and not come out. I know I won’t get any “hall of faith” votes for saying this, but I honestly wanted to quit ministry, life, Jesus and everything.

All because some Internet troll blasted me on my blog.  And on Twitter. Then on my blog again after bypassing my filter. Then on a new Twitter account after I blocked the first one. Then back to my blog on a new IP address. One last Twitter account. How about more blog comments?

Over and over again Jesus (as he called himself) berated me and called me the “n word” more times than I care to remember. Over 50 comments later, I was sitting in a corner bawling my eyes out because I felt so hated by “Jesus.”

In desperation, I prayed for Jesus to make “Jesus” go away.

I asked for Him to make me feel better, but He didn’t. Jesus didn’t make me feel better, no. He did something better. He said…

“Now you know what it sometimes ‘feels’ like to be gay. Now you know what the gay community has to face from family/neighbors/the church.”

And BOOM, just like that, God blind-sided me with a 100 mile per hour curve ball that literally left me breathless and in tears.

It’s like God used the words of an ignorant troll to cut open my heart open, then He filled it with love for the gay community.

I literally didn’t know what to do but cry and say sorry.

“I’m sorry”

That’s how I started my sermon on homosexuality five days after “Jesus” trolled me online.

Sammy Adebiyi Sammy grew up in Nigeria. He is currently the Young Adult Pastor at North Point Church. He's also a national speaker for The Mocha Club. He lives in Ohio with his wife Ashley, daughter Bebe and saint bernards MJ and Milo.

More from Sammy Adebiyi or visit Sammy at http://sammyadebiyi.com/

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  • David

    wow! Thanks for the article.

  • anonymous

    even though I will always trust God’s word on the choice or not, I do not agree that disagreement means hatred, or hate speech. I believe it is love to care, listen, and still okay, not approve of a persons behavior. I have never hated a gay person because they were gay. I have always felt people are individuals regardless of my views. But, I don’t always have to agree with them on everything. The only degree of separation for many of the lgbtqa and my thought is when they accuse hatred because I disagree, it seems no more forgiving than they expect of me.

    • kevin

      good reponse

    • $23313105

      True. I gotta ask, what is the “qa” of lgbtqa? This acronym just keeps getting longer it seems…

      • Mar Komus

        Q is probably queer. A = not sure, but Google might know :-)

        • mrsnorris

          A stands for allied

        • Stephen Cox

          “Questioning” and I think “Affirming”

  • http://Rickenba.ch/blog/en Ralph M. Rickenbach

    How can I love someone who I believe is living in sin? How did Jesus do it? 1Co 13 – love covers many sins. Why shouldn’t I love somebody I do not agree with? The only reason would be if I were pretty insecure.

  • Pastor Ike Dominic

    Bless you brother sammy,i cant really say exactly the season for your u-turn,maybe out of fear of your life or a sudden feeling of pity after saying it or maybe a sudden thought of what would Jesus have done.It is well with you brother sammy,as long as the scriptures is concern all sin is sin,e.g homosexual,lesbian,a thief,liar,fornicator,adultery,drug addict etc every sin is liable to Gods punish without repentance,but grace still abound till the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ, which means, the love of Christ in us,as believers if we believe christ dwells in us must be to love to the end and keep praying for them.

    Loving someone those not mean you like what he or she is doing,some of us men of God and believing christians have such cases in our families and never cast them away,why? we can answer the question.

    The big problem with us is that we chose which sin to accommodate and which one is not,we also chose how to react to the other and how not to react with another.
    Some believers love to force change themselves than allowing the Holy Spirit to do it and if they cannot they pass death judgement.They should all go and read the book of matthew 9 v 12-13, that is the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    How can one predict who the Holy Spirit would end up changing?Nobody can ever pass judgement till the last day! Jesus Loves all and died for all and his wish is for everyone to come to repentance.

    • $23313105

      Sorry, but His command is everyone come to repentance. Big difference.

