Barna Reports on Most, Least Bible-Minded Cities

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Knoxville, Tennessee came in at number one on the Barna Group's list of Bible-minded cities.

In telephone and online interviews with more than 42,500 adults, polling organization The Barna Group has determined what they call the “most and least Bible-minded cities” in the nation. The organization defines “Bible-minded” as having read the Bible within the last seven days and strongly agree that the Bible is accurate in all it teaches.

The top six Bible-minded cities are, in order, Knoxville, TN (52 percent Bible-minded), Shreveport, LA (52 percent), Chattanooga, TN (52 percent), Birmingham/Anniston/Tuscaloosa, AL (50 percent), Jackson, MS (50 percent), and Springfield, MO (49 percent).  The least Bible minded cities are Boston, MA/Manchester, NH (16 percent Bible-minded), Hartford/New Haven, CT (16 percent), Portland/Auburn, ME (16 percent), Burlington, VT/Plattsburgh, NY (16 percent), Albany/Schenectady/Troy, NY (10 percent), and Providence, RI/New Bedford, MA (9 percent).

See where your city ranks in the infographic available at Barna’s new city-focused site,

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