Christian Baker Ignites Controversy by Refusing Cake for Lesbian Wedding

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An Oregon wedding cake baker created a controversy this week when he refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple's wedding.

An Oregon wedding cake baker created a controversy this week when he refused to make a cake for a lesbian couple’s wedding. A story by The Christian Post indicated that Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes bakery in Gresham, cited their faith when they turned the lesbian couple away.

“I apologized for wasting their time and said we don’t do same-sex marriages,” Klein told a local station in an on-camera interview. “(I) honestly did not mean to hurt anybody, didn’t mean to make anybody upset, (it’s) just something I believe in very strongly.”

The lesbian couple filed a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General’s office. A local attorney told the media outlet that the Oregon Equality Act of 2007, which prohibits businesses like the Klein’s from discriminating against homosexuals, may not circumvent Klein’s First Amendment rights to practice his faith. “If somebody had a religious-based reason for wanting not to trade with somebody, I think you have a really interesting test case for whether or not a statute like this can apply,” she noted.

The Kleins have received a huge email response from the public for his decision, including notes of both support and fiery criticism.

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  • debra roland

    The man is running a business. Doing this kind of thing, he won’t be in business much longer.

    • Jared

      Because everyone who buys wedding cakes is a lesbian?

      • alhatesreligion

        No silly, because who knows where he will stop discriminating. Oh, no never the rest of us are good we do our sins in private, right Jared. If he only were a fly on your wall it would be no cake for Jared.

    • John

      Maybe not but he stuck to whats right! And Biblical and Christian. Not to have anything to do with what is immoral. He does not recognize homosexual marriage, as anyone that claims to be Christian should also not be involved with this agenda.

    • John

      Have you forgotten Chick-Fila, The mountain of business after their decision on homosexuality.

      • Mary

        Well I think he should reconsider his business since obesity is the leading cause of death…either that or turn away over weight people which is now at least 60% of the population….I understand his stance and I don’t know what I would do myself honestly wanting to please God in all that I do, but how do we preach the gospel when all they hear is what God isn’t pleased with?

        • Beth McDaniel Rogers

          I design websites as part of my business- what if I said “no thank you” to someone who wanted me to build a website for their pornography business? doesn’t it come down to the same thing- standing up against something I know is wrong.
          and I wouldn’t do a wedding website for a gay or lesbian couple- I have as part of my mission statement that I reserve the right to not participate in things that I feel go against my beliefs.

          • Dalia

            Good for you, Beth. Too many lukewarm Christians. Yes, we represent God, and God only. Don’t ask His children to dummy down in our mission. If we have to kiss sin to attempt to gain them, it won’t work. I don’t see overweight people marching and changing laws to accept their obesity. I do see full grown men in thongs girating their hips and demanding we accept their lifestyle. Business owners, claim your beliefs and commands from God! Not men. I vented. Ugggg!!!

      • pjsr

        Let’s keep in mind that was a private person and/or a private foundation choosing where to make donations. They were very clear that they do not discriminate in their hiring practices or in their serving practices.
        I realize you were probably simply saying that it is possible to be boycotted and still do very well in business (look at how well Disney has done in spite of boycott), but these are two very different cases.

      • Fred_the_Dog

        They’ve also backed down from their stand. Haven’t you read the news lately?

        • Algoria

          I haven’t seen anything in the news about that. What are you talking about?

    • Dalia

      I rather run out of business than play a part of this disgusting abomination festivity!

    • Old n’ Rich

      Business Update: The baker has been doing huge business ever since the incident with the gals hit the news. He also came under scrutiny in his business standing. He passed health inspection, but had to update his business license. All is well. There are lots of bakeries in the Portland area, and a huge diversity of clientele. Apparently, its a rising tide in the bakery biz in good old stump town.

  • Stan

    Good for him..we need more businesses like these to take a stand against homosexuality…God bless him!

    • alhatesreligion

      Just homesexuality Stan, how about all the other sins we have to choose from-is it just the gays that get you going, hum?

      • Stanley

        News flash for you Al….homosexuality goes against God’s master plan of procreation of the human race and all the different species…He created man and woman, male and femaile for the purpose…homosexuals cannot do that…He also destroy the city of Sodom to get rid of a city and it’s inhabitant because of it, and the name was given to the perverted sex act of homosexuals sodomy comes from that to remind all how God deals with this perversion…add to that the many many diseases that come from anal intercourse both to the submissive one and the dominant one, and you can see why it is an abomination to per Leviticus 20…so if you have the capacity Al do some research of the Bible and research in general and bring youself up to speed on this nasty subject!


      Don’t you know that when you judge others you are comdeming your self, because you do the same thing, judge not, and you will not be comdeme,but if you judge others you to will be judge;

      • Will

        You just judged those who judge others by saying that j. Just as I have by responding to you. We can’t help but judge others’ actions, thoughts, and persons. I think the biblical mandate is against condemning (which belongs to God) a person versus judging their fruit. In the same passage (Matt 5-7 or Luke 6-9) Jesus tells his hearers to judge the true servants of God from the fake ones by their fruit. Should I say recognize instead of judge? See, the concept of judgment the way we use it in our culture is based on our insecurity, not on the Bible. We fear/hate when people see our shortcoming and ugliness, thus we uphold the number one value “Do not judge” as the best virtue of all. Notice how quick believers and unbelievers alike are to agree with you when you say, “Do not judge others!” I don’t believe this is the kind of judgment Jesus was speaking about.

      • Quest

        Read your Bible Nimrod63…”by the measure you judge others, you will be judged”…no problem judging homosexuality is an abomination to God, so much so He destroyed and whole city and all the fudgepackers who lived there!

  • Kevin Cook

    Everything God places in our hands are a platform from which we can thank Him or defy Him. This baker felt convicted, and I respect that. However, much thought needs to be made for how you COMMUNICATE your love for Christ and His Word to others. What are you for? How come that isn’t more important than what you’re against? For example, are you against obesity as a baker? How do you feel about diabetes? Does your establishment have a cause that would reflect your values? It seems that if a lesbian came in for any other kind of cake they would have been served well. That, in my opinion, is the reason why this made news… and why the burden of proof is on us. The great thing is that God has spoken, and we need only authentically speak His words to see them in action. Frankly, I’d post Matt. 22:37-39 and rename my bakery, “TWO THINGS BAKERY.” That should clear things up. May God bless all that we do for His glory and not our own.

    • Igor

      What a bunch of goobleygook garbage you are spouting…have you ever been able to make your mind up about anything? Obviously not!..This is a non decision for a Christian…you come against homosexuality/lesbianism because it is specifically mentioned in Leviticus as an “abomination” to God..He destroyed an entire city and the perverts who lived there because of this very thing…It also goes deeper than that..God in the beginning Created man and woman, male and female to procreate the various species including “human beings”…homosexuals/lesbians cannot do that..they go against God’s Creation and master plan…come on, if you are a Christian, that let’s us speak out boldly on these subjects..grab the opportunity and go for it! If you are not a Christian than your wishy washy post is understandable!

      • Clergy

        Best not wear fabric made of two yarns or eat bacon or lobster ’cause that is in Leviticus too! Having ham on Easter is a hoot! What about stoning your child who talks back…all in Leviticus or do we pick and choose what we will follow???