  • Pastor Dawson

    Well said

  • http://www.facebook.com/2hearts4asia Henry B Lain

    Thanks Pastor Sammy. I totally agree with you and the message. I am a pastor. However, I would rethink my position regarding this woefully painful, ignorant person whom you refer to as a “troll” and painstakingly see him/her as an ignorant, bigoted “lost soul.” I, personally and professionally ‘hate’ (a very strong word) by the way, the use of the N-word, when used even among blacks. It is offensive and should not be used, even jokingly, it is displaced! I do not like being called, “White,” or “Caucasian .” Sounds like it might be a bad word (joking!) But, seriously, typing paper is white! I am a Christian pastor with “roots” from a maternal grandfather roots were Italian: Mazzell or Mazella from Sicily, Italy. My paternal grandmother maiden name was Jewish: Bloomingberg, who married a Scotch: Grimes. I am also a Christian counselor. I find it interesting that you have strong disdain for a “soul” calling him a “troll” whom God used to get your attention and subsequent compassion for our gay community. You might want to rethink this. How many times have you and me, and others “insulted” our God by our ignorant, ill-advised, bigoted behavior and attitude?

    • Steve Stuart

      Sammy was not showing disdain for “Jesus” by calling him an “Internet troll.” The term “troll” in relation to the Internet does not mean the same thing as in customary speech. “Jesus” was “trolling” Sammy by tenaciously working around all the privacy constraints Sammy had in place to prevent him from posting on his blog and Twitter. An “Internet troll” is akin to a cyber bad penny. It is not a derogatory term; rather a descriptor of certain Internet activity.

  • Thomas Mc

    Great fair, balanced, and insightful article. I am also guilty of being less then Christ-like in my attitude towards those I disagree with in the “cultural wars”. But I am most disturbed by one of the issues alluded to in the article and by others. It is not right to equated disagreement with hatred. We have seen the consequences of true hatred in recent and not so recent history…concentration camps, lynchings, Fire hoses unleashed on people, denial of equal access to economic opportunities and education, anyone who promotes or wishes that sort treatment to those they disagree should be labeled a hater but disagreement over opinion should not rise one to the level of a Hater. That squelches honest open discussion and dialogue and helps no one and nothing

  • Melissa H

    I am personally tired of the anti-lgbt sentiments coming from our pulpits and the Christian community, and the boycotting “Homo” Depot or McDonald’s. I wondered if they would have to boycotting every store in case that store supported the hiring of ex-cons or even, gasp, liars.

    When one sin is placed so high above all others, it becomes harder to see the sin in our own daily lives. That’s dangerous territory, deciding what God thinks is worse. Then we compound it by ostrasizing them from our communty.

    It’s not our job to fix people. It’s our job to get them through the doors, love them, lead them, and let God. But they have to want to come inside first.

    • kevin


  • RevCMac

    Speechless! You’ve done more with this post than you will ever know!!! I can’t even begin to tell you. Thank you for helping me, us, our ministry and the world.

  • Joe Rhoads

    Good article, but would like to express my experience. I have always tried to express the love and forgivness of God towards homosexuals while at the same time speaking the truth of the sin. I’ve never expressed hatred towards them. I always speak of the other sexual sins committed by heterosexuals at all times when I speak of the sin of homosexual, taking great pains to show that the sin of homosexuality is not worse that the sin of premarital sex or adultery between heterosexuals. And still I’ve received hatred from the gay community. The very act of saying that homosexuality is a sin needing to be saved from produces hatred in some homosexuals. Don’t be fooled into believing that if you communicate as much love as you can while speaking of the sin of homosexuality, it will cause all homosexuals to have a change of heart towards you.

    • $23313105

      This has been my experience as well. So many homosexuals declare my belief that their deed is sin is “hate” irrespective of how I express it.

