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Jewish University Offers Religious Alternative to Beyonce's Halftime Show


Sunday's big game may feature a glitzy, star-studded halftime show, but a Jewish university will offer a religious alternative online this year.

In response to the halftime shows some consider to be too raunchy, Yeshiva University will offer an online alternative to the regularly scheduled halftime show during the big game this weekend in New Orleans. This year, their “Torah Super Bowl Halftime Show” will feature Rabbi Kenneth Brander comparing the beloved sport with teachings in the Bible. He will be competing with 16-time Grammy winner Beyonce, who will star in the game’s halftime show.

According to Religion News, Brander described the YU halftime show as less a reaction to the halftime antics of the past than a chance to impart some Torah wisdom to whomever might tune in. “A lot of people are watching the Super Bowl and the halftime show can be a time of reflection and introspection,” Brander said. “Why not be able to cull from sports ideas that can be transformative for Americans’ lives?”

Watch or learn more about the halftime alternative here.

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