        • Dalia

          I have read and heard these same old tired arguments. I have explained them over and over to God bashers like you. You NEED to read and DISCERN what you are reading. And that only comes from the Holy Spirit, which you obviously lack. Your arguments reveal your lack of biblical knowledge. You are only here to spew your darkness. You are a Satan follower. Go away, beast!

        • Old n’ Rich

          New Testament update just in: Good News!!! The law and the prophets have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ. However, Romans 1:26-32. Then continue on to discover God’s mercy and provision, Romans 3:21-26, “to all and on all who believe…”. Now as always, the answer is to trust Jesus – no matter what manifestation of sin you have majored in during your lifetime – for there is no difference, since all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Both the baker and the gals are the same in this respect. But the baker found that he did not want to identify with the gals in what they intend to do. That’s ok. Lots of folks will let them eat cake. But only Jesus can satisfy their souls.

      • alhatesreligion

        I hope for your sake that you are sinless, cause according to your criteria you amy not make it to heaven. God hates sin-it hurts his most beloved creation but he also hates the fact that we fallen creatures try to stand in judgement of others. 1 corinthians 5:12-12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? I don’t care for wishy-washy, but hateful is not any better. Darn, I just judged you, oh wait you’re part of the “IN” crowd.

      • Vanessa

        That is such an unkind response. You are best to leave the judgement to God.
        Jesus called us to love people. That does not mean we are to excuse their behaviour, we are to tell them what the consequences for their sin is – ie Hell, but it is this very kind of attitude that drives people further away from God and Christianity.

        Presentation is everything. Believe me – I preach to people in prison – they know how disgusting the things are that they have done. They don’t need to hear it from me. What they need to hear is that Jesus loves them, and that through repentance and the Grace of God, they can be forgiven, and live honourable loves.

        More love – less nastiness

        • Albert


  • jay thompson

    I don’t support the sin of homosexuality either. But if you are not going to do business with homosexuals then are you not going to do business with people who are getting married again after adultery or are greedy or glutinous or not a follower of Christ. Interesting that we pick and chose the sin we boycott. Just a thought.

    • jamie

      So someone who gets married after committing adultery is put in to the category of a couple living in a lifestyle of sin? What if the person who committed adultery has repented of their sin and chose to remarry? What if two people choose to get a divorce with no infidelity at all and then choose to remarry? Curious. . .

      • Julie

        I agree, my daughter was heartbroken over her divorce, she did all she could and was a wonderful wife. Soon after her wedding, Her X, comfortable that he eon his “prize” was unfaithful, not willing to work, into drugs and turned violent towards her to control her, and wanted nothing to do with getting help or repenting. She hopes to find a godly man someday and dreams to marry again.

        • alhatesreligion

          I’m sorry she had to go through that. I worry about those want to make 2nd class citizens of everyone.

          • forthegospel

            I am sorry for those who are not going to make it when Jesus returns to separate the sheep from the goats (Matt 7). However sorry I feel, Jesus won’t change his mind about welcoming the sheep and condemning the goats. I guess the treatment of the gay couple, though it feels harsh, does not warrant condemnation before God in terms of a clear conscience. God seems to care more about our obedience to Him than how we feel. You can make people feel good about themselves but that does not mean you love them. By the way, I am not saying gay people are not going to heaven. Salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ who takes over and rules the saved person’s life. So gay or not, no one is saved by their pure lifestyle. The only determinator is rejecting or accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of one’s life. Have you taken the opportunity to put your faith in Jesus as your only Lord and savior? This is what we all need first and foremost. The Holy Spirit takes care of the rest.

      • Sean

        My opinion is that any sham marriage including same-gender marriage is diabolical.


          Yes you are rigth!! but remember the words of Jesus, I came to seek and save them that are lost, and that means the whole human race,these people are blind,and the only thing that will open their eyes, is the ligth of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ, Amen

          • Will

            I agree with you. However, I wonder if making the cake for the gay couple would have preached the gospel to them. I think Jesus ate with sinners but never endorsed their sins. On the contrary they came to repentance when they came into contact with him. I wonder why this bakery could have done in order to share Christ with this lesbian couple. Would baking the cake and saying “have a wonderful wedding day and life together” help? Does declining the service help share Christ with that couple? I am not sure either. So, we are in a cultural where the homosexual emancipation is overcoming the conscience of the church. It’s a hot potato tossed on our lap and we don’t know which hand to use to handle it. Sound doctrine struggles to walk along side sound practice. Faith in the home is imprisoned and seems not allowed in the market place, except of course the faith of secularism. Being pro-gay lifestyle is so cool these days, I wonder what comes next. I don’t know if this culture is ready to hear there is a difference between endorsing a person and endorsing his/her lifestyle. The lines have been so blurred that it’s not even funny to talk about different shades of gray.

      • Hersh, or is it Harsh

        Jamie great question…. but I wouldn’t waste my time asking that. If someone has failed in being obedient to God… no matter what sin they fail… multiple marriages, same sex marriage, drunkenness, murder….. fill in the blanks. If they confess, REPENT, ask for forgiveness…. the slate is CLEAN. It’s a restart with the Lord, PERIOD. Do not let anyone steal that away from you.

        God knows if you are serious about serving Him. He may, like King David choose your consequences or not use you as He had wanted… He can do with you ANYTHING He wants to.

        It’s sad to me how fast many “christians” (notice little c) are to inflict THEIR consequences on you/repentant-ed sinner. christians love killing their wounded.

        Forgiveness/Love is given fully, or it’s not real forgiveness/love. God’s Word does not say when a saved sinner gets to heaven, because of a certain we’ve entertain, that it positions us differently than anyone else there.

        What I mean is, God does not say, Hersh/Harsh you sinned this way so your mansion is over in the Skid-row area of heaven.

        How do I say this gently (trying NOT to be “Harsh” today folks) THE CHURCH/IT’S PEOPLE ARE SCREWED UP REAL BAD…. once we stop doing things the Lord’s way. I think we all know too well what happens when things are done Man’s way…

        So Jamie if you have sinned in ANY way, if you have confessed it REPENT from it and asked the Lord to forgive you, He has…. relax and trust Him at His Word. Okay so much for being nice…. Yo J.. ignore the bad bozos in the big top gurl.

        One last point to ponder.. my ex-wife said to me on the way out the door with her boyfriend and now husband, “I’m divorcing you and I will ask God later for forgiveness.” I care not to further that thought along but give you this thought to ponder…. if you know them by their fruits… I have been wonderfully, happily blessed and remarried for over 7 years. My ex has been NOT for over 13.

        Simply put, repented…. REPENTED sinner walking with the Lord will always be bless…. sinner, unrepented people, are not.

        Gotta go my sweet wife is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippe!!!!!!!!! thank you Lord!!!!

      • manoman

        Finally, someone draws the distinction between falling into sin and endorsing a sinful lifestyle. Where do we Christians get our cues these days? From Hollywood or the Holy Book? Where do we find peace? In affirmation from Christ or in support from society? What do we live by? Our faith or our feelings?

      • jay thompson

        A lifestyle of sin … so what if the couple is living together before they are married, would they not be able to get a cake then either? The question I have is why do we “oppose” some sins and not others.

    • yodaho

      It was obvious when a lesbian couple approached the baker, but how is the baker supposed to know the background of conventional couples? You really need to think before making such comments.

    • alhatesreligion

      According to his standard no one should be able to buy from his shop-for ALL have sinned.

    • david

      I think you r judging them without knowing what really happened? You assume they pick and choose. But it still becomes a matter of conscience and choice between them and God, not them and us. I’m sure they don’t ask with malice all kinds of personal questions to everyone!