    • Reader

      Well, “hate” seems to mean different things for different people. To me, “hate” i such a strong word that I would limit it to maybe only 1 or 2 people I’ve hated in my entire life. To others, “hate” can apply to many people they dislike. Anyway, my comment to those who encounter gays who don’t like them for calling homosexuality a sin, I say this: when you consider all facets of this issue together, you can see why. First, you condemn something they didn’t choose and you require them to be celibate all their lives. I doubt you truly comprehend and FEEL what this is like, to be told God doesn’t want you ever to experience the one thing that is his greatest quality. Then at the same time consider this biggie: YOU yourself already IGNORE much of what the bible says, because it is not convenient for you to believe it and obey it—things like wearing mixed fabrics, eating shell fish, stoning unruly kids to death, women speaking in church or being teachers, paying or collecting interest, etc., etc., etc…. So it seems to me that you’d do well NOT to start calling it a sin to love another human being the “wrong” way and just concentrate on the truly horrific sins out there, like child abuse, greed, … countless things that truly HURT us. Because if that’s not your kind of priorities, then you can be sure I am not going to trust your so-called equal-opportunity sin-naming. It is not love to tell people that the only way they know how to express romantic love is a “sin” when you should be leaving that between them and God and go after the stuff that is truly hurting people. If you can’t understand why some gays will still think you’re “hating” when you call OTHER people’s sins “by the right name,” then I would suspect you haven’t really walked in their shoes.

      • Twinsfan1

        Reader, just a few things:

        1. You say we shouldn’t condemn someone for something they didn’t choose. While I agree that the attraction was probably not chosen, nothing in Scripture allows that as a reason to commit an act He clearly says is sinful. I would guess that most most men who are attracted to porn didn’t choose that attraction, yet Jesus says to look at women lustfully is a sin. A morbidly obese glutton probably didn’t choose their attraction to over-eat, but it’s obviously wrong (for health reasons and because Scripture clearly calls it sin). On the extreme end, I would guess that no child molester would say he chose his attraction to children – and I can’t imagine you would say that this action is justified because he didn’t choose his attraction, right? The Bible says that the source of our attractions to sinful behavior is not God, but our own sinful nature. In other words, God didn’t make anyone gay (or a thief or an adulterer or a glutton or a liar, etc., etc.. Also, having the attraction does not mean you should act on it. Scripture clearly says that when we are attracted to sinful behavior, He provides a way out, if we’ll take it.

        2. The things you list as us ignoring in Scripture are issues of being “ceremonially” clean before God. Jesus took care of these ceremonial issues (and the penalty for moral uncleanness), and that is why Christians are not required to sacrifice animals and follow dietary codes, not to mention the fact that Jesus Himself declared all foods clean.. Hebrews 9 really goes into this well, if you are not familiar with it. You will notice that in the New Testament, the ceremonial things, including dietary restrictions, are almost all done away with for those who were not Jews before coming to Christ. Yet all the restrictions regarding sexuality are repeated and/or reinforced in the NT.

        3. Addressing specific sins isn’t an issue of “priority.” It is an issue for me personally because it has affected people I love dearly. They have chosen to pursue a lifestyle that is dangerous to their health and relationship to God. Also, if God addresses the issue, then we need to address it. Both Testaments address this issue, and both still call it sin.

        4. Walking in someone’s shoes may make us better able to empathize with them, but it is not a tool for us to justify someone’s sinful lifestyle choice. What Pastor Sammy experienced was an opening of his eyes to the way homosexuals are treated as people, and I’m thrilled by what he shared. But notice his theology regarding homosexual behavior did not change – only his behavior and speech toward them did. He is a great model for us.

        I’ve mentioned this before, but not sure if you’ve seen them, so I’ll repeat: my father-in-law was a militant homosexual until his dying day (came out in the 90’s), and I’ve lost 2 friends to AIDS acquired through homosexual sex. So please don’t think that I’m speaking from some ivory tower – this has taken the lives of people I loved.

