Church Treasurer Used Church Credit Card for Tanning Salons

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A Gallatin, Tennessee church and community is reeling after its treasurer steals $165,000 in funds.

A 200-year-old Gallatin, Tennessee church is reeling after its treasurer stole over $165,000 in funds. Leaders at Douglass Chapel United Methodist Church say the woman, church member Crystal Dycus, used the church credit card as her “free money to spend, basically.” Dycus spent two years spending church funds on ATM cash withdrawals, restaurants, rental cars, gas, her wedding, and tanning salon visits.

County sheriff Sonny Weatherford called the event “devastating to that small of a church and community.” Former treasurer and church member Marsha Davis said it was “pretty upsetting and discouraging that someone would do this when they’re look at you every Sunday morning knowing they’re stealing our money.”

Davis said the bank called the church in November 2012 saying the church accounts were in the negative. After a three-month fact-finding mission, Davis finally called police.

“God is always one who provides,” said Davis. “Hopefully we can pick up and keep going. That’s all we can pray for.”

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  • PastorCarla

    What a darn shame. Clearly this church, like many others, did not have the proper checks in balances in place and became vulnerable to these types of abuses. This is often the case when churches are predominantly made up of volunteers. Sitting on a finance committee, I can certainly see how this happened especially when churches put all their eggs in one basket relying on a single person to know everything.

  • Conan

    I am surprised that it was allowed to carry on for so long without being picked up. Didn’t this church have a pastor or elders oversight who checks up on things periodically?


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