    • Really?!

      Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever looked upon a man/woman with sexual appetite in your heart? Have you ever taken anything that’s not yours? If so, then, why don’t you keep on and along the way endorse a few more such as substance abuse and human trafficking? After all, they are all sins, and we can’t discriminate between big sins and small sins. Sin is sin. Therefore, why choose which sin to commit/tolerate and which ones not to? Where do you draw the line bro?

  • Gilbert Shea

    Romans 14:23 NLT

    “But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if you go ahead and do it. For you are not following your convictions. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.”

    • Clergy

      Ah, but GLTB don’t have doubts about their lives.

      • Preston Cravey Jr.

        It is not what the Homosexuals think, it is what God says that counts.

        • alhatesreligion

          So what does God say Mr. Preston about how we are to treat others, you know the ones Jesus loved so much to die for. You know those sinners.

          • George

            Al Reynosa, have you read what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah because of their homosexuality practice? please do read it and i believe you’ll understand why we need to shown such a behavior. I have never seen and i meant never “a male animal” crossing the same sex, so why should humans do that my friend? Lets be wise and know the times we are in now, the devil is using people to disobey and dishonor God in this latter days. Food for thought.


          Amen Brother,

      • Old n’ Rich

        But it was the baker who could not, with a clear conscience, enter into their “marriage” as a supplier. Is it not his right to go out of business if he wants to? And btw, Rev. Clergy, if you’re a glutton, as you described yourself in a previous comment, then cut your own self off at the donut window. Why should the baker be obligated to purvey his goods to anyone with whom he chooses not to do business? Do you contend that he must sell to the gals because he has a business license in the city of Gresham? If that’s your argument, then don’t forget to turn off the lights on your way out because America is over, tubby. No more donuts for you.

      • Will

        Tell me Clergy. What is at the bottom of this controversy here? Is it faith? Is it conscience? Is it hate? Is it right? Is it tolerance or intolerance of people? Or tolerance or intolerance of certain practices? I know nobody ever comes to endorse another person’s opinion because they lost an argument. Where does all the uneasiness about certain faith and practices come from?

  • Gilbert Shea

    I believe that the Bible teaches us to follow our convictions. (Romans 14:23)
    It seems to me that they were doing just that.

    • Clergy

      Does he sell them donuts or does he not serve “them” at all or is it just wedding cakes?

      • yodaho

        Is he supposed to ask their sexual orientation if they were buying donuts?

      • rodney

        This raises other issues. Would the baker make a cake for a hetero couple who committed adultery, left their spouses and then married? I understand the baker’s moral concern. It is impossible for two people of the same sex to marry because Marriage is a Covenant between a Man, a Woman, and God. But can we discriminate regarding sinful rebellion? I think the homosexual community should quit trying to impose its immorality on society as legitimate. But if businesses are going to decline dealing with rebellious sinners (as distinct from saved sinners) business will be significantly limited.

        • Wash in the Water

          By the “couple” coming to the shop to order a cake for the wedding makes their sin public and Disciples have a responsibility not to ignore open rebellion. Getting gain by ignoring their public display would be sinful in itself.

      • interestedintruthnotfeelings

        Would you prohibit an unmarried gay couple from attending your church/service? Would you refuse to officiate their wedding? Better yet, would a muslim (by ethnicity) restaurant be required to serve pork? (Yes, such restaurants exists, such as the one on the corner of Walton St and Wells St in Chicago, IL). Where do you draw the line between what is a public service and acting against your religious faith?

        • MyCommentFYI

          I am a pastor and while I let anyone (and if you visited you’d see that I mean ANYONE) attend my church, I will not marry everyone – Gay, lesbian, and adulterous included.

  • michael virimai charle chipere

    If all Christians were united with one voice just like demons that control these people,then the body of Christ would not be weak as it is now because some Christians tolerate sin.This has nothing to do with hatred of another human being but hating the sin that can corrupt the whole body.I know that homosexuality can be healed if someone is willing to let it go.

    • Clergy

      Since I don’t weigh what I should…a bit on the portly side. Should y’all unite against my gluttony or is that sin OK?

      • Dalia

        That sin is ok.

        • amazed

          Haha! I guess if we all look fat, there will be no more sin called gluttony. Whatever makes all feel insecure should not be spoken about. Thus we do away with the idea of right and wrong.

      • Watchman on the Wall

        Sir, obese people are not uniting to force societal change of morals or coerce acceptance of immorality like the gay activists are. The point the couple were making is that they could not participate in good conscience in a wedding that is obviously in conflict with the higher laws of God which they seek to live by. They have every right to practice their faith in this way while making a statement just as surely as the gay couple sought to make a public statement themselves and have chosen to live without recognizing the higher moral law of God.

        • alhatesreligion

          But they sure make health insurance a bit higher with al the complication which comes with being chunky. Let’s not pick and choose sins. The point is this baker needs to be consistent-BAN ALL VIOLATORS!!!

          • Fred_the_Dog

            Actually then, he should not be baking because that feeds right into gluttony.

        • Fred_the_Dog

          There’s the whole Fat Acceptance movement, how have you missed that?

      • steadfastlove

        Clergy, do you think that you should advocate and pass a law that everyone should overeat and look obese because you are not weighing right? That’s extreme. Let’s say instead, should the US pass a law that says, if you choose not to marry a man or a woman after getting engaged to them for a while because they gained some weight, you should be prosecuted or pay a fine? I can see it go that way, actually. Many of my friends don’t like overweight people, though they will never say anything malicious against them. However, these friends of mine would never marry a fat man or a husky woman. Why? Partly because TV says fat is ugly. Partly because my friends themselves look fit and they think they deserve someone who look healthy. Partly because they want society to affirm who they date and who they marry. They want this person to look beautiful in the eyes of their friends. They feel insecure both for themselves and their spouses, if other think that person looks fat. Thus, the saga of insecurity in most overweight people in America. I can see this culture move towards movement that try to circumvent all the feelings of insecurity and shame for our sins in the next millennia, should the Lord tarry. But, guess what? Celebrate one sin and thus take away the shame that comes with it, another sin will take over. Do you know why? Check out the garden of Eden’s narrative. Sin made Adam and Eve ashamed/insecure before God. It’s a long shot to say that the Church is losing the battle if they do not fight with the power of the gospel. Preaching the Word to a lost world is what we exist for, and not to fight for civil rights. It’s a distraction from our mission.

    • Pastor M.


  • Kimberly Davis Rylee

    So in turn, the lesbian couple is doing to the poor baker the same thing they think he did to them. They are trying to take away his very right to have an opinion or belief. He didn’t hurt them. He shared his belief, just as they shared theirs when they walked into his bakery. Unfortunately, they didn’t agree. And what do they hope the outcome will be? I certainly wouldn’t want my wedding cake made by someone I don’t like or trust. Especially someone I filed a complaint on.

    I am against hate crimes of any nature, though I don’t believe this was a hate crime. This is simply one man standing firm on his faith. Kudos to him and shame on the couple that is trying to take that away. Now I ask you, who has committed the crime?

    • Clergy

      No problem with him baking…the “Ace of Cakes” is providing the cake free. Probably a lot better than the local guy!

      • Sean

        Perhaps that was their aim in the first place and for the publicity.

    • alhatesreligion

      The baker-Is he an equal opportunity discriminator? Does he sell goddies to “other kinds of sinners”?