      • Joe Rhoads

        Regarding the issues you assume I don’t obey.
        The wearing of mixed fabrics. A ceremonial law that is done away with.
        Eating shell fish. A dietary law that is done away with.
        Stoning unruly kids to death. A civil law that only applied to the government of Old Testament Israel. The church is not a civil government, therefore it has no authority to enact and enforce civil laws.
        Women speaking in church or being teachers. Applies only to women preaching and teaching in the role of leadership. Bible is clear that women are not to be elders or teach me. The staying silent is context to not being a church’s pastor or to exercising authority of men in the church. It is not about women not saying anything in the church building or not having any teaching responsibility whatsoever.
        Paying/collecting taxes. Jews were not to charge interest to other Jews. They could charge interest to Gentiles. If I personally loan someone money, I don’t charge them interest. If I am in debt to another, they are free to charge me interest if they want (for example, a credit card company). I cannot choose to not pay interest if I agree to their terms.
        Before you accuse me of picking and choosing commandments to obey and not obey, do your homework regading Old Testament commandments and their relationship to the finished work of Christ on the cross.
        The Bible calls homosexuality a sin. So I call it a sin. The Bible calls heterosexual sex outside the boundary of male/female marriage a sin. So call it a sin. The Bible calls pornography a sin. So I call it a sin. The Bible calls lying a sin. So I call it a sin. Etc, etc, etc.
        Am I perfect? By no means. Some of the very things the Bible calls a sin I do. And I hate that I do it. But I don’t hate it when people show me my sin. Because I know that sin, any sin, is an affront to God, because it is rebellion in His sight, and it hinders my relationship with Him. So I rejoice when my sin is revealed to me, so that I may ask God’s forgiveness, secured in the knowledge that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty of my sin.
        If, as with much love as I can demonstrate, I tell a homosexual that his lifestyle is sin, and that God wants to redeem him or her from their sin through Jesus Christ, and they “hate” me for it, then I’ll bear that. I’ll gladly endure that kind of response if it means just one person is convinced of their sinfulness before God, repents of that sin, and trusts in Jesus Christ to atone for their sin.

  • kevin

    Good word. Ministry includes everyone! Not acceptance of their sin, but loving them as Jesus loves us. We must pray that repentance comes and that the person can live free from the sin and overcome temptation…just like we have to! We not live in hared or sin…Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly. The abundant life comes when we love him more than the sin we are caught up in and cease to continue in it. God bless you all.

  • wes

    POW – Prisoner(s) of War How do we treat them? How do we pray for them? How do we interact with their families? What do we do to free them? Christ died to free them and we need to proclaim His message, Do it with the love of God bathed in prayer.

    • Marsha Smith

      The message we proclaim is “The Cross”. 1 Cor 1:23 –> We preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles

  • PC

    As an evangelical Presbyterian pastor (some would say an oxymoron in the PCUSA) I believe Sammy has touched on the core value of the Gospel of God’s love for all sinners. We are to be welcoming and affirming – it’s the next two steps in our denomination that hit critical mass for Bible believing Christians – ordaining and marrying.
    The last 30 years have been a struggle and proven to be divisive. Both “sides” wish to
    be welcoming and affirming, albeit with different theological perspectives and
    motives. But when its comes to ordaining and marrying the pastor must then profess, “This is the will of God revealed in Scripture.”
    Does God’s unconditional love for us sinners extend to the conditions for ordination and

  • Dave

    While over all, I agree with Sammy here, we need to remember something. Jesus loved everybody and they killed Him. Jesus loved everybody and they told lies about Him and called Him names. Jesus loved everybody and in the end, the crowds who followed Him shouted “Crucify!” Jesus loved everybody and when He taught them hard things, things they did not like to hear, they left Him. In fact, so many people walked away He turned to His closest disciples and asked them if they were going to leave Him too. This idea that everyone loved Jesus is just not an accurate picture – they loved Him when He fed them, and the loved Him when He healed them, but when the rubber met the road, and to follow meant to change – then, not so much. The Scriptures say we will be known by our love for the brethren, and by the persecution we receive from the world.

    • Mar Komus

      While you’re technically correct I can see how this could leave a loophole for those who deep down want to continue to hate gays

      • tim

        So, While Dave is correct in what he says, we look past it because it might not cause someone to agree with us. That is a dangerous door to open, Mar.

        • Mar Komus

          Technically correct doesn’t mean complete. And when one is incomplete, one leaves a VERY dangerous door open, indeed: that of misplaced emphasis. For example, it is technically true that I was in and out of prison so many times in the 90s I lost count. But if you went only by that, you’d assume I have a criminal record. But I don’t.

