Is It Too Late to Use "The Bible" Miniseries in Your Church?

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The first episode aired on Sunday, but you can still leverage this unique opportunity to engage people in your church and community around the Bible.

Is it too late to use The Bible miniseries in your church? The simple and important answer is, “No!” Even though the first episode aired on Sunday, March 3, you can still leverage this unique opportunity to engage people in your church and community around the Bible.

Many churches are using the series to create an engaging discussion around this popular cultural event. A great example is Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., whose pastor Rick Warren called the miniseries “a great opportunity.” He said he believes “the Church has been waiting for an outreach tool like The Bible,” and he plans to preach a five-message series coordinating with that Sunday’s show topic. Warren’s even planning to accompany the message series with a small group and outreach campaign to help viewers reach deeper into the Bible stories they’re experiencing.

It’s not too late to plan a sermon series, start a small group and outreach campaign of your own, or simply host a Bible viewing party with neighbors. Pastors can begin a message series based on this week’s episode and continue going forward in the program through Easter Sunday. Consider engaging with available resources, such as The Bible 30-Day Experience Church Kit, which contains video clips of the program along with sample sermons, outreach tools and a sample study guide containing questions to take your small groups deeper into the Bible. Your church may also wish to plan ahead for a series corresponding with the release of the DVD, even obtaining a license to show the entire series as a special event for your congregation. You might even begin a social media discussion of the series on Facebook, Twitter, etc. where you could ask questions and make comments about the stories aired each week.

Christian leaders everywhere are excited and talking about the potential The Bible miniseries has to positively affect the Kingdom. Bishop T. D. Jakes, pastor of The Potter’s House in Dallas, said viewers will be “enthralled, encouraged, and inspired” by the program, and Craig Groeschel of in Oklahoma said he is “waiting with anticipation to see all the lives The Bible series will impact.” Groeschel’s church has even developed a Bible-reading plan based on the miniseries to supplement their popular YouVersion Bible app for mobile devices.

President and CEO of National Religious Broadcasters Dr. Frank Wright called the program “an unqualified success” containing “cinematic artistry, dramatic creativity and essential biblical fidelity.” Focus on the Family President Jim Daly prays that “many lives will be impacted not only by the beauty and quality of the production, but by the Truth that lies at the center of the story.” And the producers of The Bible miniseries, husband-and-wife producer team Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice, The Voice) and actress Roma Downey (Touched by an Angel), have predicted the miniseries will be seen by more people than all their other television productions combined.

However you choose to engage this epic series, don’t miss this opportunity recognized by Christian leaders and pastors around the nation. Choose one of the ways described, or find your own way to make the most of The Bible miniseries.

Find more great resources and videos on The Bible series resource page >>

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  • leejoka

    i actually sense this series is man glorifying and not God glorifying from all the clips I have seen. it draws the attention to the characters and stories as the “heroes” and “heroines” but God is not the central focus. i am concerned how Hollywood had deceptively made the “The Bible”. really pray with discernment as you watch it with your family.

    • Blake

      Obviously, “The Bible” shouldn’t take the place of the actual Bible…but can be a great resource…like a visual commentary.

    • Whitey

      You give good advice on the need for discernment. Maybe the folks that don’t know much of the bible will not be too misled by this fiction.

  • Fdiann

    Why does everything always have to be so picked APART? I so enjoyed the first segment of this movie. God keeps secrets, and we will not know everything exactly, until we go to His home. Until then, let us stay interested and thank these wonderful producers for producing this very beautiful movie!

  • Steve

    My question, is why would anyone want to? It has not even come close to it’s promise to maintain Scriptural integrity.


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