      • Really?!

        Where do you draw the line between upholding a clear conscience towards God and treating every human being with worth and dignity given by his/her creator? This is a spiritual war where the gay/lesbian community is forcing their convictions on the religious/protestant community. Don’t you find it interesting that with all this political and sexual emancipation battle that no one dares touch the muslim faith? Do you think the muslims can be forced to celebrate/acknowledge gay marriage? Try that and you’ll see where the real issue lies.

      • Wash in the Water

        He probably wouldn’t have turned them away from buying a cupcake or danish, but preparing a cake for the wedding (in a very extended way) says he condones the union or at least willing to ignore it so as to gain from it…

      • Randy

        It was a statement about marriage and not just sin. So the “sinners” argument would not apply.

    • Uncle Moteh

      The biggest crime here is the one committed to break the law of the creator. How is it a crime if someone stood firm on their belief in honor of their maker? It is a business opportunity someone turned down in preference to conscience.

  • Gin Shoute

    Marriages happens with ONLY with the Union of two opposite sex and not the same. I support the Bakers for refusing to sell their good. Why don’t the gays look for another shop?

    • alhatesreligion

      Why doesn’t the baker work where customer service is not required. I wonder if the Baker would allow gays to seek God in his Church?

      • Seekingtruth

        Al, indulge me for a second. US laws condemns the act and practice of an adult dating or having sex with a minor, whether this minor initiated it or accepted any offer. As a matter of fact, if a minor pursues you and wants to have sex with you, and there is enough evidence that you knew he or she was under-age, you surely will face a dire sentence if you get caught. Or better yet, one cannot legally have sex in the open with a man or a woman. Now, let’s say 50 years from today, the US passes a law that nullifies these stipulations. Would the church be right or wrong in protesting against such a law? Would it be right or wrong for a florist to sell flowers to one who evidently is a pedophile? Is their actually such a thing as a right or a wrong in your opinion?

  • uureverend

    It appears the baker is operating from his own personal prejudice rather than from any religious conviction. Who did Jesus turn away? No one. Go and do likewise.

    • Preston Cravey Jr.

      Yes but Jesus did turn those away who were not willing to repent from their sin. This homosexual couple were not about repenting, but poking God in the eye.

    • Dalia

      Jesus told sinners they were forgiven because they came with a contrite heart. Look up the definition of “contrite” and things will be a little clearer for you. As they left, Jesus told them TO SIN NO MORE. Remember that! And if they continued in their sin, then what? Yep, you know where they go.

      • Willy

        Where is the contrition in the heart of the lesbian couple for disobeying God? While the baker is no position to call these lesbians to repentance just because they wanted a wedding cake, he had the right to protect his own conscience in keeping with God’s word. Jesus would not marry a lesbian couple and thus encourage their sinful lifestyle. But he sure would treat them as humans–have dinner with them, talk to them, speak about God’s kingdom with them. But he would never endorse their sin.

    • Albert

      Do likewise

  • Julia

    Supported. I will not bake for gays! Everyone has a right to transact or refuse a business deal. There is no discrimination here. It is a matter of choice.

    • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

      Have you or will you ever bake cakes for people who ended their prior marriages ala Mattthew? Or Atheists? Or for showers where the child is born “out of wedlock”? Or a birthday party for someone who secretly watches porn? Or a graduate who cheated on grades? Or people that gossip? Or eat too much cake even?

      • shilohgarcia

        You are right to point out the inconsistency. However, people do have a right to pick and choose which behaviors they do or don’t support according to whatever criterion they like. As far as I can tell, Christians throughout history have been selective in their approach to preserving the “moral health of the nation.”

        • alhatesreligion

          Not when you own a business. Then again we’ve had a lot of practice in who could or could not come into certain establishments for most of the 200+ years of this country.

          • shilohgarcia

            And while I am happy that such prejudices are no longer permitted to be indulged, I am very cautious about government forcing us to accept anything that a small band of elected officials decides is acceptable. Who exactly is putting together this list of attitudes that are “superstitious, barbaric and unacceptable.”? And why do they know what is best? Who or what is the higher authority that has decided gay lifestyles are acceptable, and all who disagree are to be weeded out of public policy? Public opinion?

          • lostforwords

            Well said. These are probing questions for a church that has lost its Christ-centered identity and is willing to dance to the rhythm of the world’s music in order to fit in rather than be persecuted for its faith.

      • alhatesreligion

        To funny Kathy. I just asked where she would draw the line. No wonder those outside the faith will never darken the door of the Church and those who attend can’t find the exit fast enough.

      • sighingatculture

        Would you celebrate atheism or love an atheist? Would you shout, “Yay! My daughter is pregnant out of the wedlock!” ? Or would you say, “It is all going to be okay, sweetie. I will stand with you. Please know that I love you and I want you to keep this baby. Abortion is not the God-pleasing option.” in order to affirm her as a person, valued by God regardless of her failures, and then support her in walking in wisdom before God in life or would you shut your mouth over her decision to abort because you don’t want to discriminate between sinners? I think we have been so well trained by Hollywood and the media that we lost our biblical compass. We claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, while we condemn the very things that God’s word prescribes. Why is homosexuality wrong? Is it because we used to think it was wrong or because God’s word says so? Is it because society upholds certain values that we uphold them or because Christ commands us to? What are we willing as Christians to give up in our practices in order to be cool and be liked by the world? I thought Jesus said that we were in the world but not of the world. Does that mean anything these days? I guess it’s old school now.

    • alhatesreligion

      Then you are not familiar with good business practices. So would you refuse to sell to a Jew who denies the deity of Christ? How about the Hindu or Muslim, I guess those are easy targets. How about those folks who are cohabitating? Where do you draw the

      • Mike

        I don’t think you have understood the dilemma. It is not about sin as such, or religion, it is about being asked to make something special that promotes something with which the baker does not wish to be associated. He would refuse to make a twin towers with a plane stuck in it, or perhaps an elephant god. He would sell normal things to anyone including gays.
        If he was a militant atheist then he could refuse to make a cake with cross on it, or a Bible verse etc, but still sell normal cakes to Christians. He would have the right too.


      We must not be Impartial against any one, for we are no better,we must treat others the same way we want to be treated,for God has no respect of Person,

  • Jeffrey Richard

    All I can say is that we are only on this earth for a little time…. Woe to those that do not have Christ in there hearts and choose to marry same sex …. We all know that this is sin,…..and someday we will stand in front of God and ???? what do you think will happen ?

    • Dalia

      I will tell you what will happen. Fire and sulphur in darkness, emptiness, teeth grinding, and solitude. No more being able to say I’m sorry. The time for that has past. After death, no more. It seems nobody is taking God’s commanding and Jesus’ warning at all or lightly. The fault is the church who wants to appease everybody. Bow down to the sinners so HOPEFULLY they will come. They need to do the bowing down. I am just disgusted with the homosexuals and abortions and a president who bends over to all and everyone.

      • alhatesreligion

        The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Matthew 11:19 Jesus did not run away like a screaming little child when a sinner was before him. Jesus loved the sinner he did not share in your disgust, but he was bothered by the self-righteous.

    • Old n’ Rich

      And woe to you and me if we do not preach the Gospel, which through Christ alone is able to save and redeem the souls of such lost one as we meet in our brief sojourn on the terrestrial ball. Go find those gals and befriend them. Lead them to Jesus, and be lovingly persistent. They don’t need cake. They need the love of God, and the fear of God – how will they hear and understand unless we who are sent do actually go to them and not give up?