          The door that’s being left open by “Dave” is a question of whether ANY form of a call to repentance is fair game and/or universally applicable. Enter Westboro Baptist Church. Dave, for example, says something VERY incomplete: “The Scriptures say we will be known by our love for the brethren, and the persecution we receive from the world.” Again, technically true. But what about the love we have for the non-brethren? Are we not to love those who belong to the world? Is that unbiblical? WHILE WE WERE YET SINNERS Christ died for the ungodly. He loved us BEFORE we ever threw in our lot with Him. We love because He FIRST loved us! Therefore, we can love sinners without a hell-fire-and-brimstone attitude (which said attitude isn’t ALWAYS inappropriate–see Matthew 23 where Jesus blasted the self-righteous, but never do we see Him shouting at those conscious and/or ashamed of their sinful lifestyle).

          The truth is, different people need to hear the Story told in ways that communicate and connect with them. Those who have been abused by authoritarian dictators in the “name uh Jayzus-uh” need to see the tender side of Him–like the woman who had led a sinful life. Or the woman at the well. He wasn’t antinomian, but neither was He a brow beating bully calling them out the way many evangelical “screechers” do as they pound their pulpits and wave their Bibles and get red from the neck up over the sin of “sahdahmeh.” Those who have been the abusers and think they’re all that because they’re in charge of a 501 (c)(3) religious nonprofit corporation that calls itself a church need to have a swift kick in the pants.

      • Erin

        Loophole? Please.

        • Mar Komus

          Loophole. Thank you.

    • Dude

      Very good word. I was one of those people because I was born in sin and now that I am saved I have to remind myself of what Jesus did for me. I truly try to treat all people the way I want to be treated and love people right where they are. But I also know that even tho some people say they love you Love has to be demonstrated and that is what Jesus did. He demonstrated His love for me.

  • Scott Moore

    Tears of repentence
    A heart being healed
    A gift from love
    His sins revealed

    Newness has come
    Eyes wide open
    Living in love
    In true love we’re hoping

  • Toni

    Let the person who has never sinned throw the first stone.

  • Pastor Linda Hall

    God does not hate homosexuals he hates sin ,homosexuality is a spirit of preversion and all they need is deliverance which is available through Jesus Christ i know this cause he delivered me .if the Son therefore shall make you free ,ye shall be free indeed.

    • Gilbert Shea


  • http://www.facebook.com/drjeffwilliams Jeffery A. Williams

    Friend, thank you for allowing the Holy Spiritvto minister to me and others I’m sure. As a Pastor of a very visible church with significant influence in many communities, your story will help me love more adequately those who are of the gay community. One thing I might add – in 29 years of ministry not once has Jesus used a derogatory term to bring correction in my life. I challenge your perception on whether Jesus called you the N word, or was that your spirit echoing how you may have felt at that time. Jesus that I know spent sin to correct sin. Just a thought and by no means to purpose of this missive. You blessed me and O hope many others.
    J. Allen Williams.

  • Tod Thompson

    God loves the sinner. He loves me! He loves me just the way I am! But He loves me too much to leave me there. God wants us to see everyone in that light. I can’t believe any true Christ-follower would ever want anyone to feel hated by Jesus or the Church. The truth is, however, that sometimes we’re thoughtless. We sin and when we sin against others we should humbly ask for forgiveness as the author of the article did.


