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Pastor/Filmmaker Hopes 40-Day Fast Will Help Him Finish His Movie


Eric Benson has pledged to fast for 40 days to raise money to complete his new movie about the perils of church change.

A former pastor in Connersville, Indiana is giving everything he has to complete a film project featuring a church struggling to change. Eric “Doc” Benson needs more than $12,000 to finish his movie, titled Seven Deadly Words, and he told The Christian Post that “he’s poured every hour, every dollar I could spare into making this movie happen … Now, the only thing I have left to give is myself.”

The film is a collection of Benson’s experience as a pastor with executing change in an unwilling congregation. A conflict arises when a new pastor attempts to initiate a change in the church and is met with the “seven deadly words”: “We’ve never done it that way before.”

“It (the film) really hits home for a lot of people,” said Benson in the CP interview. “I’ve had a lot of pastors say to me, ‘we’re glad somebody is finally making a movie on this subject matter.'” The completed film is expected to be featured at festivals and in movie theaters.

Benson’s wife is a pastry chef and culinary instructor, so Benson says the fasting, which began this week, is quite a sacrifice. Learn more and help with the project at Benson’s campaign page or at

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