    • alhatesreligion

      Jeff we will all stand before God-but thanks be to God that the penalty of my sin was cast upon the sinless sin of God who has forgiven me. You will also given an account for how you treated those outsid the faith, those you’ve been called to love, you know like Jesus did.

    • Fred_the_Dog

      Got news for you. People who are homosexual can have Christ in their hearts. Many of them (unlike you) can also use grammar correctly!

      People who sit in judgement (which is God’s place, BTW, and not yours), should regard the log in their own eyes, not worry about others’ “sins”.

  • Douglas Reece

    What they all fail to realize is that they can refuse to do business with whom ever they want to. Let them all fuss all they want to,but as a buisness owner, I have thry same right as they do and if I don’t want to do business with someone regardless of what they may think, I don’t and neither should they give up that right.

    • alhatesreligion

      So where will you draw the line-where will the discrimination stop? Who is righteous enough to be your customer?

      • Vanessa

        I am TOTALLY against the idea of same sex marriage. BUT If we had to substitute the word Homosexual with the word sinner, the whole scenario changes. The baker who himself is a sinner would have no customers. Years ago in many countries, unmarried women who got themselves pregnant would lose their jobs, because it was considered so disgraceful-(in the eyes of God and man) Imagine if all businesses refused to serve such women today. It would be an outrage. Now whether we are against pre-marital sex or not, would it be right to refuse to bake a cake for such a woman who wanted to marry?

        To Jesus sin is sin. A white lie is the same as adultery. He never went to the cross only for certain sins. I think the baker would have done better to use the opportunity to share Christ with the couple rather than to judge them and refuse to serve them.

        • Wells

          How could the baker share Christ with them? I am just lost to find an acceptable way to share Christ with a lesbian or gay person while not endorsing their civil union. If Jesus was a pastor today, would he officiate a gay wedding in order to show that he is a friend of sinners and came to save the lost? Or would he have dinner with them, go to a basketball game with them, or go skiing with them to show that they are valued as people? Would he not be consistent enough to let them know he came to forgive their sins, if they should repent? (Remember in John 8 Jesus said to those who rejected him as the light of the world, “You will die in your sin…”). It seems so clear that while Jesus loves sinners, he only forgives those who recognize their sins in light of who God is. I wonder how we can reflect Christ in America today in our public life and the way we do business.


        Just bake the cake, and write on top of the cake this words, Jesus Love’s and we love you to;where love is, there will God be also,for God is Love;

        • inquiring

          hm! I wonder how far you are willing to take this point. Would you say to a pedophile, “Where love is there God will be also?” And thus endorse his or her dating and sleeping with a minor because both the minor and he agreed that they love each other and they wanted to consummate their love by having sex. It’s just happen that the law does not support their love for each other, but God does because where love is God is. I am just wondering, if this is consistent with your argument Jrnrod@yahocom

    • Fred_the_Dog

      So when they decide not to serve people with darker skin color, you’re OK with that?

      • Jessica Neema

        would you bake a cake for a wife beater or zoosexual, i hear those people cant help being born that way too? by the way, you have to listen to music by chris brown or it is discriminatory!!

  • Kathy Verbiest Baldock

    Have they baked cakes for people who ended their prior marriages ala Mattthew? Or Atheists? Or for showers where the child is born “out of wedlock”? Or a birthday party for someone who secretly watches porn? Or a graduate who cheated on grades? Or people that gossip? Or eat too much cake even?

    • Pop Raglin

      Well, Rather than ranting here to folks whose mind I can’t change, I sent them an email of support.

    • Dalia

      Kathy, this article is about cake for two lesbians who more than likely knew what they were going for. Not for anything else you mentioned. Perhaps for another day, huh? Keep focused, or you too will get all confused with male/female genitalia and not know which goes with which. This title wave of perversion is enveloping the world. The evil particiaptors of homosexuality is indoctrinating young children in schools. And now your DSM behaviors want US to accept it. Only Lukewarm Christians are falling for it, but the sincere followers of Jesus won’t. Sheep and goats. You be the goat.

  • Psmith

    There are definitely a lot of comments along with the one I am about to make. My question is when are the Born Again Believers going to take a strong stand for the Bible, Gospel of Jesus Christ and truth and stop compromising with sin? Sin walks boldly into our lives without any apology and dare us to do something about it and we stare at it like a deer with headlights coming towards it and being startled, we jump out in the road and get hit. Sometime we live with the bruises of sin but we also must die unto it. I love people because of the love of God that has been shed abroad in my heart, but I do not accept sin for a lifestyle. People who choose to live alternative lifestyles opposite from the lifestyle of Christ separate themselves from us with their opinions and rights, then I think we have a right as believers to separate ourselves because of truth and light. What fellowship has darkness with light? None. And when did sin become a hate crime? Jesus hates sin, is he committing a crime? If your business has a mission, you must follow it even if it means dismissing.

  • Rev. Lee

    I say all gays stop spending money at known Christian straight businesses out of respect for their beliefs. Although i presume that would have quite an effect on the businesses come tax time. Hmmm.

    • Ken Qualls

      I have no problem with the couple standing by their convictions. What would the result have been if they had sold the couple the cake, shared the gospel, their view on homosexuality and their testamony and perhaps along with the cake given them a Bible as a gift?

  • pjsr

    Consider the command of scripture: 1 Cor 5:9 I have written you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people– 10not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. 11 But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?13 God will judge those outside

    As an American citizen, I support a business owner being able to choose who to do business with. As a Christian, I do not support this man judging those outside the church. I’m not suggesting the baker do so, but it would be more scriptural for him to question Christians, then refuse to make a cake if anyone at the reception is going to get drunk, or if the couple is engaging in sex before marriage, or if the bride is greedily spending more on the wedding than she gave to missions last year. These are all items in the verses above that we are not to associate with those ‘named a brother’.

    • Albert

      Yes, a agree.

  • bob

    I don’ think it has ever been about “equal” rights it is about “special rights.

  • Circuit Rider

    If I were in his town, I would use his bakery. Today, more than at any time in my more than 80 years, it has become common for many “people of faith,” to give in to pressure and do things they should not do. Either a person stands for his or her beliefs or fails the test of faith.

    • alhatesreligion

      Not if you are a sinner-No cake for you!!! Oh wait, you’re good, he only hates certain sins. Your secret sin is safe

      • Yesman

        Al, why do you hate the baker for doing something that you would not do? Why don’t you tolerate a man who acts with his conviction while you are acting by your own convictions? If you don’t want the baker to condemn anything, don’t condemn what he did.

  • Concerned American

    So the bottom line is this. We as a nation have allowed sexual preferance to now become a civil rights issue. So because of that we now can see court cases such as these, because it’s apperently a discrimination issue, to force this bakery to support their life style.
    There are other bakery’s in the community, I’m sure their is one that supports their life style, all they have to do is ask their other gay or non gay friends. Issued solved. But that makes to much sense, let force this bakery to do what we want, we don’t care if they agree with us are not, let’s force our way’s upon them. And we will get the government to help us. Plain and simple.

  • chris

    Good on him! Standing up for Jesus – fantastic! Ought to be more of it – globally!

  • igrip

    make the cake… the rain falls on the just an also on the unjust… mt 5:45…

  • Tammy

    KUDOS, For standing for Christ!