    The biggest problem, or at least one of them, in most churches is that homosexuality is put on a pedestal of top sexual immorality.
    By the standards of man, that may seem right…but by the standard of God, heart over mans flesh, sin is sin.
    God presses us to understand that we all are sinful, in just conception, and while it is easy to point fingers at an immorality that serves no purpose, and clearly shown in the anger it gives God, wiggle room and compromise are not an out for any of us.
    So, if we look at the soul purpose that God gave us sex, there is clear violation in not only our flesh, but in our hearts alone, even more.
    Fantasies, pornography, lust, clothes, medical procedures, television, movies, celebrities, education and even many churches, give all of the above a pass…while God gives clearly, that those who get married, a man and woman in the value of God given family, is the perfection we destroyed, even while they walked with, talked with and were with God…yet falling to lust and covet of wanting control over God.
    Homosexuality, bestiality, adultery, masturbation, sex before marriage…and all other venues that contribute to those values, are not of God.
    Now, to the churches and clergy that bypass God, and claim homosexuality is of God, that is blasphemy and apostate in value. It would be the same as a man and his family trying to become a member of a church…and then the husband motion for another woman to come up, and announces this as his girlfriend. That should be the shock we hold in all sexual sins accepted in many churches.
    If we stand true to God’s value, we cannot leave out divorce. A value God saw His children fall to…and over time accept.
    Jesus was even told, by those in immorality, that God allowed Abraham to do so…but clearly we can see that violation led to a children that followed God, from Abraham’s ‘Lawfully’ wed marriage…and what we have now in that which Islamic line, from Abraham’s fall from his commitment to God. While I do agree that hate is not the answer, ‘tough love’ is.
    That tough love demands those who bring sin into churches…and as what happened in the time of Moses, and the revival in the ‘Great Awakening’ that God used to cleans out sin, in those sinners that did not confess, repent (turn away from) and warn others, through their pointing out their sinful actions, so the instruction, from personal struggles and defeating their struggles, help younger generations with these same problems that will continue, until Jesus comes and cleans things up for good.
    I want people to understand this. I went to a church, were men would kiss their boyfriends during the service, were made Deacons of the church and had the pastors scared of confronting immorality. I eventually left that church, after confiding in one pastor why I was leaving…and was shocked when the answer I got back was this pastor felt the same way, but knew would loss their job if they took a stand.
    After I left, members found out why I left, and even wanted me to call them to discuss how I was misled. One such was a Sunday School teacher of mine, when I was a teen at that church…and the reason why was because her daughter is a lesbian, whose partner is a ‘pastor’ at a like Liberal church that accepts homosexuality coming from God.
    Jesus said, “My people are destroyed, from lack of knowledge”…clearly.

  • Jeannette Shields

    Wow! Such honesty! What transparency! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am not gay but I loved this article. Although I don’t like emotional pain( in an odd way, I’d rather have the physical), I think…I hope… I’m ready for Jesus to speak to me in such a way! Thank you for being open to what He had to say to you. Thank you for listening to Him.
    By the way, what is the n word?

    • Marsha Smith

      Just google it. it’s offinsive.

  • Rick Springs

    God has really reached out to me with the fruits of the spirit (Gal :5) : Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Self-control, Faithfulness and my 11 additional: Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Truth, Trust, Humility, Hope, Holiness, Purity, Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom. I know that by embracing those aspects of God and sharing them with others, is not only the key for a marriage, but how people all over the world could embrace one another and work through differences and beliefs. By adding the additional 11 fruits, has only further recognized the Holiness of God and his son, Jesus Christ, who exemplifies his father. So when we talk with one another, it is my goal that we embrace these attributes of God with one another.

    As far as core issues go, I believe and will follow the 10 commandments. Behavior that is clearly outside the fruits of the spirit and which are identified within the commandments as sin is sin. But there are some issues that society wrestles with where there has been changing trend and belief, even within the church. As for me, I can not label some things as right or wrong (sin) because I really don’t have enough Biblical evidence or other to formulate a conclusion. In this instance, I am speaking about homosexuality. The story in Genesis just doesn’t give us enough information for God’s wrath. But what we can conclude is that God was not in favor of rape, idolatry or fornication. The more we understand about homosexuality, the more we understand, for the most part, that this character is a predestined attribute. We have learned through scientific studies that this trait is found in every species from anywhere to about 10% up to 58 %… in some birds. We all know about the division it has caused within the church but now less of an issue in overall society. But the bottom line for me is it is not my place to judge. I used to judge and I know now that it is not my place. There are too many variables involved. I can discuss this at greater detail if I need to. But the point is, it is not up to me to determine right and wrong nor to influence others from what they believe other than to advise them to love their neighbor. My place is to show love and acceptance and treat all under the fruits of the spirit and demonstrate Christ’s Love living in me. God will judge. So, there’s no real point for us to labor over this issue. As far a topic matter on this website, it seems to come up more often than any other. So often the debate leads to one or more writer condemning the other and pronouncing their eternity in hell. God is Love as we should be too. God will be each and every one’s judge.. As everything in life, things aren’t necessarily as back and white as one might think. God will judge our thoughts, heart and deeds. He will see the full picture and not just how we see the truth, which is more often our perception and especially in the case when we judge others. Please, let’s move pass this argument. If our number one goal is to serve God, love Christ and to live in these truths; our wisdom will also grow demonstrating: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness…….