    • alhatesreligion

      And Christ stood for sinners-He lifted the down trodden, he didn’t trod on them further.

      • Vanessa

        That is certainly true, but He also discouraged them from sinning further.

  • Sheila Miesfeld

    As Christians, we are to glorify God in all we do. You already made this decision from conviction of your faith. Would we rather glorify God or please man. You could pass Bilble tracts when making sales if you chose to and would not know who you were serving…..but God be glorified for sharing the truth and standing in your faith. Does God view this union as a genuine marriage……hope He blesses your business with success as you stand for Him.

  • alhatesreligion

    Is he a baker or a preacher? I wonder if he sells pastries to Jews, Muslims, Hindus?. If he wants to be the spiritual police then he should ask for some kind of customer profile from all customers-He would be surprised what he would find about the folks from his church. What he would find about his pastor.

    Sell the cake or close shop!!!

  • James Ram Mang

    To all Pastors, we perform wedding ceremony for the only Man & Woman whom we know them to be a couple for no one can cheated us by force to held wedding for them

  • Ian

    We need to be careful of emotional and irrational comments. According to Paul, if something
    is a sin to me, then I MUST follow that conviction. This bakery couple has a conviction and they followed it when they found out about the gay couple. I am sure if they stood in this case, they will also stand if knowledgeable about other sinful actions when people want to do business with them. I can only comment on what I perceived. I can also only comment on the way each handled their convictions. The bakery couple communicated privately their convictions, while the gay couple did it publicly to make a point.
    In Christ’s love…

  • Hendrik

    Do that again. Stand on your principles. If they buy donuts they are hungry. The wedding cake is evidence of them braking God’s commandment. Good for you. Wonder what would have happend had a muslim done the same. Everyone would have cheered him on. I will buy from you anytime. You are someone that i can trust with my life.

  • Asunmo, Olatunde

    For listening to the voice of God rather than constitution of man, I say kudos.

  • cleophas

    Whether he sells or cakes or no to other sinners is not the question. Gay and Lesbian marriage is an act against the very covenant that God made with man through marriage. It is an act against the very institution of marriage. The bakers have stood for the Word of God more than anything else. Its time the church stops to compromise with everything and stand bold for the Word of God. The church must not go as the world goes. But the world must go as the church goes.

    • Richard Hudgins

      Right…the same text that validates polygamy and the cultural propagation of the ownership of women by men…

  • Bungle

    Fair play that they made this decision as part if their freedom of speech, but it’s not fundamentally a religious choice. As far as I am aware, the Bible doesn’t say “don’t bake for gays”. I understand that they didn’t want to show their support for a marriage that they couldn’t support in accordance with their conscience, but in accordance with that decision they would have to also submit to they authorities when it comes to the law which they are subject to. If the law says you can’t discriminate like this, it’s pretty simple, you have the choice of changing your view, or changing your profession.
    It’s actually similar to a lot of legal cases in the UK (where I am) where people have gone to court citing they’ve been discriminated against for wearing a cross which is part of their religion. It’s not fundamental to their religion, and I don’t think it’s the grounds on which it should go to court. It is a matter of conscience and personal conviction I think, more than a full argument.
    Bottom line, if the bakers are sued for refusing service, I think other professions will suffer on refusal of service grounds… Doormen at bars and clubs for example… Which reject people more on JUST a visual glance… Perhaps…

  • snjadmin

    This isn’t really a Christianity issue as much as it is the right of an individual in this country to have the freedom to choose to do business with whomever he/she chooses to. And, to their benefit or detriment they should be left to the scrutiny of society. Let the free market decide – plain and simple. Stop complicating this issue. For God’s sake, everyone else is as free to make you look like a sinner or a saint. The issue is FREEDOM.

    • Richard Hudgins

      If it were merely “the freedom to choose to do business with whomever” one chooses, we would have had no need for The Civil Rights Act of 1964…

  • John

    God bless the Kleins for sticking with their beliefs, and refusing to compromise their principles…we need more Christians like them who will take a stand!

  • norman jenkins

    It’s a shame that gay people who apparently don’t believe in the Bible, they want everyone to take part in their abomination, if i was the baker i would have refuse it too, if you don’t believe in something, why should you be force to take part in it, why want they just find a bakery that have their belief to deal with them!!!! who are you going to side with ,God or man.

    • Fred_the_Dog

      There are gay people who attend church and believe in the Bible. How do you know if these ladies do, or not?

  • Guy

    What would Jesus do in this situation? When He encountered sinners He did not condemn, but lovingly showed/ offered them a new way. I think baking the cake would not be actively aiding their homosexual lifestyle, but informing the gays of the new life in Christ together with their new cake.

    • Albert

      That will be to much to ask, taking too much time in a bakery.

  • Chaundra Grattan

    Well, you’re not the one baking the cakes, brotha. This man has a business to run and must do so in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s guidance. That is a moment by moment responsibility.

  • DeeStone

    Ephesians 6:10-23 to the Baker and his wife:

    “10 Finally, receive your power from the Lord and from his mighty strength. 11 Put on all the armor that God supplies. In this way you can take a stand against the devil’s strategies. 12 This is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling
    with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world. 13 For this reason, take up all the armor that God supplies. Then you will be able to take a stand during these evil days.[c] Once you have overcome all obstacles, you will be able to stand your ground.

    14 So then, take your stand! Fasten truth around your waist like a belt. Put on God’s approval as your breastplate. 15 Put on your shoes so that you are ready to spread the Good News that gives peace. 16 In addition to all these, take the Christian faith as your shield. With it you can put out all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Also take salvation as your helmet and the word of God as the sword that the Spirit supplies.

    18 Pray in the Spirit[d] in every situation. Use every kind of prayer and request there is. For the same reason be alert. Use every kind of effort and make every kind
    of request for all of God’s people. 19 Also pray that God will give me the right words to say. Then I will speak boldly when I reveal the mystery of the Good News. 20 Because
    I have already been doing this as Christ’s representative, I am in prison.
    So pray that I speak about this Good News as boldly as I have to.

    23 May God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give our brothers and sisters peace and love along with faith. 24 His favor is with everyone who has an undying love for our Lord Jesus Christ.” (TGW Bible)

  • guest visitor

    As a florist, I can say that I have chosen not to do business with certain couples for their weddings. I’ve never encountered a homosexual couple looking for flowers, but I have had instances where the groom is blatantly abusive to the bride or the bride is getting married to satisfy her parents because she has a child with the groom, while not even trying to hide her current ongoing affairs with others. On those instances, I’ve merely given my regrets that I was unable to provide flowers for their wedding due to a conflict. I could not, in good conscience, aid in the mockery of the sanctity of marriage and encourage and participate in the emtional trainwreck that was sure to follow. Has my business suffered? No. And I was able to sleep at night with a clear conscience. I can love the people, and still not support their sin. It is my right as a business owner to lead my life and my business as I see fit.
    And on a side note – as someone who just stumbled across this post and comments, I have to say that I can see why Christianity is taking such a hit. I thought Jesus was about loving others. You all are Christians and certainly aren’t getting along lovingly here. What kind of example are you showing to others?

    • Albert

      On your side note, it is very true what you said. The SAD part is, that I have seen more people on their way to Hell because of one reason only, the attitude of Christians. Between a true child of God and a Christian, there is a big difference, and that’s what we can see clearly in the discussion.