    • Fred Massie

      I’m speechless too. This is the worst misrepresentation of science and theology.
      If you want to justify something because it is a genetically preprogrammed part of their nature, you have just opened up a great big bag of worms.

      • Rick Springs

        Sometimes you need to open up the bag to see what’s really in it! Knowledge is key. But again, the jury is still out on this one. Not for you…but that’s ok. There is no way that the Church is going to agree fully to one side on this issue or the other. As for me, I look at all the evidence and to me, it seems to be somewhat lacking. I am not gay nor do I live a lifestyle that supports anything but marriage or commitment, but I do understand pain, and know that this community has gone through a lot of it. God looks at one’s heart. If one is in relationship with the Lord, as in “when the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” John 16: 13. It is God who will judge. Even if God tells me later that this behavior is in fact “sin”, he will give me grace because I am just following his truth by not judging. Remember also…”Love covers a multitude of sins.”

  • least of these

    I do understand that we have a responsibility to love people for the very fact that we have the love of God in us. the question i would like to be answered, is what is the Bible’s position on the matter? Persons living alternative lifestyles are not hated by church or condemned by the Word of God but they see themselves as victims for the reason that the live they is not accept by Christians and can no way be genuinely supported by the Bible. Their greatest conflict is not with Church or the Bible but with themselves. The Church or the Bible does not oppose or condemns homosexuals but it lays the ox at the root of homosexuality. i don’t know of any church who will not accept a ex homosexual.

    we need to be careful of how we allow external facts to influence our understanding of the World around us vs. the Word in us. To step in the realm of rationalism is a dangerous path to take, its not worth the risk. OIL AND WATER CAN NOT MIX….THE SAME IS TRUE FOR HOLINESS AND HOMOSEXUALITY that is the truth. To gain access to the Kingdom of God, we must first deny self (our own morality, righteousness and desires that are in conflict with what or who God represent) and take up the cross and follow Him. (Matt. 16:24, Mark 8:34 Luke 9:23)

  • Anayo

    Thank you for such an insightful perspective. The starting point for me, is that God’s outstretched hand is for all of us, regardless. However, we should all know that a day of reckoning is appointed for everyone of us. The implication being-the whole story about God and His purpose for mankind must be told as some point, otherwise we end up offering social fellowship to the exclusion of the full gospel. This will fall short of the great commission.

  • Todd Clark

    I don’t know when the misunderstanding between the meanings of love and hate took place in our culture. They are not antonyms. From an over simplification of biblical perspectives of the meaning of the words are as follows: love is a “self-sacrificing committment to the well-being of others”; hate is a “strong dislike of things, behavior, and ideas.” The opposite of love is “self-centeredness”; the opposite of hate is “like.” So based on this perspective, it is not wrong to hate things, behavior, and ideas contrary to the nature of God and his morality. It is wrong, however, to play a game that takes concepts handed down in Scripture and change them to appease a godless society. This article does a fine job stating a position that all Christians must adhere to–love or “a committment to the well-being of others” through reaching out to all people regardless of life-style choices.

  • Darius

    I pastor in Seattle where the sexuality issue is HUGE. That being said, I don’t hate people who struggle with their sexual identity, I minister to them and love them the same way I would anyone else. I have to say though, I’m impressed by your ability to not retaliate in this instance. I would have probably not acted like Jesus under those circumstances…so thanks for being the bigger man and dealing with this like Jesus. You’re awesome.

  • John

    Ive thought a lot about this article. Ive made my decision. Its hogwash.