  • Glenn Rider

    One has to wonder what the Apostle Paul would say if he were standing in that bakery. His instruction in 1 Corinthians re: eating meat involved in idol worship should be informative for us as Christ Followers. He instructed them that they could eat the meat if there was no big deal made about it being offered to idols, but that if a big deal was made about it, they should not eat it for conscience sake. To me the parallel is clear. As a business person, I have the freedom to carry out my business in a normal way even though I know that many of my customers may live lives that do not match my faith convictions. When however, I am made aware of a specific situation that is not in line with my convictions I can refuse [ but not necessarily do I have to refuse]. This allows me to carry on business as usual unless something gets in my face. I think it’s pretty obvious that if a person with an alternative lifestyle buys donuts or cake, I generally would have no knowledge of his/her lifestyle. In the case of a wedding cake, as in the situation this baker faced, he is made aware of the alternate lifestyle in a sort of “in your face” kind of way. Did he choose not to participate based on the ramifications for his own faith journey? If so, Kudos to him for placing his own faith journey ahead of financial gain. Did he choose so as to be judgmental? Then, shame on him. Only he can answer that question in this case. We all need to answer it for ourselves.

    • Fred_the_Dog

      So if two men came into your business holding hands, you’d turn them away?

  • Albert

    Why in this world is everyone concerned about someone else sins. Worry about your own. Tell everyone about the love of God and make sure they will be able to see the same love in you. No one will have to explain another’s sin on judgement day, only your own.

    This is a careful planned mission of Satan to keep you busy with someone else’s sin’s, which condemn the unsaved, but you are now helping Satan with his job – keep going christians. Satan is smiling all the way, you helping him nicely working for his kingdom.

  • Ed

    I’m assuming this couple asks every customer about their sexual orientation before serving them? If not, then why single out one incident? Right, wrong, whatever – making a cake for them is a business transaction. I am not supporting or condoning, simply saying a sale is a sale, and I have never yet been asked about orientation, favoured position, or whatever, when making a retail purchase!


    Remember that as Christians, we are to Love everyone, yes including the Lesbians and Homosexuals,if God loves them? then who are we to condeme any one, lets not forget that God only hates the Sin, not the sinner, because Sin will destroy us,and God is not willing that any should parish, but that all come to repentent, and to the knowledge of the truth, that they may be save,

  • Dave Ekstrom

    I ‘m not sure where I am on this one. I think the baker had a right to refuse the business. But should he have? I Cor 5:9-11 says we shouldn’t separate from immoral lost people. We have to do business in this world
    I don’t think baking the cake is an endorsement of the wedding. A baker is in no position to know if a heterosexual couple can legitimately marry. One might be a Christian and the other not. One may show signs of abuse etc. of course gay marriage is not legitimate but the baker is assuming he bears the burden of determining legitimacy before he bakes their cake.

  • LD

    What I find fascinating is that Gay and Lesbians want to be treated equally but this is at the expense of treating others unequally.
    Yes! I agree they have rights. So do Christians. Maybe we Christians should push for a bills that all should believe in God and go to church as it seems that everyone else has rights except Christians

  • Bojangles

    So, this is like the cake Nazi! Instead of, “No soup for you!” it’s “No, cake for you!” As the owner it is the right to refuse service.

  • Steven Leapley

    Just confirms that it is not about equal rights…its about equal superiority….

    Its not that certain groups want equal rights to be free…they want equal other words…you screwed us for 30 years…we want to screw you for 30 years…then it will be even…..

  • Blasta

    It’s too easy to sell your soul for money these days. Good to see the Baker is standing up for his own conscience, even at the risk of offence, loss of customers and those who, under the guise of ‘not judging’ or a misguided approach to ‘showing love to sinners’ may (as I’ve seen in these comments) criticise.

  • luani

    baking a cake is a business not a church item.The people who have chosen a gay lifestyle are not going to see Jesus through this refusal.I can understand that the baker is a christian but his action may not be totally right.Christ’s message is not that of rejection.I dont think the couple is today closer to the gospel.They have one more reason against the church!Christian need to be led by the Spirit more than by politics and current trends.It seems like its fashion in U.S and Europe to talk so much about gays and that kind of lifestyle.But they are such a minority.Look at numbers of those who are doing abortions every day.For me that would be something to ask God to help us.Gay lifestyle will exist until Jesus returns.Let’s make sure that some of them can find salvation through are acts of kindness and truth

  • emml

    they were right more of that

  • Really?

    What happen to the right to refuse anyone in a business? Next time they just need to say I am sorry were unavailable that day. Geez, we can’t do anything anymore if someone is Gay, We still are American right? Don’t open a business because soon they will have ordinances stating we have to allow animals, as the animals activist will say we are unfair. Look if your gay life has so unfairness and no equality welcome to life in America the point in America was to also enjoy some pleasure of our own, our personal convictions too and they don’t include servicing your lifestyle. Perhaps this couple should go to your wedding? Would you turn them away now knowing they disagree with your lifestyle? Truly do you want us that don’t support gay marriages at all your businesses. If I go to your business and say I don’t believe in your way of life, are you truly going to treat me equal or want me at your business. You know that answer. Let America be America a place to choose to enjoy the American Dreams a business with or without you should be our right.

  • Dr.Brown

    I support you Bro and Sis. Klein. You are being more than tolerant.
    May God bless you, your family and business.

  • Ben

    Good Morning to you saints of God and our Lord Jesus, I am so very glad I am out of the popularity contest. I believe Jesus died for me first He is my Saviour my personal Saviour.

    I look to Him for leader ship He has filled me with His Holy Spirit for comfort and revelation knowledge of who He is. If the Baker refused to make a cake for the homosexuals as a citizen of heaven and the U.S.A He has the Right to do so, He and he alone has to live with his conscience of whom is he gone to serve. This baker made a choice we should stand with him because he belongs to Our Lord unless of course some of you are holier than the baker and all of your decision are always correct. Jesus said a house dived will fall. as to the saint who said repent and repent, my question from what? if you believe all of your sins have been for given and i mean all of them through the work of the cross and the ugly death Jesus went for you. does this mean anything to you? Brother read 2 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 5 examine your self as to whether You are in the faith. Prove Yourself, Do you not know your self, that Jesus Christ is in you?-unless in deed you are disqualified. The very last words of Jesus were Father forgive them for they not what they are doing. and to this day we do not know what we are doing. As people we are fractured and we need a com denominator between us, His name is Jesus Christ. Why don’t we look too him for the answers. Yours In Christ. Ben

    • Pedro

      Test the spirits you are following 1st John 4…are they from God or false prophet? If you follow God’s commandments, and do His will then you have the spirit of God..if you are following pagan traditions of Rome, ie sunday, dec 25th and easter you are following the false prophet..very simple to test yourself!

  • Ruby Durden

    yall are all over reacting. everybody has rights. they said no so deal with it…. some where in America is a shop that will bake the cake. im so tired of people being in their feelings. my son just ran away…. give me this money for a reward to find my son instead of going to court over a yes or no. lets talk real life issues. ridiculous.

  • bishop

    thats the owners rights and he stands on his cannot blame that man for what he believes in..its only his rights..people have to understand that not everybody will state their faith despite what others may say/////hold the faith and know God is with you for standing and believing the principles of the bible

  • CrystalClair

    Wonderful’! Totally agree!! As a musician I will never perform for a gay wedding or event. Coz I cannot break the harmony of my music in such way. The first principle of music harmony is contrast. If there is no contrast, there is no harmony, which is the beauty of the music. Contrast to go with contrast, and the most important contrast to go with music is Man- Woman. Not Man-Man or Women-Women.

    • Richard Hudgins

      As a fellow musician, I feel it necessary to point out that there are multiple forms of contrast – musically and in terms of human personhood. Sex/gender is but one form; yet, in human relationships (platonic and romantic), there exists a multitude of contrasts between individuals involved.

  • Grace

    I started to read the comments from everyone and feel the whole point is being missed. If you have the opportunity you should read the small book (that would take about 45 minutes to read) called “Homosexuality, speaking the truth in love” by Edward T. Welch. If we as Christians do not start taking a stand than who will. We already know that anything goes in this world today. I’m sharing a devotional reading I just read and it covers all sexual sin and what God’s plan still is.

    Be a blessing…

    It’s called the world’s oldest profession because it’s been around for a long, long time indeed. Many people reason, therefore, that if prostitution is so persistent, that if it has survived this long, what’s wrong with it?

    The answer is here, among many other laws that God gives to his people at this crucial time in their history. They are receiving God’s laws on human relationships, and one of the top areas of God’s concern is the sexual one. It’s too important to ignore.

    Prostitution was not overlooked in God’s law it was strictly forbidden (Deut 23:17-18). Almost every other religion known to the Israelites included prostitution as a part of its worship services. But prostitution makes a mockery of God’s original idea for sex, treating it as an isolated physical experience rather that an act of commitment to another person. Outside of marriage, sex destroys relationships. Within marriage, if approached with the right attitude, it can be a relationship builder. God frequently had to warn the people against the practice of extramarital sex. Today we still need to hear his warnings; young people need to be reminded about the dangers of premarital sex, and adults need to be reminded about the importance of sexual fidelity.

    Don’t be taken in by the cheapening of sex through self-indulgent, recreational sexual encounters portrayed in television shows, movies, books, music, and magazines. Sex was God’s idea, He created it for procreation, for expressing love, and for enjoyment within marriage. Celebrate your sexuality God’s way!

    Deuteronomy 23:17-18, 19-25 “No Israelite man or woman may ever become a temple prostitute. Do not bring to the house of the Lord your God any offering from the earnings of a prostitute, whether a man or a woman, for both are detestable to the Lord your God.

    • Algoria

      Not sure that everyone is missing the point. I’m sure many here would agree with the devotional on sexuality you quoted.

      If you don’t mind, can you give us the gist of the little book you mentioned? “Homosexuality, Speaking the Truth in Love” by Edward T. Welch. I haven’t heard of it before.

      Legalization of prostitution is becoming an issue already. There is a columnist in the local newspaper who is constantly advocating for this, always referring to “sex industry workers” just as she uses “gay” instead of “homosexual.”
      It seems like the loving thing, even the President wants to do it, to legalize same-sex marriage (and some day, prostitution?), since many either don’t know God or don’t respect His instruction given to us in the Bible.

      • Grace

        Sure! It brings up the arguments and studies others have done as to whether Homosexuality is genetic or not. The Biblical Positions and the Biological Causes. Was biblical homosexuality “unnatural,” and is present homosexuality “natural”? Is it possible that the biblical texts were referring to “unnatural” homosexual acts by heterosexuals? Many of the questions that are being asked are answered with biblically based logic. It talks about how like many other sins, homosexuality does not have to be learned. Like a child who never witnessed a temper tantrum but can be proficient at throwing one. Homosexuality is natural in the same way that anger or selfishness is natural. They are embedded in our humanness. Homosexuality is “natural”, only in the sense that it is a neutral expression of the sinful nature. The fact that many homosexuals cannot remember choosing homosexuality can also be explained by Scripture. Most sin works on a level where we do not feel that we self-consciously choose it. To use Old Testament language, our sin can be “unintentional,” but that does not make us less responsible for it. (Lev 5:14-19) It also gives us questions to ask such as: What is it like for the person to struggle with homosexuality? What events shaped his or her present expression of homosexuality? Was the person sexually abused or manipulated. How has the person been hurt in relationships? Romans 1, homosexuality is an expression of an idolatrous heart. We have an instinct that switches our allegiance from God to our idols. What are our idols? Comfort, pleasure, power, personal meaning, self-esteem, and so on. The possibilities are endless, but they all have one thing in common: an allegiance to self. We rebel against God, and we choose to live for our glory rather than Gods. This can be said for many sins in our lives.

        There is so much in this little book. It is a great tool to use when talking to others. I highly recommend you and others to get it.

        About the President….swearing in on the whole Bible thing…interesting isn’t it?! What’s that about if you don’t believe or follow what it says???

  • jeffaa

    I guess it just goes to show, you really can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  • TLyles

    The world is always changing it’s overall mind about what is socially correct or acceptable. But God instructed man kind to follow Him and not the popular vote of the sign of the times. In short, all sin, stealing, killing, adultery, unforgiveness, homosexuality, drunkenness, blasphemy and more are not of God and are in fact againt God. God said stand for Him and I’m glad they did. Just like Chick filet. Amen

  • Thang

    Phew this will be one of the most commented post The bakers are “courageous” people to stand in their belief and faith. Milton’s struggle with The Son of God and The Divine Father, wherein The Son put up only one question prior to His becoming a man to save man – “If the fallen one is also your son, your creation like man; why can’t you just wipe the slate clean for everything?. The All Loving Father responded – “Free Will and Divine Justice”.

    In our “disobedience” we have “rebelled” against our Creator and if that is not too far, we even try to parade, promulgated into bill of rights and what not this very acts of rebellion. We have fallen short of the Glory that was originally espoused in Creation. The same love that cried – “Abba, forgive them for they know not what they do” on the blood-stained cross is calling each one of us by “Name”, repeat by name. (borrowed from Paul Baloche). We the Christian failed in being “salt” and “light” to this putrid and decaying world. May The Lord forgive us each moment our sins! We need to repent!

  • Scooter

    As I see it, this guy isn’t refusing to “serve” this couple, he is refusing to help “celebrate” a marriage. If the couple came in and requested a couple of cupcakes I feel certain he would make the sell. But I would hope that if someone asked him to make a cake to celebrate a recent divorce he would say, “No.” Of if someone wanted him to produce a cake celebrating a return to drug or alcohol dependency he would refuse. You get the picture?

  • Conrado Jr Duque

    i understand there are many bakers in the area. what if the lesbian couple wanted to “test” the baker? “Hey! there’s a “Christian” baker who does have good cakes. let’s try to see if he’d bake us a cake. If he doesn’t, let’s sue him for discrimination.”

    there are many straw man arguments in the comments citing other sins, usually because homosexuality as a sin brings a ring to the ears of many. “singling it out as a sin” they say, and judge the person because of his response to the “singled-out sin”. we do not know how he responded or how he would respond to other sins. what we know for a fact is that he decided that he would not take part in the consumation of a union he does not believe in.

  • praise

    aaron and melissa u hav done d wil of GOd and also did d right tin 4 not baking dat cake becos u trying 2 bake dat cake looks as if u are in support of gay marriage and u become an enemy of God but dat u never did.God bless u and ur family.

  • Mark

    I just wonder if he also refuse to bake cakes for gluttons, the greedy, hypocrites or the judgmental.

    • Jessica Neema

      none of the above go on about how special they are, but i am sure they also refused, pedos, necros, zoosexuals and incest cakes.