  • chrystal

    That definitely makes me stop and think of how i act toward the gay community. I will have to meditate in prayer and ask that God reveal my attitude towards the gay community as well as others that i dont agree with their lifestyles.

  • fjVLl

    Wh SON never called hueOF nothaeng.

  • Erin

    Right on, brother Sammy. Ouch. Your raw honesty is inspiring. Thank you. (and the “warning” wasn’t at all necessary.

  • Gilbert Shea

    So is Sammy telling us that he’s gonna become pro gay now? LOL

    Look saints, the homosexuals are always trying to throw guilt on us Christians because we wont tell them that there sin is acceptable in God’s sight. Its not our fault that they choose not to repent of their sin like the rest of us have too. They (Homosexuals) are not special, Jesus commanded ALL men to REPENT, including them! If they don’t want to repent, then they will remain in their sin, and they will not be accepted into our church. I dont feel one bit guilty for calling sin sin, no matter what names they call me. I didn’t say that No homosexual will inherit the kingdom of God, God did! (1 Corinthians 6:9) I didn’t say to throw the immoral man out of your church, GOD DID! 1 Corinthians 5:13
    If you really love a homosexual man or woman, then you will not shrink back from speaking the truth to them about their sin. LOVE IS: NOT LETTING PEOPLE GO TO HELL BECAUSE YOU WERE AFRAID TO OFFEND THEM. And if they persecute you for the sake of the truth, then rejoice and realize why, but don’t cry like Sammy.

  • Gilbert Shea

    Jesus didn’t troll you, Satan did. Wake up!

  • Guest

    Is this a LIBERAL website? I thought I saw Piper articles on this website, and that’s why I subscribed to it, but more than a few times now, I’ve read some real NON BIBLICAL articles on here. We need MORE TRUTH and LESS FEELINGS in these articles.

  • james

    thank you!!!!!!

  • triedNtrue

    Hey, heres a crazy idea, why don’t we stop applying our efforts to group-think, and go back to the crazy way Jesus dealt with the very same issues that we do today, remind folks that we are all sinners in need of a savior. No matter what community I live in the truth is still the truth, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” “there is none righteous, no not one” “for as by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin, so death passed among all men, for that all have sinned.”………..SHAZAAM……………. I should write a book…. oh wait….there already is a book like that , THE BIBLE. I honestly think George Orwell had more spiritual insight than the so-called leadership in the church.

  • freddieb0112

    So what I see are wayward folks who live outside the will of God for their lives and Christians who have been guilted into accepting their lifestyle as perfectly ok. The Gospel does require we love God and His commands with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength and Christ’s sacrifice was so we could live in righteousness with God. Paul says we must die to self dailey. If we remain unrepentant and continue to deny God’s power for our lives in order to fulfill the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, then we make a mockery of the Holy Spirit, His Word, and the whole ministry of Jesus Christ.

    I’m a guy. I think about sex. I’m born that way. I’d like to have sex with at least 2-3 women I see every day. Maybe more if you count the ones on TV. I’d love to patronize a brothel every day just to have sex with different women every day. I like McDonalds. I’m born to eat. I’d love to eat anAngus Burger Delux at least 2X a day with large fries and a big sweet tea. I love nice things. I love gambling and the adrenaline rush it gives me and I could use the money to buy some new golf clubs cause I love golf. I”d lie in a heartbeat to get what I want or do what I want to do or to impress somebody. I’m born that way. In all of these things I was just born that way, But I don’t do them because I am born again. There’s the difference. It’s no longer about me. It’s about Him. Notice, I’m still the guy who has all those life issues, but it is Christ that lives in me now and sin is of no effect.
    So I don’t want to judge, reform, or deliver anyone. That is a soverign task for God. Either one is born again and walks in newness of life or one walks in the paths of the old man. And to what end do we serve men when we don’t invite them to come to God and fully submit to His will and His love save the one sin they love more than Him? It seems therefore, that we should all get to keep our one favorite sin. And that all of Chrisitandom should condone it cause we shouldn’t take His Word seriously or literally and God should be perfectly ok with it too. Which sin are you going to pick?


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“God has spoken life over you and not death over you.”